Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Remark by GLH: 
[1]Red color means Offline tournament
[2]This calendar is based on Beijing time (GMT+8), so WGL AM and EU play at 18th-19th ,25th-26th.

(Wed) 1st May RongSheng XiangYuan Cup (2v2)
(Thu) 2nd May   RongSheng XiangYuan Cup (2v2)
(Fri) 3rd May   
(Sat) 4th May   WCG Chinese Qualifier+XiaoY Cup
(Sun) 5th May   WCG Chinese Qualifier+XiaoY Cup

(Mon) 6th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group A round robin
(Tue) 7th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group B round robin
(Wed) 8th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group C round robin
(Thu) 9th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group D round robin
(Fri) 10th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group A round robin
(Sat) 11th May   W league playoffs+ College Star League (North Regional Final)
(Sun) 12th May   W league playoffs

(Mon) 13th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group C round robin
(Tue) 14th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group B round robin
(Wed) 15th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters - Group D round robin
(Thu) 16th May   NeXT Spring Qualifier
(Fri) 17th May   NeXT Spring Qualifier
(Sat) 18th May   NeXT Spring Qualifier + College Star League (South Regional Final)
(Sun) 19th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters Ro8 + NeXT Spring Qualifier + WGL Americans qualifier

(Mon) 20th May   H&W China vs Korea Masters Ro8 + WGL Americans qualifier
(Tue) 21st May   H&W China vs Korea Masters Ro8
(Wed) 22nd May   H&W China vs Korea Masters Ro8
(Thu) 23rd May   H&W China vs Korea Masters Ro8
(Fri) 24th May   Official 2v2 Tournament
(Sat) 25th May   H&W China vs Korea MastersOfficial 2v2 Tournament
(Sun) 26th May   H&W China vs Korea MastersOfficial 2v2 Tournament + WGL Europe Qualifier

(Mon) 27th May   WGL Minor League Open division + WGL Europe Qualifier
(Tue) 28th May   WGL Minor League Open division
(Wed) 29th May   WGL Minor League Open division + WCG APAC Finals
(Thu) 30th May   WGL Minor League Pro division
(Fri) 31st May   WGL Minor League Open & Pro division Ro8

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The second RongSheng XiangYuan Cup is a 2v2 amateur invitational tournament which sponsored by spirtmoon9019.

The organizers hope this event could bring more players and audiences who love Warcraft together and bring a visual feast to the audience through the game. And they also hope there will be more players will continue to support Warcraft. Warcraft III will overcome all the troubles!


Douyu room number 6590155 (Name: NE风清扬)

1st May-2nd May, 0700pm(GMT+8)

Bo3(Best of 3) single elimination, Grand Final will be Bo5.

Map pool:TM(first map), TR, LT

Prizes pool:
Championship: 2000
Runner-up: 1200
Third place: 600
Fourth place: 200

Grid: (Chinese and English version)

1.打酱油组合 (Donothing)
无道OC+飞艇 (Wudao+Zeppelin)

2. 巴啦啦小魔仙组合 (BlaLaLa Little Magic fairy)
豆豆+一哥 (Bean Bean + The best player)

3. 沪苏宝组合 (Shanghai and Jiangsu's treasures)
guli+心灵之息 (guli+Sigh of the soul)

4.K神骑牛组合 (Cow Rider, K the God)
海牛+小KK (Hainiu+Xiaokk)

5. 吟泉烤鳗组合 (Chanting about the fountain and roasting the eel)

6. 狗样人生 (Dog-like life)

7. 屁股腿我 (Butt needs my help)
火枪+屁股 (Rifle+Butt)

8. 父母组合 (Dad and Mum)
美少女萌萌+螃蟹 (MengMeng+ Crab)

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Since Blizzard announced a new PTR of patch 1.31, the debate about game balance has not stopped on all forum. Among them, the voice of Undead is IMBA is particularly loud. Is this really the case? Let's listen to the opinion of several Undead players.

120: All the changes are meaningless.

Q: What is your opinion about the coming back of Ancient Isles?
120: Will the map Ancient Isles be added to tournament? Or the ladder only? If they add it to the ladder only, it's meaningless! The current map pool makes the Undead in disadvantaged side, Ancient Isles can make the map pool a little more balanced.

Q: Which change in PTR of patch 1.31 makes you most concerned?
120: In my opinion, all the changes are meaningless. It is better to give the Ghouls +100 Hit Points, instead of adding this new item.

Q: What do you want to say about this new patch?
120: In fact, the patch is not that important, the map pool is more important.

Happy: These changes don't address current issues, still, it's better than nothing.

