The July race come to the end last night. After the matches between Lyn, FoCuS, Moon, Fly100%,  Lyn won the title. Moon and Fly100% got third and fourth place, and FoCuS defeated Moon in the Lower Bracket's Final and got second place.

Double-elimination is a chance to the players, but it is also a challenge for them, you have not any chance again if you drop to the lower bracket. In the winner bracket, Lyn defeated FoCuS with 3:1 and wait on the Grand Final. At the same time, Moon won Fly100% with 3:0, he used Dryad for 2 times and Talons only once.

However, Moon was really struggling when facing to FoCuS, the Chinese's Friend--FoCuS[1] really mighty when facing to Korean Players, maybe he knows Moon well, this made the tactics of Moon wasn't useful on FoCuS last night, such as the tactic with KOG as 1st hero, this tactic made Fly100% really struggling at the Lower Semi-Final. At last, FoCuS face to Lyn again on the Grand Final.

Generally, the BO7  in the Orcs Mirror should take a long time, however, Lyn had time to rests enough and FoCuS deplete a lot of power in the fight with Moon, meanwhile, FoCuS's micro wasn't better than Lyn last night and the god of destiny stood with Lyn. Finally, Lyn defeated FoCuS  with a big win, 4:0 and won the 1st place of July race.

Moon: Hey, Lyn, Why you can beat FoCuS easily?
Lyn: Maybe you should in China.

[1] FoCuS always defeat Korean Players in a lot of tournament, but not Chinese Players, so the Chinese audiences make fun with this.

Source: Cup is a small tournament sponsored by a fans call Yissang, and the total prize is RMB 1600. They hope they can provide a interesting games for fans and a platform to practice for the players. is really love Warcraft, that make this a warm and relax tournament.

Time: July 30th, 1800
Rules: BO3, BO5 by Final
Total Prize: RMB 1600

Match table:

Official Steaming: