Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

One Belt One Road (OBOR) was completed yesterday. Moon won the tournament without losing a single map and got the title! After the games, the organizer gave the prize money to the players immediately.

However, Moon was again in focus. In order to thank his fan for the nice gesture they made in his name, Moon gave all the prize money to Xiage Zhongxin Zhuangxi Primary School in the name of his fan club. This is the same school his fan club recently donated to.

The total prize money for this tournament were 60,000 yuan (~US$8,700) - 30,000 yuan for the champion, 20,000 yuan for second place, and 10,000 yuan for third place.

The last time the donation came from Moon's fans, and now he donates by himself. This is a very beautiful act from one of the most significant Warcraft III players.

As expected this act received a lot of praise on the Internet.

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Due to visa problems, our Ukrainian Night Elf player Foggy was absent from the OBOR tournament. That made Foggy realize there was a problem. Yesterday Foggy created a Weibo Account, and he posted that he would go to Shanghai next week and would start streaming on Douyu within 2 weeks.

Hi everyone, I will go to Shanghai and I will start streaming on Douyu within 2 weeks. Once the time comes, I will show you Night Elf games from player's point of view. Of course the most important thing is that I will be able to play in W league with good ping The last two games are crucial!
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Previously, Foggy said in an interview that "Night Elf doesn't have too big advantage in patch 1.30, Infi lost to me because he spent too little time practicing Human, and this caused him to make many mistakes in our games."

This interview ignited a lot of discussions, and a lot of people said Foggy was "insincere". Meanwhile, Foggy realized that this answer was inappropriate, so he apologized to Infi on Weibo, and said he wanted to be friends with all the players, and that he wanted to contribute to Warcraft III together with them.

There is a Chinese saying "Being a friend is better than being an enemy." The best solution is to change the "battle talk". However, the Ukrainian may see things in a very different manner. After he apologized to Infi, he challenged Infi to a game. In order to prove Night Elf isn't really "imba", Foggy wants to switch races with Infi and play a BO5 (best-of-5) series. In other words he wants to play Human challenging Inf's Night Elf. The bet he proposed was 200 yuan for the winner.

Foggy hopes both of them could let go of the bad feelings with such game.

Post on Weibo
(GLH's translation)
Today, I want to say the something to my fans. Yes, I know my words made Infi feel uncomfortable and made the fans feel disappointed. I apologize to the people I hurt.

In the interview, I didn't express my opinion in a sincere way, and this made Infi and the fans of the Human race misunderstand me, I am very sorry.

The truth is I want to be in good relationships with all the players, not an enemy. By the way, my coach is a Human lover too, and I know how bad things for Human players are in patch 1.30. I hope every races will be strong enough, and I hope Blizzard will manage to make so that all races play under fair conditions.

Thus, I would like to invite Infi to play a BO5 game with me, and we can switch races. I will play Human, you may switch to Night Elf if you want. The winner will get RMB 200 from the loser.

Of course, I hope this game will not bring us bad feelings. I hope this game will help us let go of any bad feelings, and I hope that in future we could be friends. Infi, will you accept the challenge and be friends with me in the future?

Additionally, I hope I could be friends with all the Chinese players and Chinese fans. In the past few years Chinese players helped me improve a lot, like Sini, Infi, 120, Colorful, Zhouxixi, I would love to say thank you! I also want to say thank you to the Chinese fans, thanks for your support all the time!

Additionally, if Infi accepts the challenge, I would like to invite all the players to cast these games. I hope all the players will be able to see how I solve this issue my own way.

If I move to live in China for Warcraft III, I would love to say "Nice to meet you"! I will practice my Chinese (language) very hard!

I wish Warcraft III have a great future!

At the time of writing this article, Infi was not awaken yet. Will he accept this challenge?[1]

[1]Note by translator: The original article was posted at about 12:30am (Chinese time).

Short Recap about Infi vs Foggy

Before GCS 2016 Spring, as the ranking on NetEase ladder were going to affect the seedings for the offline tournament directly, all of the players were playing hard on ladder, including Infi. The last day both Infi and Foggy were playing the whole night, and after a winning streak that night, Infi advanced to the playoffs in the last second. After that, Infi called Foggy "my Ukrainian brother".

During the period between 2016 and 2018 September, Infi won all matches he played against Foggy in tournaments, until the game in W league when Foggy beat Infi and broke the curse.

After that, in WGL 2018 monthly race, Infi beat Foggy with Undead and with Orc, showing his overall strength.

In the semi-finals of WGL 2018 Winter, Infi lost to Foggy 1-3. In the interview after the games, Foggy said Infi lost to him because Infi spent too little time practicing Human, and this caused him to make many mistakes in our games. He didn't mention any race advantage which made Infi angry.

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