【NeXT】Warcraft III Korea Qualifier finished at Aug 29th, Soin was playing out of state in the last few games before this tournament, however, he had a big night, defeated Lawliet and become the first qualified player, and let Lucifer dropped from the list, finally, Lawliet won all the games in the lower bracket, and he is qualified with FoCuS and Soin.

And now, all of the 【NeXT】Warcraft III Qualifiers have finished, and the list are confirm too, the players will play in Guang Zhou in September.

Result of Korea Qualifier:

List to the offline tournament:

China: Infi, TH000, Fly100%, 120, Colorful
Korea: Moon, Lyn, Soin, FoCuS, Lawliet


Soin defeated Lawliet and become an unexpected winner

In the upper half, Soin won over WhO, and scrambled the first ticket with Lawliet, he played well when he was facing their leader in the Dream Group OF FOUR [1], played with his style in two round, especially on LR, played with three Demolishers and Serpent Wards, and Lawliet had not solution for this, and Soin won with 2-0, become the first player who able to play on main tournament in the Korea Qualifier.

FoCuS turn over and qualified, but WhO 

In the bottom half, Lucifer played with FoCuS after he defeated Chaemiko, in the history, FoCuS has the better result against Lucifer. However, in the first round on AZ, Lucifer and FoCuS were having a classical game, in the 50 vs 50 supply fight, Lucifer micro his unit in time extremely, demolished the expansion twice after the fight with his prefect micro, both of them were playing very exciting big fight, but FoCuS typed out GG in this round.

However, FoCuS didn't give up for the games, and he were playing better and better, won two rounds in a row, defeated Lucifer with 2-0 and get the second ticket to Guang Zhou.

In the lower bracket, we could say the battles were more exciting, Lucifer played with WhO, who just came back to Warcraft III, WhO is playing like Grubby, plays with Raider Base Running always, and Lucifer got a lot of experience for this when he was playing against Infi's Orc, and didn't make a mistake, and WhO was defeated and leave this tournament with 0-2, meanwhile, Lawliet won Chamiko, and scrambled the last ticket to Guang Zhou with Lucifer.

Lawliet played better and Lucifer failed on the eve of success

This was the last chance, the winner would get the chance after he won the opponent, both of them did everything they could for this chance. In the first round, Lucifer saw Lawliet used Warden as first hero, so he used the tactic that he very good at, double BC, but this was the trap of  Lawliet, he built two BR at this base, Lucifer ran away after he felt the situation was bad to him, but his DK was killed when he was escaping and the Ghouls lost their leader, Lucifer bought DK from the Tavern and fight back immediately, but Lawliet used Panda and Breath Fire on the Ghouls, Lucifer typed out GG after a big loss.

In the second round on AI, Lawliet still used Warden for his second win, but Lucifer found a way to figure out, although Warden was level 6 in the game, NE's army was dying slowly under the attack of UD, and UD army assembled by Abominations and Obsidian Statues, Warden was powerless when against these units, Lucifer won a round back.

The final round came to AZ, Lawliet chose to play steady, and Lucifer chose to play with radical, he used Naga as second hero but he didn't had big advantage with this, after that, he had been creep jack by Lawliet twice and become so weak, moreover, Lucifer chose to creep the 9-6-6(Level of Creeps), the red camp without TP, and Lawliet creep jack again and end the game at the red camp.

Audiences in China call them as Dream Group of Four(夢想四人組), the members are Lawliet, Soin, Chaemiko, Sok, they are living and practicing Warcraft together, so the audiences call them as Dream Group of Four.


Warcraft III WGL August race will start at Aug 30th, the great players in Warcraft III will fight for the chance to the main tournament. Players have show how they know about in this game in the tournament recently, at the same time, they are still creating and developing new tactics, let's look forward to what will the players will show for us.