Q: Hi Happy, here is War3Station. Today 1.31 announced by Blizzard, how do you feel?
Happy: Hello! It's always nice to have a new patch with balance changes, although, these changes don't address current issues (like KOTG in every match up, etc). Still, it's better than nothing.

Q: Do you think Undead would change a lot in the future? I mean strategies.
Happy: Maybe, it's a test patch, new changes can be made, or current might be changed or removed altogether. If the patch won't change from PTR - I guess Undead might try adding Necromancers in certain match ups (especially vs orc).

Ritual blade looks promising too. New faster and cheaper Gargoyles might be good for harass.

Orb of fire change for Human looks potentially super strong vs Undead. No idea how Wind Walk change will affect Blade Master …

Q: Will you attend WGL Summer in Shanghai if you are qualified from WGL EU?

Happy: That's how its gonna work:
If I play and win qualifiers - certain people around my stream promised me certain sum of money, that they will give me once I am qualified.

If they won't fulfill their promise - then no, I won't be going.
Same applies to WGL organizers - if they wont provide me certain "essential" needs for my travel, like a normal flight, and a normal accommodation.

Apart from that, yeah, I will go (thought, can't say I am anyhow excited). I always keep my word.

Lucifer: Winter is coming!

Q: Lucifer Hello, Blizzard officially announced 1.31 today. What do you think of this?
Lucifer: The Winter for the Undead players is coming, Winter is coming!

Q: The Gargoyles look very strong now, what do you think?
Lucifer: Lucifer will rise again!

Q: Many people think that Undead is IMBA, what do you think?
Lucifer: The Undead is still not dead.

WFZ: The Undead players have more strategies when we are playing against the Orcs and the Night Elves.

Q: Hi, WFZ, what do you think about buff of the Ring of Protection?
WFZ: Currently, everyone understands the Ring more deeply, and players sell the ring less. After the buff of the Ring in the new patch, there are more situations that players will keep the Ring in Inventory.

Q: What do you think of this new patch?
WFZ: In the new patch, the Undead players have more strategies when we are playing against the Orcs and the Night Elves. Moreover, the Necromancers can be used now, and it seems to be more difficult for the Undead to fight against the Human.

Q: In 2018, you played worse than your peak moment. Fortunately, in 2019, your shape has rebounded, and you have a team, and we are even going to have patch 1.31. Do you have any wish for your future?
WFZ: Keep practicing, keep streaming, keep playing in tournaments.

Tbc_bm: I don't think the Undead is IMBA in new patch.

Q: Let me give you a message, Mass Skeleton has been buffed, what do you want to say?
Tbc_bm: This patch let the Undead have the ability to play against the Orcs with base running, before this patch, the Undead with Banshee is very passive, and now we have the initiative. For playing against Night Elf, the new Cripple may not be better than the current Unholy Frenzy. In short, I like this change very much, making up for the huge disadvantage in patch 1.30 when the Undead play against the Orcs with base running and Reinforced Defense Towers.

Q: Seems the Undead is very IMBA in the new patch. Are you confident to be the real "third Undead" with the Undead Mirror?
Tbc_bm: I don't think the Undead is IMBA in new patch, because most of the changes is for the Tier 2 units, the timing in the early game has not changed.

Moreover, when Undead are playing against the Orcs, this patch can offset the current disadvantage on map pool. However, with the current timing in the games, and it is still hard to see the Necromancers when Undead are playing against the Night Elf and Human.I think that the new item are a late game item under the current timing, so grasping the early game is the key to winning.

Actually I am very weak in Undead Mirror. The most important thing in Undead Mirror is timing, and I am weaker than the best Undead and the fourth Undead. My understanding is weaker than the best Undead, the second Undead and the fourth Undead. The reason is that the fifth Undead is too weak, so the people thought me can be very good in this patch.

Remark by GLH:
The best Undead: 120, second: Happy, fourth: WFZ, fifth: Lucifer, Tbc_bm considers himself as the third Undead.

Q: What do you think of the patch? Is there any new strategies?
Tbc_bm: The new patch weakens the effect of the luck on winning and losing, and they add some new elements, I think this is very good. However, some problems left over from the previous patch have not been solved: for example, the buff of Moon well let the Night Elf are too strong in the mid game, and Human can be upgraded the Flak Cannons in Tier 2, this makes the Undead so difficult to play against the Human with many units.

As for the new tactics, I think in the future, Necromancers+Crypt Fiends and Necromancers+Frost Wyrms may replace the Banshee+Crypt Fiends and the Banshee+Frost Wyrms, as the new strategies to play against the Orcs.

TeD: I feel that Blizzard is very creative.

Q: Hi, TeD, I think you already have won the championship of WCG2019, right?
TeD: Oh, I guess you got so many benefits from my opponent in my group. Tell me, how many MCD or KFC you need? I will give them to you and please stop DUNAI me ok? For WCG2019, there is no championship for me, I am just coming for fun, and try to not be taken away in the second round!

