After a few days of waiting, here we come back to AWL, and tonight will be the intense and exciting Semi Final. In the Quarter Final, it is unforeseen that Moon and 120 has been defeated at the same time, so let's stay focused on the game between Infi and Lyn.

After the Blizzard Pentathlon[1], we saw how great Infi is in all games, so we are looking good at the King of Tower. However, this tournament is the home field of Korean, on the other hand, Chinese haven't won a championship, and there are 3 Korean and only 1 Chinese in this Quarter Final, these situation make Infi feel stressful.

Let's get down to tournament, there are two BO5 games tonight, we saw Lyn used Far Seer to defeat TH recently, we really expect the King of Orc using the Far Seer again. For FoCuS and Lucifer, both of them are the honest and frank guys, so the games between them should be fight, fight and fight, so their games will be so intense and a lot of hero kill.

So, let's watch the tournament at 6pm tonight.

Official Streaming:
AfreecaTV, NicegameTV

BO5, Final BO7

1st Prize:  ₩ 4,000,000
2nd Prize: ₩ 2,000,000
3rd & 4th place: ₩ 1,100,000
5th to 8th place: ₩ 450,000

[1] A tournament with 5 games ,Warcraft III, Starcraft II, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm.