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In 2018, WGL Warcraft III brought so much fun to the players and friends, so that players feel the charm of the games. In 2019, WGL Warcraft III is about to usher in a new journey. We will provide professional players with a more professional tournaments system and more rewarding events, meanwhile, we will also  bring more exciting and memorable games to players and friends.

Player Registration
Each professional player's Warcraft official battle platform ID will be authenticated. After the official staff and the player confirm and complete the certification, the player's points will be accumulated through the ID. After the binding certification, the player will receive benefits such as platform "V" certification, players' VIP reward and other corresponding points.


WGL is expected to hold two tournaments in 2019, WGL summer and WGL winter. The quota in the offline tournament will only be open to players who have completed the registration. WGL summer will include 16 players, including 2 Europeans, 2 Americans, 4 Koreans and 6 Chinese.

The European and American players will be selected by the qualifier held in their own region. For Chinese and Korean, the players will be selected according to the ranking of the points. The last two quota will be given to the top two players with the highest points after the players who have already won the quota(Including all region). In addition, the number of players in the WGL Winter may be changed according to the feedback of the Summer game.

WGL prizes will also be fully upgraded.


The points system in 2019 will be modified, and the access will be made up of monthly ladder, WGL Minor League and some authorized third-party tournaments. It should be noted that all players' points will be cleared when the WGL Summer or Winter Games are over. Everyone needs to launch a new sprint for the list before the next WGL begins.


WGL Minor League

The WGL Minor League is designed to select players for WGL, it's a new online tournament. The tournament set up an open division to provide young player with access to the professional league. From February to May 2019, and July to October 2019, there will be 8 competition. Each competition will have two groups of open and professional groups.

The professional division has a total of 16 players. In the first competition, 16 players will be selected according to the points in 2018 successively. The last 4 players will be eliminated in each competition and the top 4 players in the open group will be promoted.

The Open division has a total of 32 players, and selects the top players (according to the points) in the form of self-registration. For more information on the rules of the tournament, please refer to the player manual[1].

Remark[1] by GLH: 2019 WGL Warcraft III-Minor League: Players Manual.


The new journey of the WGL 2019 is about to open. Which players will stand out from the crowd and what kind of wonderful match up will they bring? Stay tuned!

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