Remark by GLH: DUNAI: There is a situation when someone is confident and proclaim someone definitely win the game, but after his announcement, the situation reversed, the situation is considered as DUNAI(毒奶) in China.

Q: Do you have idea about the non-regular and funny strategies in patch 1.31 for Undead?
TeD: I feel that there are a lot of strategies can be play in Tier 2, such as Unholy Frenzy push, or double Ritual Dagger all in suppression. In the future, the game on Ladder will only begin when the Ghoul Frenzy is upgraded.

Q: What do you want to say about this new patch?
TeD: I feel that Blizzard is very creative, at least not like a patch that "fixes some known bugs, some animations cause bugs in the game". Now, when the designers are changing the balance, they will also write some reasons for the change, I think it is very professional and good. Moreover, there will be more discussion by new and old players with the release of a new patch.

According to the TeDTV convention, which race wins, which race is IMBA! As a non-professional player, the release of a new patch means we will have more non-regular and funny strategies. Compared to the unchanging game play, the new game plays will make this game more energetic. And I believe Blizzard will continue to make adjustment in the future, as far as possible to make Warcraft III tend to balance, or let the different race take turns to be the king.

Q: Finally, would you like to say that which player can show up themselves in patch 1.31?
TeD: I will not talk about the old players, they will keep themselves very powerful. For new players, I am looking forward to 15sui, HuG, Linguagua. The other young players are actually quite a lot as well, keep going, you guys will be stronger than PCG!

Xun: If you can't win us, join us!

Q: Hi, Xun, I heard that you are going to give up the commentary?
Xun: I didn't plan to do this, commentator is my main business.

Q: What do you think of this new patch?
Xun: Undead changes obviously, especially the buff of the Ghouls+Gargoyles system and the expansion system. Of course, I am a Ctypt Fiends super lover, I need sometimes to adapt it.

Q: Is there anything to say to other races?
Xun: If you can't win us, join us! Keep training your Undead Mirror, for the next championship!

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

About H&W China vs Korea Masters

This tournament is hosted by the leading e-sports company in China, Spider e-sports, and officially authorized by NetEase, Blizzard, and it will be held from 6th May to 26th May. By the time, the 16 great masters will be at the battle field and fight for the honor and title of the H&W China vs Korea Masters.

We are going to have luxury lineups.

For Chinese players, we will have not only Infi, TH000, Fly100% the veterans, but we also have Linguagua, HuG, Life, 120, Colorful the up coming talents. For Korean players, we are also assembling Moon, FoCuS, Soin, Lucifer, Sok, Chaemiko, Lyn, LawLiet. At that time, there will be a exciting battle between the Chinese and the Korean, let's who will be the winner of the 300,000 yuan?

It is a symbol of the e-sports history, a symbol that carries the memories of countless players.

A symbol in the past does not mean that people will forget about it, it could become a whole new beginning of a new era. As the favorite RTS game for the Chinese, Warcraft III has been in business for 17 years. Even though the e-sports is dominated by the MOBA games, Warcraft III still maintains its unique charm.

We are the witnesses and heroes of the progress of Warcraft III.

For the Warcraft III fans who have passed through that era, the various and popular e-sports games today will not shake the memories. When we are reviewing our memories, there are a lot of legendary players I loved in my mind. These players are the witnesses and heroes of the progress of Warcraft III, their performance will be remembered as an eternal classic, and their glory and honor are passed down to this day.

Since the release of patch 1.30, the games have become more intense, more difficult to predict, and more interesting. Whether a long-time veteran or a rising star, he will do his best to express himself and strive to play 100% strength in the game . Let us wait for the next classic battle!

Particular thanks

Thank you to Huya, Douyu for the live broadcast of the event, as well as the support of War3station, CNwar3, Laoyuedog, Sina E-sports, DoNews, NGA, Pacific Game Network, multi-play games, replay.net, 178 and other medias. At the same time, you can log on to the official website of the event www.zhizhudj.com to see more about the event. On 6th May, let us witness the road of the King of Warcraft III.


[GLH: We will write the English version under the picture.]

RW.Infi, RW.TH000, RW.Fly100%, RW,Life, Linguagua, SiL.HuG, Newbee.eer0, LP.Colorful.
Moon, LF.Soin, Sok, LP.FoCuS, Chaemiko, mTw.Lucifer, Newbee.Lyn, Newbee.Lawliet.