(GMT +8)
Group A: Aug 30th, 7pm
Group B: Aug 31st, 7pm
Group C:  Sep 1st, 7pm
Group D:  Sep 2nd, 7pm
Greatest 16 into Greatest 8: Sep 6th to Sep 7th, 7pm
Playoffs of Aug race: Sep 8th to Sep 9th, 7pm

Match up for the first round in Group A:

-120 VS Safe
-ice orc VS 林瓜瓜
-Lucifer VS bike
-Sok VS soin



1st place: RMB 3000
2nd place: RMB 1500
3rd place: RMB 800
4th place: RMB 500


【NeXT】Warcraft III Chinese Qualifier had been played yesterday, after a lot of games, Colorful, 120, Fly are the winners of this qualifier, they will move to the main tournament with TH000 and Infi, they represented China to play in the tournament at the end of September.

In the newest dream team of China, both's members are same but only Life, he replaced by Colorful for this time. In September, they will go to Guang Zhou and take the challenge from Team Korea, we hope the dream team can get the revenge successfully.

At 2pm today (GMT +8), Korea Qualifier will start on time, Although Remind, Check has leave from the game, but FoCuS, Lawliet, Lucifer, Chaemiko and other player are the great players too, let's take a look and see who will get the ticket to the main tournament.

Result of China Qualifier:

Time: Aug 29th, 1400 (GMT +8)
BO3, Double-Elimination, the first three players will move to the main tournament
Link: next.163.com


Life dropped from the list, Colorful was dominating

In the upper half, Life came back to the game after a few months of rest, however, he wasn't playing like his senior on Warcraft, he was defeated by Fly and Zhouxixi in a row, and become the first eliminated player.

On the other hand, a NE player too, Colorful, his situation is better a lot than Life. First, the battle of master and apprentice, the micro of Colorful is better than Zhouxixi obviously, when the Zhouxixi's tactics in NE mirror are not effective again, he will defeated by his apprentice. In the winner bracket finals, Colorful met Fly, the first round was AZ, Colorful was suppressed so hard by Fly in the early game, but he take the chance to turn over when Fly did a mistake, in the direct fight, Colorful prepared well, Fly typed out GG after he failed to hero kill. The second round was EI, Fly was forced to play with Raiders Base Run for survive, after a few fight, Colorful won the game and move to the main tournament.

Fast almost did a history, 120 won with risky

Fast is the most surprising dark horse in this qualifier, win against Xiaokk with 2-0 and he was underrated by everybody, in the winner bracket finals, Fast played very well and shocked our formal champion, 120, the B with great items is just godlike, Fast won the first round.

Although 120 won the second round very soon, Fast had advantage in the final round, in the direct fight, 120 forced to TP, seems like 120 was going to lose this game. In the desperate situation, 120 showed his micro and his skills, level 3 Dread Lord used Sleep on the BM and made BM did nothing in the last fight, meanwhile, 120 used NC combo[1] killed a lot of Orcs, Fast was so nervous and didn't micro the unit well, after he lost his heroes, he typed out GG, 120 won the game risky.

Zhouxixi lost the game, Fly was dominating in Orc mirror

In the lower bracket, Zhouxixi and Fly were the players have the biggest chance to move to main tournament, however, we were surprised that Zhouxixi was defeated by Fast, the Critical Strike eliminate the hope of Zhouxixi.

Our king of Orc, adjusted himself immediately, won over Fast and Xiaokk in a row, become the last ticket to the main tournament.

[1]hotkey of Frost Nova and Death Coil


The best party for RTS Games in this few years
Shen Kui is my boss!

Can any kind person give a ticket for Master's Coliseum?

Can any kind person give a ticket for Master's Coliseum?(Left)     Give me a ticket please. (Right)

King Of Human, What a lost for me!


This summer belongs to every E sports fans, Tl8 2018 International Invitational just finished recently, and E sports in Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games is still playing now. Last week, Netease started a new tournament, NeXT, a comprehensive professional E-sports tournament, about 10 PC games and mobile games on the Netease join this event, let us have a great ending in this summer.

Today, NeXT published a breaking news, Warcraft III join this event officially, and start the clan war between China vs Korea in 【NeXT】 Warcraft III.

