Q: What are the important factor in a game?
A: 1. Heroes's level  2. Quality of army  3. Level of Players's Micro  4. Economy  5. Items  6. Tactics and Method  7. DUNAI from OB (This question will be in the exam, please keep in your mind)

are we  friend?
Of course, why?
so, who will win later? (TH000)
Are you sure? (Sure, that is impossible for Lucifer want to win against TH)

This game is the certification for those example above.
LR is the most intense map for Orc vs HU always, narrow road, a lot of resources, great items, these make LR has been born a lot of classic game.

In version 1.29,  the Critical Strike has been nerf, the Orc with play tactically is giving up for BM with the leader Lyn, change their first hero to FS or SH to find some new tactics. However, Fly is still adhering to BM, because BM is correspond with his style, he can use BM to suppress and  have a direct fight with his enemy.

It was still BM as first hero, a classical and common opening game, Infi gave up the chance to go creeping and let AM to level 3, and choose to have a safe transition, and Fly didn't get anything really good in the front line. After Infi brought Alchemist and prepared for the War of attrition, both of them started to have a big fight

If Fly was a hero in Warcraft, he must be a warrior, had a great micro in direct fight, and know well to find weakness of enemy.

Among of Militias, Creeps, Priests and Sorceresses, Fly used a Speed Scroll to surround AM, and got some time for forming of his army.

Infi was forced to creep because of the invalid attack, Fly saw the second hero of Infi wasn't MK, the hero really powerful in late game, so Fly accepted and went creeping too, and we can see the creeping efficiency of Orc was slower than HU because of the Brilliance Aura, so the first direct fight was in front of the Red Camp at the top left of the map, Infi had the hero with level very close to 4, 4, and Fly was only 3, 3.

In this fight, both of them had about 70 supplies, and their items were prepared well, for against the topography in this map, Fly also trained 2 Wind Riders to attack the magi of Infi that stand with sneak, and the dust that dropped by Infi was picked by Fly too, at the same time, Infi was playing his micro extremely, attacked BM in the front, used Water Elemental and Acid Bomb to attack Wind Rider beside them at the same time.

However, this road is too narrow, the Orc is hard to fight on this topography, and BM was going too deep, with the blocked by the rabbit, BM was killed by HU army.

Even so, Fly was still having the higher supplies, and creeping without BM, SH was close to level 5, then, Infi went to attack but he was going too deep, and AM was surrounded and forced TP.

After that, the camp for creeping wasn't much left, and Fly wanted to creep to level 5 with irritable, so he went out from his base before the resurrection of BM, and Infi creep jacked with a great timing, and Fly lost some unit for this.

Meanwhile, the Gold Mine of Infi and Fly were going collapse, and both of them weren't dare to expand. Finally, they started their final fight.

Level 3 Water Elemental and Acid Bomb vs Level 4 BM and SH, it's hard to say who would win this fight.

Every Critical Strike, Acid Bomb, Healing Wave, and every second with the Brilliance Aura, they were contributing to this fight.

(How extreme in the game?)
When the fight was turning white hot, both of the Gold Mine was collapsed, this meant the recover of the Orc was stopped.

At the same time, HU didn't afraid in this case, They was having Brilliance Aura, and they could heal by Alchemist and Priests, they was having a great system for recover, the Orc was very close to their lost.

Fly sold almost the items for the recover, the level 6 SH couldn't use his ultimate skill because he had not enough Mana. If SH had enough Mana to use his ultimate, Fly could drive away Infi army, and used Peon to get the Gold Mine in long range, with the ability in late game of BM, against Infi that didn't have any income, and Infi and Fly were having same supplies, Fly still had the chance to win. On the contrary, if Infi went to attack with 20 sec late, or didn't force the healing wave from Fly, it is hard to say who would win this game.

A little error may lead to a large discrepancy, this is why we love Warcraft!

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There is a situation when someone is confident and proclaim someone definitely win the game, but after his announcement, the situation reversed, the situation is considered as DUNAI in china.


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