Format:Group Stage: Round Robin and Best of 3, and the first two players from each group will advance to the next stage.
Round of 8: Double Elimination
Semi Final: Best of 3
Grand Final: Best of 5

Schedule(GMT+8):(Starts at 14:00 every day)
Group A: 6th May and 10th May
Group B: 7th May and 13th May
Group C: 8th May and 14th May
Group D: 9th May and 15th May

Round of 8: 19th May to 23rd May, starts at 18:00 and 20:00
Semi Final: 25th May
Grand Final: 26th May

Prize Pool:Total: 300,000 yuan
Championship: 100,000 yuan
Runner-up: 80,000 yuan
Third Place: 50,000 yuan
Fourth Place: 30,000 yuan
5th to 8th Place: 10,000 yuan

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The Warcraft III H&W China vs Korea Masters, a tournament hosted by Spider E-sports and officially licensed by Netease and Blizzard will hit by 6th May 6th to 26th May. By the time, 16 top players such as Moon and Infi will assemble in the H&W China vs Korea Masters. As we know, Warcraft III has been in business for 17 years since its launch, even though we have seen all kinds of popular e-sports games, but they can't shake the our past and amazing memories.

This tournament still stick with the theme of "China vs Korea", additionally, we will have 16 players (8 Chinese and 8 Korean) and they will compete and play through the group stage and elimination stage for the title. It is reported that the finals will be held in offline, which means we can see these Warcraft III Legend in the offline tournament by the time.

Regarding the invitations to the tournament, we believe that there will not be much controversy, you may look at the Ranking of Points system, we believe you will understand.

In the previous two tournaments of China vs Korea, China ended in failure. Will the addition of newcomers such as HuG and Linguagua change the result? Let the game tell us the answer.

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

On the evening of 17th April (GMT+8), the brackets of WCG2019 China Online Qualifier was officially released. The 778 contestants were divided into 8 groups and play for the quota of offline event. By that time, the first place of each group will advance to the China Regional Finals in Xi'an.

Full brackets:

When we are looking on the brackets, we guess some of the players will be so happy but some of them will be so upset, TH000 and Fly are in the same group, 120 and Life are in the same group, and that is only one of them can advance to the offline event, by the way, it's Bo1 game, it's really cruel enough. TeD, who just came back is deeply immersed in the group of death, he is same group with Colorful, Bo, HuG, FQQ and others, we believe the journey of TeD is destined to be full of thorns.

In addition, Yumiko, who has been away from Warcraft III for a long time has also returned to this tournament. There are many good players in the same group, including Zhouxixi, Suns, Sini and Fast. In history, many players have staged a good show of "Coming back from retiring and win the championship", will Yumiko create the miracle again?

Famous players list

Group A: TH000, TBC_BM, Fly100%, 平成歌姬, angline
Group B: Life, eer0, 无道
Group C: 生者(14sui), Zhouxixi, Suns, SuperBT, ice orc, Fast, Sini, Yumiko
Group D: Xiaokai, WFZ, Mango
Group E: Xiaokk, ForDream
Group F: HuG, TeD, CooLXian, FQQ, Colorful, Bo
Group G: Xun, Linguagua
Group H: Infi, pcg123

Group analysis

The most interesting topic after the draw of grouping is of course the emergence of the "death group". Which players unfortunately entered the group of death, and who are being in this group of death, will be the hottest topic before the games.

Group of death, it usually has two modes: first, strong players get together, there are two to three top players in a group; second, this group of players are having similar strength, the probability for them to advance are also similar.

For this qualifiers, Group A, Group B, Group C and Group F are the groups of deaths definitely. In Group A, there are TH000 and Fly100%; in Group B,there are Life and 120; in Group C and Group F are a group of good players, all of them are very likely to qualify.

The situation of other groups is relatively clear. Of course, it's Bo1 tournament, and it also played with designated map, so we believe everything is possible.


Group A: TH000
Group B: 120
Group C: Yumiko
Group D: WFZ
Group E: Xiaokk
Group F: TeD
Group G: Linguagua
Group H: Infi


April 20 - May 26

Group A: 20th April, 10:00-14:30
Group B: 20th April, 14:00-17:30
Group C: 20th April, 17:00-18:30 & 21st April, 10:00-11:30
Group D: 21st April, 11:00-15:30
Group E: 21st April, 15:00-17:30
Group F: 21st April, 17:00-18:30 & 27th April, 10:00-13:30
Group G: 27th April, 13:00-16:30
Group H: 27th April, 16:00-18:30

Bo1 and single elimination, the finals of the Group will be BO3, the first place in each group will advance to the China regional finals

Netease official battle platform

Map Pool

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Original Author and Interviewer: War3station_Emoji
Translator: GLH

In the midnight of April 15th, after a whole night of fighting, the world runner-up and the best European player, Foggy waved a white flag to a Chinese amateur player who was born in 1995.

