Game 2 between Infi and Foggy in WGL'18 Oct Qualifier
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Author: War3station.Tolkien
Translator: Gornlan Harbor

2018 isn't a peaceful year for War3.

The effect of "Infi GG" in Master's Coliseum is just going disappearance, however, 120 made a big news. In WGL Oct race, 8 to 4, 120 was having advantage when played against Colorful (Double Gold Mine vs Double Gold Mine, Dread Lord really close to level 6, a team of Gargoyles, Colorful has no Tier 2 buildings), but he typed out GG afterwards, in the third round, 120 summoned Naga as first hero and typed out GG in short time.

Furthermore, after the games, 120 said:"I don't want to play this game, I am having a squad, but I am not professional player, I do whatever I want, no one can care about me. "
Feel speechless right? Yes, this is the true story in that day, it should be passive play.

However, the situation turned around in the second day, 120 fought back from the lower bracket, and he get the champion at last. If you said he is having passive play, but he get the champion at last, can we say "passive play"?

This is a complicated case, and I am having personal opinion here.

A prohibition that players have to avoid.

A prohibition for sports, we can't turn to "play for lose" from "play for win".
The main of sports is that we play for win, if you were playing for lose, you're going against the rules. Use Unholy Frenzy on opponent's BM in the large advantage situation, sell the great items to the shop, we did this in the situation that we had defined we can win this game, this is a suitable showing off, if you're showing off in a great situation, this is allowed by audiences for sure, but it has a big differences from "play for lose".
What 120 has done was not included by show off, even closer to "play for lose", even worse, he said he didn't want to win after the games.

In our country, we trend man rules more than laws, when something happens, we don't read about laws first, but see who is the man, there is no rule be with "Super Star", this is an unspoken rules that accepted by most of us. However, "play for lose" and "get champion" are different kind of cases, we may not say 120 has no fault even though he get the champion at last. In this case, 120 wasn't doing the right choice, he is disrespecting the audiences, his opponents, the tournaments. If this is just the game on platform, of course we will not have any comment, but it's an official game, we may not allow this happen.

"Passive play" is a skill.

If we read the rules of War3 clearly, we won't see any rules relate how player should do, like which hero we should summon as first hero, what units we should use, when we can type GG(In LOL, they can only type GG after 15 minutes.)
Especially the minor tournament, a lot of player choose to play for practicing, like using other races, trying some new strategies, so they are not playing with strong desire, but this may be bad for the audiences.

In fact, no matter what sport, like basketball, football, even eSports, we may see a lot of times that the player were hiding the real skills in the not crucial games. For example in War3, you may summon other hero first but no DK, expand in Tier 1, no Raider Run, MG with out Hardened Skin, we may say this is practicing with heavy burden, and you lose to someone you never lose in offline tournament, many players are doing these.

Some audiences love to see some different strategies, allow some mistakes from players is requirement.
However, 120's action in this time, is bad in skills, he may keep learning from the seniors.

We shouldn't stand on the moral ground.

However, this doesn't mean we are able to hate the player on internet, especially speak loud with no reason, we should think about the reason behind the case.

ESports is a challenging sport, it's challenging your body limit, mental limit. I believe that 120 should have the momentum to play in games, he participant this month race, defeated many opponents, played a lot of BO5 and BO7 series, from 7pm to 12am, this momentum will not be provided by the prizes only, and I believe this momentum is his love for this game.

A lot of players may retired if they wanted, they can earn enough as a streamer, however they are still playing in tournament, they are giving a lot of interesting game, what 120 has done may be criticized, but we may admire he because of the games.

We always criticize others on moral ground, this is not a good view for us. We hope the players keep playing for us, and said "we will support you, please keep playing in tournament", but we hate the players when they lose the game at the same time, we are pushing the players to a really hard situation.

Finally, this is my opinion, will you still punish on 120?


Game 1 between Infi and Foggy in WGL'18 Oct Qualifier
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Game 1
Game 2
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