Great Battle between China and Korea in Warcraft III, the first game in NeXT

【NeXT】Warcraft III is a invitational, both country send five players as a team, and fight for the win in the end of September. Two of them are invited directly, and the rest three players will choose from the qualifier.

At Aug 28th, Warcraft III will start the Chinese qualifier, eight players invited by official come to play on the qualifier with online, BO3 and double-elimination, the first three players will be chosen to the offline main tournament.

The clan war between China and Korea is the main tune of the E sport always, including Warcraft III. In the past 16 years, the game between Chinese and Korean players were making us so exciting. After Blizzard released version 1.30, they started a new chapter for Warcraft III.

In 2016, Team Korea had been underrated before WCA, however, Lyn was dominating in the games with his perfect skills, got the big win over Team China. For the Team China captained by Infi and TH000, they have only a target in this time, get revenge on Team Korea, become the greatest nation of Warcraft III again.

Time of qualifier:

China: Aug 28th 1400-2000 (GMT +8)
Korea: Aug 29th 1400-2200 (GMT +8)

Live Streaming:



Invited Directly: TH000,Infi
List of Qualifier: 120, Fly100%, Zhouxixi, Life, Xiaokk, Colorful, tbc_bm, Fast


Invited Directly: Moon, Lyn
List of Qualifier: Lawliet, FoCuS, Lucifer, Sok, Soin, Chaemiko, whO, Free

Champion of WCG 2009, Infi

The Godlike Player, Moon
Qualifier of China:

Winner Bracket

Lower Bracket

Rules of offline Main Tournament

Both teams have 5 players, including the captain, the games separate to two series

First series:
Four 1v1 (BO3) and one 2v2 (BO3), the captain have to give the arrangement before the games, every players much be on the list, a player can play a 1v1 game only, a team get a point after they win a BO3, the first team that get 3 points get the victory for this series.

Second series:
This is a KOF series, both captains send a player from their team to play, the winner stay on the stage, the loser team have to send another player to play, the players who eliminated are unable to play again, if all the players in a team had been eliminated, their opponent get the victory of this series.

If both teams win a series each, both captains send a player from their team to play a 1v1 BO3 to decide the winner team.

NeXT invite you to join us, fight for your love


Game 1 between Infi and Fly100% in W league first day

Please turn on the subtitles

How do we know, Infi blamed by a lot of audiences, when Infi defeated Lyn with his perfect micro to his Magi units, and taking the cheer from the audiences.


In the Final of Master's Coliseum, two representative players of China, Infi and 120, meet at the Final. Before the game, both of them had been saying many times that they want to beat each other, and we thought this will be a very interesting and close game. Who knows? Infi typed out GG in these 3 games in 15 minutes. In that time, not only the audiences, but 120 anf the commentary were at a loss, and this will be the shortest final in Warcraft History.

Zhou Ning and Shen Kui were at the loss


Forced by the Situation

First of all, the opponent is 120, any mistake of HU are deadly. For Infi, the first two maps are the advantaged maps, but he was been suppressing hard, and the second and third game, he was starting with very bad opening, the situation is just like you lose a Bishop, a Knight, and a Rook in the opening when you are playing Chess, the rest time in that game is just like garbage time.

Disposition of Infi

A lot of people know, Infi is a straightforward person, he will get angry immediately if he met something annoying, and play directly in the game when he met a opponent make him unhappy. In the interview before, we can see that Infi doesn't know how to talk bureaucratic, and speak his opinion directly, and the still being that although he has displeased some people.

Infi typed out GG as fast as speed of light in a few games, the most famous game is the WCG 2009 Finals, the only difference is Infi won the series with a incredible come back. In 2017 NSL, Infi did the same action, typed out GG in two round very quickly, let the audiences stunned.

And we moved to Master's coliseum Final, Infi is still Infi, typed out GG habitual when he thought the game is too advantaged, the difference to the WCG 2009 Finals, is he lost this game.

(Infi ridiculed on Nicker before)
Q: Nicker said he doesn't want to play with you and TH, because both of you bully NE with Tanks and Towers,do you have any answer for this?
VG.Infi: He has the freedom to say anything, but I want to say is, he has no chance when playing against me, I am so sorry.