"What the f**k of this micro, is he AI? He is too good in the control of formation!" "He is so good in knowing and controlling the situation! And he is quite calm! It is impossible to win his guy when he has the advantage!" TH000 and Infi was casting the game together, they were so excited, just like they found gold.

"What an amazing series!" European commentary B2W said it at the same time, and HuG's opponent Foggy sent "good" in a private message to a friend after the game...

After that, his ID, "SiL.HuG" was posted on Weibo, Tieba, CNwar3 and other major Warcraft III communities. No one would have thought that the champion of the first Schuck Cup would be captured by this unknown boy. And the journey of this championship is so legendary!

2-1 FoCuS, 2-1 RW.Life, 2-0 Zhou_Xixi, 3-2 Foggy... one of them won runner-up and third place in 2017, two of them are China's most shining Night Elves in their generations, even the top Orcs do not dare to say that they can take down them easily, on the other hand, you have to know that FoCuS was the second best Orc players in Orc mirror, and Foggy lost only two Bo5 series in NEvsOrc for a year. HuG seems to have been treat as "feeder" at the moment of the grid was announced...

However, this young player, who seems would be "destroyed" completed the journey of championship with the incredible performance, and became the most surprised dark horse of Warcraft III at the moment!

This is the story of HuG, who is called as "HuGoat" by others .

A young man of "Middle generation of Warcraft III"

Warcraft III has gone through a few years since 2010, in the middle of these years, it has left the generation of the contention of a hundred strategies, and came to middle generation. There are not the GMS(Grubby, Moon and Sky) on the stage anymore, Infi, Lyn and other players are waiting for a stage to create their own legend. By the time in Zhejiang Jinhua, HuG, who was studying in high school entered the world of Warcraft III under the leading of his brother.

Although there were not many playmates playing Warcraft III together, the young HuG still showed himself in the amateur circle in just one year, after that, he joined the team under the lead of ANO, the captain of the amateur team SiL, so HuG has been playing as SiL.HuG since he joined this team.

"Why do you play the Orcs?"

"Because Blade Master is very cool! And Wind Walk is also very interesting! So I was very distressed when I saw the nerf of Blade Master... Also, I don't have much confidence on my Far Seer, and I have never been in the age that the Orcs used to play Far Seer." HuG smiled and said.

"I played in offline once in the past, that's the qualifier of WCG in 2013. I was defeated by a former professional player in the first round of Shanghai Division, the ID was WE.panxiang!" When the author asked HuG about the experience of participating in the offline tournament, he said. Perhaps he didn't feel satisfied for such a result, when the time came to 2019, he decided to challenge the current biggest event, WGL!

If you are hard-working you will get return, the incredible performance in Schuck Cup

Unlike the WGL in last year, in this year, WGL Summer has only six quota for Chinese, and now HuG's points are exactly alongside ColorFul and RW.Fly100%.

One of them is the hero of Chinese team NeXT, the formal top 8 players in last season, and the other is the soul totem of the Chinese Orcs. Maybe he felt the pressure of the qualifying, in order to let his dream come true, he signed up for the Schuck Cup although he is working in a company from 0900am to 0500pm, he tried to play the tournament for practicing and communicate with other great players.

"At the time, I didn't think I would win the championship. I just took it as an opportunity to practice. I won because I have a lot of luck." When he was asked about this game, HuG said with modesty, "In the third round against FoCuS, my items were very good, and when I played against Life, he made a really a big mistake in the second round on EI, after that, my items were also very good in the semi-finals and grand finals. For Foggy, I think he might have a delay, and he was careless when he was leading the game with 2-0, in the last 3 round, he didn't change his strategy and let me seize the chance."

HuG paused and continued to add: "I felt very happy when I was playing against Zhouxixi, I reversed the game with my micro on TS, and the game point when I was playing against FoCuS, we had a lot of creep jacking and fighting. Nowadays, I especially like to play Orc mirror, I really enjoy on the battle of micro." Although everyone said that HuG is the best Orc in ORCvsNE, but in HuG own opinion, he doesn't think he is special in this match up. "The four matches up for me are almost the same. If you want me to say it, I still like Orc mirror, the pleasure of micro is very interesting!"

We still have two minor leagues before the last player list of WGL. HuG's mentality is as stable as his game style. "I will do it step by step, I don't want to be too arrogant, I will try to get the quota of the offline first." Although he is young, HuG has revealed a kind of veteran-like calmness, this kind of calmness was like the style of a Korean, the handsome king of Orc, Lyn, "Because Lyn is my idol, I really want my micro in big fight be like him, it will be so good! Unfortunately, I always get destroyed by him on Ladder...hahahaha..."

Professional is a dream; Take it step by step.

