Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

TKOM Nov race feat LT will start tonight (Nov 7th, GMT +8). Lawliet is being in USA, so the Korean Team will not play this time.

TeD+Hainiu are the formal winner team, and they are waiting for the challenger. On Turtle Rock, Infi +Colorful defeated TeD+Hainiu, so, what strategies will they choose tonight? Let's watch together.

Match Up tonight

Teams Introduction:

不乐意组合: (Unwilling Team)
Zhouxixi+Xiaokk, both of them are handsome and skillful man, and Orc+NE classical match in 2v2.

Aries Rose组合: (Aries Rose Team)
Chinese Streamer

二毛组合: (S^2 team)
Sheik+Sonik, a lot of special strategies, they defeated Zhouxixi team in a game before.

Touch ME组合: (Touch ME Team)
SuperBT+homesaber, a team defeated FoCuS and Lawliet in a game before.

赖泳云组合: ("Lai" Yong Yun Team) [1]
Infi+Colorful, they are the formal champion on TR

沪苏宝组合: (Hu Su Bao Team)
Gul1+心灵之息, runner up in the audition, they are the first place on the NetEase Ladder.

打酱油组合: (Do Nothing Team)
飞艇+无道, runner up in the audition, great 2v2 team in amatuer players.

我的内心18岁组合: (I am 18 years old in my mind Team)
Xiaokai+Sini, because Linguagua isn't able to go to WGL offline tournament, Linguagua chose to rest for a while, so Xiaokai found Sini, will they have something special?

**特牛组合: (Pretty strong Team)
TeD+Hainiu, TKOM Champion on LT in Oct race.


Map: LT

Date and Time: 2018 Nov 7th, 1900 (GMT +8)

Format: BO1, single elimination, the champion will be the challenger and challenge the formal champion.

Formal Champion: 特牛组合(TeD+Hainiu)


10,000 RMB

**Single competition**
Champion: 3000 RMB
Runner-up: 2000 RMB
Third place: 1000 RMB

The King Of Map (TKOM) is sponsored by Mr.Sun, and hosted by War3station, we hope we can find a best players on each map.

[1]Lai Yong Yun,赖永云 is Colorful's real name, and赖"Lai" is his family name (for Chinese, we put family name at the first ),meanwhile, single word 赖 is a verb, means we chicane and blame on someone else.


Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

GamaInfomer published the drafts of Warcraft III Reforged.

There are two surprising design, Arthas with shaved head and Illidan lady version!