Mentality had crumbled

State of Infi yesterday was really bad, he got advantaged starting point in TM but he was suppressed by 120 from the early game, this is unimaginable. In second round, 120 took the last hit of level 5 creep with Shadow Priest, Infi was getting angry in that moment, if you looked at Infi face, you may know Infi is angry to himself, we may say Infi was defeated by himself, and punished himself.

Penalized by the game and himself, and loose the temper, just like a child.

Why we have this tournament?

If this is a small tournament, it won't be so embarrassed。 Unfortunately, this is the game expected by a lot of audiences, RMB 80,000 for the prizes, a stage design like Dragon Ball, and a lot of audiences came from far away, they will get annoying when they saw this "ugly" Finals.

In fact, Shen Kui host this tournament because Asian Games[1] have no Starcraft II, so he hopes he can bring a great tournament for RTS fans. Warcraft fans is still loving is game because of passion, passion has no price, but priceless, and a lot of fans is still cherishing this game.

Enthusiastic audiences

As host stream or a player, end this game with this action is bad, what audiences love is the exciting progress, not the result, and he still had chance for the third round, it's too pity for giving up immediately.

Answer from Infi after the game

Infi felt he is wrong in this time, and he apologized on Weibo, and said he will think for others.

Infi Wang Xu Wen
I just reached home, and I am saying something here.
The reason you blamed to me are rational, I deserve it, because of the Finals,  I accept all of it, I am really sorry for the host and my friend, I hurt on you, and a lot fans of Warcraft, and I didn't be a example for other players, but I am take every games serious, this is 100% sure, absolutely. Next time, I will think about other people and control myself. At last, my mentality is still good, but I really feel powerless for the stable tournament and unstable factors nowadays.

As a fans of Infi, Shen Kui said it's ok, he is still supporting Infi and Warcraft III.

Zhang Hao Han (Shen Kui's name)
You guys don't blame on Infi, I didn't blame on him too, I hope Infi can play nicely next time, he is just being himself. After the game, Infi made a apologize to me, but it' ok, I said that I know your f**king personality. This is similar to me too, see you Master Coliseum next year, next year will be a Warcraft Year, I hope everyone continue supporting Infi.

Comment from Internet

After the games, a lot of audiences comment for Infi's action.

NEO TV Forum

What wrong for the Warcraft Finals?
(lighting shield, and GG, and 120 was at the loss)

The Finals of Warcraft and Starcraft are not in the same level.
(Big diffrence)

The Finals of Warcraft and Starcraft are not in the same level.
(Big diffrence)

Get out from Master's Coliseum, Warcraft!
 (Warcraft is just a cold dead body, you can't find someone to practice, Starcraft is a dead body but still warm, and make us excited! Both of they are Finals, but why is the big difference?)

I am speechless...for the Warcraft Finals
(I felt tired after I watched the first round, so I lie down on my bed for a while, and I saw 3-0 after next look, Infi, I know this is a entertainment tournament, but it is bad.)

This games in Warcraft is faster than Starcraft II...
(Infi make me so disappointed, why doesn't he continue struggling for a while? The commentary face look so angry, Shen Kui is angry obviously.

Worst Warcraft Finals

Comment from Weibo

1. I think GG is GG, UD feel HU is imba, but HU say UD is imba in the early game, Why he need to consider about others? Is that any interesting moment in the garbage time? I am fans of HU, but it is hard to watch the very bad opening, there is just ravage, and of course not destroying Warcraft. Warcraft fans are just these people, and we will watch the game if we want to, it's impossible to attract freshman, don't moral coercion on Infi.
(Follow your logic, Chinese players can surrender immediately when meet Korean players)
(What? These are not about game situation and occasion, these are competitive spirit, EQ and personality.)

