Master's Coliseum Wildcard Qualifier's open audition had already finished last night. Then the Semi-final and Final will be continued in next week.

Last night, the former best human player Hawk was on fire, knocking down all the Chinese amateur player.

On the other hand, Lyn also defeated all the player he met, we thought that the world's third Undead player, Tbc [1]could had a big fight with Lyn at first, but Lyn defeated Tbc easily.

Furthermore,  Colorful was playing steady, the micro of the Talon seems like "Remind. Jr", there was really surprise he had defeated FoCuS and Sini ,and went though to the Semi-Final.

The last area was the area of death, unfortunately WFZ quit after a big fight with Chaemiko, and we thought that Chaemiko become better at countering on Undead, however, he had been defeated by Lucifer after a moment. In the last round, Zhouxixi was seizing the chance for the semi final with Lucifer, although Zhouxixi is a good player, he lost the game to Lucifer.

And if you are asking for Life, we can tell you that he was too tired to continue, because he is still a student, so he gave up the chance and go to sleep at 11:00pm.

Finally, Lyn, Hawk, Colorful and Lucifer will play on next Tuesday in Semi-Final.

By the way, we found out that there are four races in the three of the qualifier(China, Korea, Wildcard), isn't that meaning the Warcraft is balance between the races?

[1]Tbc call himself the world's third Undead

source: Cup is sponsored by the fans of, Yissang, there will be RMB 1200 total prize, he hopes he can bring us a great match from Korea, and give players a chance to practice. Cup will be holding between July 28th to July 30th. After the intensive games, this minor tournament will give us a relaxing and warm in the end of July.

Link To Register:

Deadline: July 27th 2400(GMT+8)


What a month! Master's Coliseum Korean Qualifier just finished recently, WGL's July qualified will continue tonight(07:00pm GMT +8)! One of the most popular player 120, and the man who just eliminated Lyn in the Master's Coliseum Korean Qualifier recently, Lawliet, Both of them will be the first game tonight, we believe they will be having a great game for us.

On the other hand, we also really expect the game between Fly100% and Sok. Sok is an unpredictable player, he had defeated the greatest player sometimes, so let us are expecting their performance tonight.



Douyu TV:
TeD : 259057
TH000 : 11017
Infi : 255865
Fly : 255329
Lion : 122024

Huya TV:
Yumiko : 829922

Panda TV:
桥林Qiaomm : 47653