Game 1 between Foggy and Lyn in W league first day

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In the Hearthstone Doubles tournament last night, 120 and Xhope join together and name themselves "Team 0hope". They played very well, and get the champion at last. As a champion, they get the French luxury double tour. At the same time, 120 become the first player that get champion from Warcraft III and Hearthstone.

Before the Final, 120 said that he is playing better than Infi in Warcraft II and Hearthstone, our king of poser won't let go any chance for fronting himself.

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最酷的朋友丿(The Coolest Friend J)


Warcraft III WGL August race will start at Aug 30th, the great players in Warcraft III will fight for the chance to the main tournament. Players have show how they know about in this game in the tournament recently, at the same time, they are still creating and developing new tactics, let's look forward to what will the players will show for us.

Group stage

(GMT +8)
Group A: Aug 30th, 7pm
Group B: Aug 31st, 7pm
Group C:  Sep 1st, 7pm
Group D:  Sep 2nd, 7pm
Greatest 16 into Greatest 8: Sep 6th to Sep 7th, 7pm
Playoffs of Aug race: Sep 8th to Sep 9th, 7pm

(2)Amazonia (Version 1.29)

(2)AncientIsles (No changing)

(2)EchoIsles (Version 1.29)

(2)LastRefuge-1.3 (Version 1.29)

(2)TerenasStand (Version 1.29)

(4)TurtleRock (Version 1.29)

(4)TwistedMeadows (Version 1.29)

1st place: RMB 3000
2nd place: RMB 1500
3rd place: RMB 800
4th place: RMB 500


W league is hosted by war3station, and sponsored by, etc. And now, we have a Playoffs for W league, on the other and, Playoffs will play with offline, all the players will play the game together after the regular season, and fight for the champion!

1st to 6th from Super League and 1st and 2nd from first division

Playoffs rules
Single-elimination tournament
Earlier rounds are BO5
Final is a BO7

(SL stand for Super League, FD stand for First Division, SL 1 means the first in Super League)
SL 1 vs FD 2
SL 2 vs FD 1
SL 3 vs SL 6
SL 4 vs SL 5

The time and location will be publish as soon as possible!


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Another Sponsor:
They are big donation in TH000 and Ted stream channel, hope you can support W league and enjoy TH000, Ted and 狐狸不太sao stream.