2. This is not the first time, Destroyer of Warcraft, Irresponsible! He has no quality!
(the Lighting Shield Peasant can't change with others? Typed out GG is means he can't turn over in a small disadvantaged situation when playing against 120, can I comprehend like this? We are keeping War3 so hard but this guy is destroying this)

3. I know TH will say this is impossible to win, but he won't type out GG in that moment, so he make classical game. @TH000 @Infi
(TH is more courageous than Infi with 100 Tod)
(It may be possible if the opponent is others, but he is 120 )

4. Honestly, I didn't about Shen Kui feeling, I am caring about the fans. I was at the outside, and I heard a audience said,"  It is so fast, it's so expensive to change the time of flight," and went away with silence. And a man who was wearing a black T shirt with Warcraft, bring his girlfriend, ask a question, shake his head sadly then went back after he took a picture.

Forum of Warcraft on Baidu 

(24) Infi is really bad EQ person, is that impossible to turn over?
---This EQ is not in the same level with Sky

(0) (Just ads, so I skip it. -From Gornlan Harbor)

(1) I found that, all the people who protecting Infi will say this.
---1. This is his freedom. 2. Watch it, or don't watch it. 3. Go to play if you can

(76) I think this forum is hopeless
---You guys know Infi just now, is this the first time? The third round is impossible to play, you...

(2) Loving Warcraft because E-sports spirit, for Infi, I don't know what I should say.

(23) This EQ have to improve
---Just like, China Football Team vs Brazil Football Team, and Brazil make 8 to 10 goals, China team will say, it's too ugly, ......

(90) Infi didn't care about the Sponsors
---Infi didn't care about the Sponsors

(14) Infi make Warcraft dead faster, Warcraft is already...
--- Infi make Warcraft dead faster, Warcraft is already a dead game, If...

The following-up

Any adult have the freedom to choose any choice, but you have to take responsibility for your choice, Infi's action will be blamed, but we shouldn't do it too over, we believe Infi will make more great games for us.

[1] About Asian Games from Wikipedia



Host: MTR City Plaza
Co-organizer: SCBOY
Sponsors: Douyu, Wanjiale(万家乐), Do you hungry(饿了么), Aliens(外星人)

Master's Coliseum main tournament was started at 8/24
Four 2-0 for the games
Lyn, Infi,120, Foggy move to the Semi-Final

Result in day 1

Summary for yesterday

In the first game, Fly's BM completed the "daily life"[1], and lost the first round, in second round, Lyn was very lucky to get a lot of great items, Fly was struggling so hard, and got a chance for him, however, Lyn's BM was as strong as a bug, and Fly defeated by Lyn.

Next, we moved to the game we really excited, the civil war between this "Couple"[2], Infi always has disadvantage in the game, but he broke the curse this time, using tactics to rush on TH000 in these tho rounds, and broke the winning streak of TH000, moved to the Semi Final.

Game 3, the most popular players Moon, versus the player has the biggest chance to win the champion, 120, the special tactics from Moon lost the effect, 120 found out a method to against KOG with Faerie Dragon, in the second round, Warden didn't have the chance to creep to level 3, and 120 was suppressing NE at the expansion, and Moon leave this tournament under the consolation and acclamation from audiences.

Last game, are the King of boxing[3] from Ukrainian vs Captain Korea, both of them were playing a very close game, before the game, Zhouxixi suggested Foggy plays Bears and Dryads against Lawliet, and Foggy was showing his adaptability, whatever tactics Lawliet used, Foggy found out method to counter it, although he was playing under the pressure from Lawliet, he still win over Lawliet with 2-0 and moved to the Semi Final.

Schedule of Final day
Final Day
1st: Warcraft III Semi Final
2nd: Warcraft III Semi Final
3rd: Starcraft II Semi Final
4th: Starcraft II Semi Final
5th: Warcraft III Grand Final
6th: Starcraft II Grand Final

And the prediction from War3station yesterday

[1] Blade Master always die in the games, so the Chinese audiences tease that this is the daily life of Blade Master.
[2] Infi and TH000 are very good friend, so the Chinese audiences tease them are husband and wife, couple.
[3] Foggy will celebrating himself and the action seems like boxing, so the Chinese audiences tease he is the Boxing King.


A lot of star in the Master's Coliseum

Trophy for the champion