Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Recently, Fly has faced so much strikes.

First of all, he was defeated in Group Stage at the recent major tournaments, after that, he had to face so many criticisms and accusations when he was streaming, and the audiences even taught him how to play.

In order to avoid this situation, the stream assistants of Fly banned many audiences who kept having aggressive comments, this kind of action was also resisted by a lot of audiences, and the audiences even criticized Fly on the Douyu Forum.

Fly also explained some recent things on the Forum very soon. For some of the problems pointed out by the audience, Fly said that he would accept it with humility, but he is more willing to follow his own mind. he doesn't want to be influenced by some the comments.

After reading the inner confession of Fly, we still wish that Fly can continue to play in Warcraft III, we are not seeking more brilliant results, but only the most enthusiastic battles and games.

It's his life, it should have been gone by himself.

The original reply from Fly on Forum:
(Translated by GLH)

I saw a lot of fans angry and made a lot of criticism in the forum.

Honestly, it is because Lie and my assistants know that I will be very sad after seeing the criticisms, but I can't play the games without watching it, so they banned very frequently during the game.

If there are audiences who can't stand with, you may go to other channels to watch my game. As for the audiences watching in my channel and can't help to stop making criticisms, I will consider to stop broadcasting during the game, or I may find some ways to avoid it, so that everyone feels good. On the other hand, you may say I am selfish, I want to make myself feel better when playing games as well.

Everyone was very angry and I can understand it. The question that everyone pointed is that I am noob now, I have never denied this. You said that I don't change hotkeys, or I am playing too risky, or I always leaves my unit at base. I just want to say that I really can't change some habits, but I will try to make it not affect my level, it is a mistake because I didn't do well enough.

You may say I am stubborn and unchanging, but there should be people like me in the world. I know there are some audiences, even a fan, you don't like me, you can't understand me, or you feel disappointed because of my characteristics, I can only say, I am sorry, but this is me, I hope at least, as a professional player, I can have my own persistence. If one day I change it, it is my own decision, but not forced. If I am coerced because of this, I would rather not play Warcraft III.

I know there are some friends may understand, but some can't, some people may think that I am the most unpopular streamer now, and some of them have become disappointed, they can't accept this, and they don't like me anymore, after they had followed me. Anyway, I still hope you can support other Warcraft III players.

Warcraft III is your youth, but also mine, and it's not only my youth, it's also my life. It's my life, I hope to go by myself, thank you.

The original reply from Fly on Forum:








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