Patch 1.30 was updated, 1.29 become the history of Warcraft III. Recalling the tournaments of these five month, the structure of Warcraft III didn't change thoroughly, 120, Lyn, TH000, Infi were still standing on the top. We are going to show you some data about 1.29.


Foreign player had more champion

Lyn, FoCuS, Foggy had the most champion in patch 1.29, these tell us that they are strong, and they are really hardworking. Especially Foggy and FoCuS, we may call them the normal of worker, they played in all games even the small tournaments.

Ranking of patch 1.29
Player     |     Champion     |     Runner-up

Chinese players had good result in big tournaments

There were only two offline tournaments in patch 1.29, GCS and Master's Coliseum, and Chinese Players won the champion for these two games. We may say, those players didn't play with 100% strength because they were playing game and streaming at the same time, and the prizes of offline tournaments stimulated them.

In the rank of award money, 120 win over Lyn with 15137 US Dollars, meanwhile Infi and TH000 just place under them. Although the result looks so-so, and the prizes of Master Coliseum are so much.

Ranking of patch 1.29 (Award Money)
          Player               |    Prizes (US Dollars)

The patch for Orc and NE, only the leader still survived for HU and UD

After the race war recently, we may know the strength of Orc and NE are stronger a lot than UD and HU, only Infi and TH000 for HU, and 120 only for UD, this gap may be bigger in patch 1.30.


Patch 1.29 is just a transition period, Warcraft III will be more interesting in the future

For conclusion, patch 1.29 changed Warcraft III, the game that stop changing for long time, and a lot of bench hero get their work, and some new tactics had created. Although some buff was too strong, like the Healing Spray from Alchemist, and the Thunder Clap from Mountain King, and these had been fixed in patch 1.30.

We may say the time for Warcraft III is coming back, the intervention of our Daddy Blizzard make Warcraft III become activated again. We expect Warcraft III will be better in the future.


What can I say? It's so worth that you were here.

(Quick, build the towers.)
(Moon, Jang Jae Ho, time and result will not effect our love)
(If Laofen doesn't work hard...)

(Moon, Jang Jae Ho, time and result will not effect our love)

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"Warcraft III" 
Clan War of China vs Korea

(Quick, build the towers.)


Due to acrobatics[1] and IQ offline sometimes[2], he was having fun by others always, however, in the NeXT clan war'18, Colorful is the biggest topic, and resulting 3-0 in KOF, saving Team China on the second day of NeXT, he is worth to be praised. After the tournament, we were going to have interview with him, let's see what Colorful said about this tournament.

Q: Hi, Colorful, the games just now is so interesting, and you defeated Lyn in KOF, resulting 3-0 and lead Team China to the victory in KOF, how your feel after the games?

Colorful: Excited, happy, cheerful

Q: Do you feel you are manly today? What if compare with your master Zhouxixi.

Colorful: Not bad, more manly than Zhouxixi a bit. (Zhouxixi you're the points free giver)

Q: On the first day, you lost the game to Lawliet, and Team China lost the series on first day, don't you feel much burden on you?

Colorful: I don't feel much pressure, not the most, I think I am not the main character in this tournament, I feel lucky if I win a round.

Q: After the games on first day, what are yours conclusion?

Colorful: The main problem is our arrangement is too bad, and we were not playing well too, so we focused adjusting our mindset.

Q: Before the tournament, you said you could play with Lyn, how did you prepare for this?

Colorful: I didn't have much time to prepare, but I had a conversation with Infi before the game, and this help me a lot.

Q: In the KOF on second day, 120 and TH000 lose the game against Lyn, and that moment all of us memorize the domination of Lyn two years ago, what's the main reason that you can win against Lyn?

Colorful: I think Lyn didn't adapt patch 1.30 completely, Huntresses buffed a lot in this patch, Lyn hasn't adapt the timing when playing against NE.

Q: Can you give some comment for these three games that you played today?

Colorful: In the first game, Lyn didn't train Walkers and his SH didn't learn Serpent Wards, I think these are the biggest mistake, it's too hard for Orc play against NE without Spirit Link and Dispel.

Second game, Soin wasn't playing good in early game, his hero was killed by me, and I kept continuing the Domino Effect, in the late game, Glaive Throwers are really useful.

For third game, I feel Lawliet was playing too cautious, his micro was orderless, and he made a lot of mistakes too, different man with the first day.

Q: In patch 1.30, NE are so strong, a lot of NE killer like 120, Lyn, defeated by NE, how you comment to this patch?

Colorful: I feel better when play against HU and UD, however, I think it's hard if Orc find the right way and timing to play.

Q: At last, we lose the game to Moon, what is the standing for Moon in your mind?

Colorful: I am a big fans of Moon, I love NE because of Moon, in my mind, Moon is the king of NE forever.

Q: You start your career with little player, and now you win the game as a country representative player, who do you most want to thank?

Colorful: I have too much people to thank, thank Rus (E sport squad) for brought me into this circle, thank my master Zhouxixi, thank RN.laofen and all the staff of Warcraft III, they help me a lot, thank Infi and TH that giving a lot of advices, thank the friends always practice with me, thank my fans, and of course, thank my love for staying with me always.

Q: Now, you're so famous, will you keep streaming after you go back to home? Your fans are angry with you that you didn't on streaming.

Colorful: I have not plan yet, I will keep focusing on my skills first, then talk about streaming.

Q:At last, talk something to your fans.

Colorful: Thank for your support, I will keep practicing hard.

[1] Sometimes. NE hero will die with unnecessary, some players and audiences will say, this is acrobatics.

[2] Colorful played so weird or made mistakes sometimes, when he did that, the audiences would say, Oh Colorful's IQ is offline again.