In the 2019, the new e-sports system of Warcraft III is being created, becoming a professional player and join a professional team like "Newbee, RW, LF, mTw" seems to have become a dream of many amateurs, of course HuG wants to play as well.

"I wanted to play as professional player, but I already have a stable job, and my parents will not agree to let me do it. In fact, I have received several teams offer, but my current work is very stable, and my parents are also very happy that I could find the current job, and I decide to understand them and work hard!" When the talk came to this topic, HuG can't help to pause for a while, and slowly talked about the "difficulties" of full-time job of Warcraft III.

"But!" The teenager cheered up again. "I can practice in the free time, and improve my level to be higher. When I get better results, I will carefully plan my future career of Warcraft III!"

"So this is not your destination right?"

"Of course, this is just the beginning."

"What goals do you want to achieve in this year?"

"Mhmmm... I have been single for many years, so...Can you introduce a girlfriend to me?"

In the midnight of 15th April, 2019, a new star, SiL.HuG started raising slowly, and he will carry the hope of all the fans of Warcraft III and begin his new journey.

P/s: HuG streaming channel: https://www.douyu.com/5904670

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The Schuck Cup is a Warcraft III tournament which sponsored by the a streaming channel, Schuck's Brother and hosted by Warstation. The game will be officially started in April, and it will be held for 2 sessions. The prize for a single session will be as high as 5,000 yuan.

In the first season, the orc rookie HuG was having a incredible performance, he defeated several top players and won the championship. The second Schuck Cup will also be officially launched on Wednesday. Due to the short registration time, please seize the time if you are interested, maybe you are the next HuG!

Registration time:
15th April - 16th April

Registration Link

Remark: If you don't have a Chinese phone number, please contact GLH on discord, then provide your Player ID, NetEase ID, race, QQ Number and Nationality to the Admin, Aragorn Wong, we will help you to contact War3station, they will help you to register the game.
Discord of GLH: https://discordapp.com/invite/PdaBwSJ

Schedule (For first session):
17th April: Ro64 to Ro8
18th April: Ro8 to Ro4
19th April: Semi Finals & Grand Finals

Bo3(Best of 3), Single Elimination, Final will be Bo5.

Map Pool

Prize Pool
Championship: 2,500 yuan
Runner-up: 1,500 yuan
Third Place: 800 yuan
Fourth Place: 200 yuan

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

There is not much suspense, even though Linguagua was boasting himself before the game, he said he will win Night Elf and get the championship. However, when he actually played, he still found out that Foggy were an insurmountable mountain for him. The Championship of Xiaoy cup in this week still does not belong to him.

"I am here to announce that I will win the championship tonight."

Since 2015, Foggy has been improving as fast as rocket. This Ukrainian boy put all his energy on Warcraft and practices 10 hours a day, he has become a first-class player step by step.

Today is Foggy's 26th birthday, it is reasonable to say that this is the late stage for an e-sports professional player, but considering the particularity of the Warcraft III, and Foggy debut himself on this circle so late, Foggy's future is full of uncertainty. After WGL Winter in last year, Foggy said that he would become the best Night Elf in the future. Can he do it?

The data won't lie, Foggy's result make him like a super player!

In fact, as early as 2015, Foggy had the chance to play in the major tournament, however, he didn't make it, he didn't go to Cologne, Germany to participate in the WCA European regional finals, because of the problem of visa.

Luckily, this incident did not affect Foggy's mentality, he saved his energy until the first time of being in offline tournament, in this time, he made it and he shocked the world. In the group stage, he defeated Lyn and advanced to the Ro8, this made everyone recognized his unusual potential. Even though Lyn had just returned to Warcraft III, and he also hadn't recovered his shape to the best, but the ability to knock down a Super player was enough to let Foggy to highlight his strength.

As expected, after that, Foggy didn't stop his progress. In the GCS Fall 2016, he defeated TH000 to win the third place, and another Super player fell under his punch. By the time of the WGL Winter 2017, Foggy had already stood on the stage of the Grand Finals. After seven games against TH000, Foggy lost the series and the championship.

A year later, Foggy made a comeback. After winning the game versus Lawliet and Infi, he advanced to the Grand Finals again. In this time, his opponent was the Legend, Moon. Of course, Foggy seems relatively young compared to Moon's experiences, and he once again missed the chance to climb to the top.

WGL (and GCS) is currently the highest level Warcraft III tournament. Foggy played 6 season, and he won 2 runner-ups, 2 third places and reached to Ro8 for twice. The stability of the results are as good as other Super players. Compared to other Night Elf players, Foggy is slightly worse than Moon only.

Similarly, in some online major tournaments, Foggy's results are also very eye-catching, he got the runner-up in OTOMADS cup, Shen Kui Cup, and the fourth place in Thunder Fire Cup. This is very hard for him to get with the ping problem.

