Finally, the Master's Coliseum qualifier comes to the last tournament, we believe that will be most exciting wildcard qualifier. In this tournament, we have four players remaining and all of them are from different races, it show the energy of the players and how balance of this game...... I think we  are far away from the the topic, let's have some review together.

Lucifer is really good Undead player on counter to Human, before that, he just defeated TH000 with 3:1, seems unstoppable. However, according to the record, HawK usually defeated Lucifer with 2:1, so we shouldn't make a judgement on the result right now. HawK always like to expansion and develop when facing Undead, at the same time, Human's heroes can always counter to Undead and with like playing RPG, so HawK is possible to win in this match up. So, let's us watch their battle afterwards.

Right now, I want to ask Coco: Tolkien(a important staff in China's Warcraft) is the principal that draw those match up right?
Coco(another staff): Yes he is.

Emmm...Lyn has already met Colorful at least three times in the last few tournament, Colorful lost a lot of those but all of those were close games. Colorful showed us his potential, his strength and proof that he is the hope of the Chinese's Night Elf player. However, Lyn, the man who always defeat Moon, Lawliet, Foggy, and always show the great mentality quality in the crucial time.

So, Colorful is facing a very strong opponent, so I am looking good on Lyn, we believe their battle will be a close game and the main topic tonight.

I have to remind you, this is a Double-elimination tournament from now, so it is unable to guess the result of match. There is not my matter if there are any mistake, and also not my DUNAI [1], go find Tolkien, he has the responsibility.

[1] There is a situation when someone is confident and proclaim someone definitely win the game, but after his announcement, the situation reversed, the situation is considered as DUNAI in china.

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