I was watching 120's stream yesterday, I feel UD are so bad in version 1.30, I don't know if only Orc left in tournaments after quarter final, or NE end the game with Huntresses rush in early game.

After Phoenix Cup and G Cup stop hosting any games, a lot of players are so sad because they don't have stable tournaments to play. But now, the chance is coming, XiaoY cup, a tournament sponsored by the famous commentary XiaoY in China Warcraft III and hosted by war3station, we hope this tournament provide a platform for players to play and practice. You can play in this tournament whoever you are, a professional player or a newbie.
XiaoY Cup promise that we will host for 20 times!

The stable Cup tournaments are the good chance for the freshmen to grow up themselves, including 120, Life, Romantic, they were training themselves with this kind of tournaments and grow up to a great player. And now, the tournament is starting soon, the players are coming to show their skills in the games.

Time: 2018 Sep 22nd to Sep 23rd, start at 1900 (GMT +8), we will play until the best 4 at Sep 22nd.
System: BO3,and BO5 for Grand Final
Referee: Tolkien

Some details that players have to know:

Players have to join the group chat(807423172) in QQ, and keep online.

Maps: TS, AZ, AI, TM, EI, TR, LR

Champion: RMB 1000
Runner-up: RMB 500
Third place: RMB 300
Fourth place: RMB 200

Total: RMB 2000

Some Famous Players:

**FoCuS is going to Germany, so he isn't able to join this game.

Match up: http://www.dianjingquan.cn/matchDetail.html?id=4596#/vs

About the commentary XiaoY:
XiaoY is a famous commentary, his videos are humour and funny, a lot of Warcraft III fans love his video, "娱乐至上,XiaoY 解说"(get your amusement here, XiaoY is casting) this opening was staying with us for 10 years, on the other hand, the total views of XiaoY in Youku is over 450 million, become a milestone for Warcraft III commentary.

About Sport Group
It is an application software of e-sports professional players and e-sports enthusiasts to host and participate in e-sports competitions. The main function are: hosting competitions, managing competitions, online registration, etc. also provides professional services such as tournament search, event information push, and referee arbitration review.


Fast Cup is a tournament hosted by Fast, he hopes this tournament can provide a platform for players to play and enliven Warcraft III, we don't expect the tournament will be so brilliant, but we hope we can make contribution for this game.


Sep 22nd to Sep 23rd: best 64 to best 32, best 32 to best 16, best 16 to best 8, BO3, players date the game themselves.
Sep 24th: Best 8 to best 4
Sep 25th: Semi Final and Grand Final


Champion: RMB 3500
Runner-up: RMB 1500
3rd place: RMB 1000
4th place: RMB 500
5th-8th place: RMB 300 each

Total: RMB 7700 

QQ for the tournament:


All the games play with BO3, but Grand Final plays with BO5


1. Prohibit any plug-in software, player will be banned.
2. Prohibit using staff on Zeppelin when hero go into Zeppelin (Free TP)
3. Prohibit Blade Master move over the building with Wind Walk.