Unlike the Chinese players who making income with streaming, most of Foggy's incomes depend on the prizes of tournament, so he keeps practicing with tournaments, so his shape has been maintained very well. In the case of getting hungry when you can't get the results, Foggy is able to withstand the pressure and get good grades. It is really admirable.

Lost at the starting line, dropped into a nightmare by Infi's four races

Despite Foggy many impressive results, if he wants to be a true Super player, he still has a lot of resistance.

First of all, he is a Ukrainian, (There is no discrimination against nationality. We are talking about his network situation.) the delay and ping issue will make you like playing a different game, the delay is undoubtedly a big problem for the effect of practicing. Although he can come to China for training in advance for the offline tournaments every year, he still lacks of good environment to practice in such a short period of time. Additionally, there are many events only invite Chinese and Korean players, Foggy has lost a lot of opportunities to improve himself.

Second, the environment of  European Warcraft III is not as active as China and South Korea. The language problem prevents him from communicating with other similar level players. Numerous facts show that those who lock themselves and don't communicate with others will not be able to improve and complete the progress, you have to improve with constant communication. At this level, Foggy suffered another disadvantage.

In addition, the shorter time to contact Warcraft III is also a major disadvantage. Moon, Infi, TH000, Fly and other players are all veterans of the field for more than 10 years, and Foggy has played too few offline tournaments and that makes his offline experience is seriously insufficient.

Just one year before, Foggy was defeated by Infi, a player can play with four races. In the face of Infi's unique style, Foggy looked stunned, once he entered the unknown domain, he was often at a loss, copying Moon's strategies can solve a lot of problems, but certainly not all the problems.

Of course, we all know that Foggy has ambitious goal and unremitting efforts. But at the same time, only such inspiration couldn't solve all problems.

The world champion dream might be difficult for Foggy

Look at Foggy's results in major tournament, he always got into Top 8, in addition to very few games, Foggy can qualify from the group stage almost every time, but he is always a little worse than the final champion. The gap between dreams and reality is sometimes so cruel, in the world of Warcraft III, the gap is like the distance between Foggy and Moon, we describe the Moon as "great player", but we describe Foggy as "good player", there are several reasons for this difference, among these reasons, talent might be the key role.

E-sports are so cruel sometimes: your effort determines your lowest limit, but your talent determines the highest limit. What kind of level a player can achieve, the thing that comes with it is his talent. And this is exactly what Foggy is facing. When we are talking about diligence and hard work, there may not be many people who can surpass Foggy, and this also let him has stepped from a normal player to his standing nowadays. Advancing to the top 8 and top 4 in big tournament, or winning the minor cups and tournaments are not a problem for Foggy. However, he has reached this position and level, and if he wants to go one step further, there will be only one step named "S-level". You can see the names Infi, 120, Moon, TH000 and Lyn, what Foggy needs is only a "world champion."

Can he do it? It is still too early to draw conclusions, but everyone has seen something recently. After the release of patch 1.30.4, Foggy has been losing to Human many times, and he was helpless in the face of TH000 and Infi. In the face of Lyn, he has only very few wins even in patch 1.30.1. Moreover, he was defeated by Check in the mTw Legend Cup. Without the advantage from the patch, Foggy seems once again lost the strength for the world champion.

Foggy grew from normal people to a star. This story is inspirational and inspiring. But it also has a lot of people who don't mention the other side. In this side, in Warcraft III, no one seems to treat him as an S-class player or a future S-class player.

In the interview, Moon praised 120 and Life. He even said that he wanted to help Life grows step by step because he saw his youth in Life. But many experts, including Moon and Infi, they have never said that Foggy has talent. In many times, Foggy's style is relatively fixed, he is lacking flexibility.

Let use XiaoY Cup finals as an example, Foggy started with double Ancient of War and went for expansion, after the expansion was finished, he would go to attack for sure, and he did it every round. Such a routine, ignoring the timing of situation was like a high school student who directly used an example to write in his writing exam, when he faces a great player, the games will be very hard for Foggy.

When Foggy played WGL for the first time, Foggy said that his goal is to be a world champion. From the current situation, it looks really hard for him.

Foggy's comment to this article (on Wechat)

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The registration of WGL Minor League, April race, Open Division, which held by Netease and Blizzard was opened at 1200 on 12th April (GMT+8). The deadline for registration is at 1200 on 16th April (GMT+8). This tournament is holding only the 1v1 games. Meanwhile, the players who score more points before 15th April will have priority to be selected to participate in the Open Division.

Remark: If you don't have a Chinese Blizzard account, please contact GLH on discord, then provide your Player ID, NetEase ID, race, QQ Number, Nationality, Passport Number to the Admin, Aragorn Wong, we will help you to contact NetEase, they will help you to register the game.
Discord of GLH: https://discordapp.com/invite/PdaBwSJ


Group stage: 
32 players will be divided into 4 groups for the Bo3(Best of 3) and double elimination format, the top 2 players of each group will advance to the Ro8(Round of 8).

Ro8(Round of 8): 
These 8 players will be divided into 2 groups for Bo3 and double elimination format, the top 2 players in each group will advance to the Semi Final.

Semi Final and Grand Final: 
The top 4 players will play Bo5 and single elimination format to decide the winner.


(Mon) 22nd Apr   Open Division-Group A & B-The first three rounds
(Tue) 23rd Apr   Open Division-Group C & D-The first three rounds
(Wed) 24th Apr   Open Division-Group A, B, C, D-The last two rounds
(Thu) 25th Apr   Pro Division-Group Stage
(Fri) 26th Apr   Open & Pro Division-Ro8
(Sat) 27th Apr   Open Division-Semi Final & Grand Final
(Sun) 28th Apr   Pro Division-Semi Final & Grand Final


Players are requested to verify the registration information when registering to avoid any registration failure. After the players submit the registration information, please keep the mobile phone on. Our customer service will call the players to confirm in the order of the points until the 32 slots are confirmed. The organizing committee will review the accounts of all players, if any violations are found, they will be disqualified and the empty slot will be replenished from the registered players in the order of the points.

After all the information have been confirmed, we will announce the match up and schedule on 22nd March. By the time, all the players participating in this online qualifier will be in the official QQ group chat. The referee will be responsible for check-in and tournaments according to the published match up and schedule.

Note: The match up are arranged by the official. The players are required to check-in on time, and the player who have not checked-in on time will be deemed to have abstained.


* The top 4 players in Open Division will advance to the professional division in next month.

About WGL Minor League

The WGL Minor League is designed to select players for WGL, it's a new online tournament. The tournament set up an open division to provide young player with access to the professional league. From February to May 2019, and July to October 2019, there will be 8 competition. Each competition will have two groups of open and professional groups.

The professional division has a total of 16 players. In the first competition, 16 players will be selected according to the points in 2018 successively. The last 4 players will be eliminated in each competition and the top 4 players in the open group will be promoted.

The Open division has a total of 32 players, and selects the top players (according to the points) in the form of self-registration.

For more information about the Warcraft III Gold League, please continue to pay attention to the War3station, NetEase, Gornlan Harbor.

Original Author: Kekelove from War3station
Translator: GLH
[The original version(Chinese verison) is under the English version]

I am writing at the airport, I am going back to Shanghai.

I didn’t close my eyes for nearly 20 hours, after I supervised my children's report about WCG Korean qualifier, I walked 2.7 kilometers to go back to the hotel from the mTw team studio at 4 am.

When I reached my room, I took a shower and collect my things. I was ready to sleep for 4 hours and get up again for the mTw Legendary Cup. However, I got the message suddenly: LawLiet was disqualified.

I opened my WeChat, and I saw Huahua, Korean players, Newbee Club came to me, so I started my work again without any rest. After I checked it, I found that this was caused by a small mistake.

It’s true that the terms for players said the players must play on BN.
In the Korean competition, everyone will be in a channel of Discord (Like China's YY), but this chat room is very open and others can come in.

Lucifer's ping is high because it's play on Asian server and he is in Germany. So, he asked in the channel: Can I play on the NetEase platform?
And there was a person answered him: Yes!
Lucifer thought he was a referee, at the same time, Soin and Sok also saw it.

So the dramatic thing started. Except Moon, because his games was being live broadcast which arranged by the referee, the other players felt that it didn't matter where they play, and NetEase platform is their most used platform nowadays.

So most of the games were played on NetEase platform, until the last game of LawLiet vs Lucifer, the referee found out.

Then, the players got the punishment within two hours after the incident, and the referee tagged everyone in the Discord channel and he directly cancel the quota, and he even didn't mention the re-game.

Lucifer felt very, very stressed and guilty, because he felt that he had harmed the other players. And he had been smoking for half day after the incident. We comforted him to let him slept for a while before the mTw Legendary Cup. If there is no mTw Legendary Cup, I believe he would rather drink and paralyze himself.

I personally think that they still have the chance for discussion about this case. LawLiet and Lucifer violated the rules, they can accept the penalty, but disqualified a quota is way too serious. Although changing the platform is violated the rules, but it did not affect the fairness of the game. The players did this for success of the games as well.

I hope that the WCG Organizing Committee can cancel the disqualification and change the punishment to warning LawLiet and the other players.

From: Kekelove in Berlin

From Keke's Weibo