1. H&W: Life lost the chance to go to Beijing.
2. H&W: The schedule of this Saturday!
3. Chinese WCG qualifier: The Top 32 player will play in the coming Weekend.
4. Colorful showed his pre-wedding photo on his stream.
5. Was Blizzard patching?

H&W: Life lost the chance to go to Beijing.
(This news reported by War3station and translated by GLH.
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From the Mass Dryads and Bear Mirror, Mass Talos Mirror, and Mass Glaive Throwers Mirror, and now we have Mass Archers Mirror currently. When many people say that the Night Elves Mirror is boring, Life and Lawliet would have shouted "Hey, friends, look at here!"

A comeback game is always so appealing, but, very unfortunately, Life once again became the background.

Life got turned over with a huge advantage, and where didn't he do well?

Let's look at how Life had gained an advantage first. If you know Life's style very well, you should know that Life is playing so "rash". He is playing like Remind, he always go to attack his opponent like a coming huge wave. It's why Life often let his opponents catch off guard. Sure, it is so simple but very effective at the same time.

The games yesterday were also the same. In the first set on TM, with the advantage of Spawn Positions, Life creep the Mercenary Camp and he kept the suppression on Lawliet. After the surround and kill of Alchemist, Life has completely seen the victory. Then, as the game he played against Moon that before yesterday, he went to attack his opponent's main base,  and he got so much benefit with every wave-like attack. So many times, Life finally broke Lawliet's defense.

The loss of Naga changed the game.

When we came to the second set on EI, Life started with DH first. In the mid-game, he caught the weak timing of his opponent, when his opponent was expanding. Life was going with all in, after that, Lawliet almost lost the game directly because he was behind of supply and he couldn't recover by that time.

Meanwhile, Life was leading on economy, the hero levels, and the Inventory. After Life knocked down Lawliet's expansion, Life's advantage was very enormous. After the "forfeit" incident, the 22 years old teenager was about to rise!

However, Life made the mistakes that the Night Elf players would make: he lost his heroes! Originally, he should have gone for expansion and upgrade to Tier 3, and use the tech advantages to crush his opponent. However, Life chose to go for an all in. At the time, their supply were the same and Life was even behind 2 upgrades of Attack. The situation was not good for him, and the formation was so messy when they just started the fight. Of course, these were nothing when compared to the loss of Naga with a TP.

Life lost his Archers again and again when he was escaping. At the same time, Lawliet took the opportunity to knock down Life's second Gold Mine. Life was forced into a desperate situation, he could go for an all in again. After he failed to kill Lawliet's, he couldn't help to typed out GG.

Life lost the game with advantaged starting again.

Life lost the game with a big advantage in the early game, it was reasonable to say that Life's mentality was already exploding. However, Life still maintains a high degree of concentration on the decision match. What is even more commendable is that Life was no longer reckless and no longer clings to the offensive. Instead, he succeeded to expand at the Gold Mine on the high ground and middle of the map.

In fact, in the Mass Archers Mirror, the player who transforms their army first will get the advantage. When Life was still training Archers, Lawliet had planted countless Ancients of War in his base. The number of trees in Life's expansion was obviously not enough. What is even more terrifying is that Life hadn't upgraded the Nature Blessing. Such huge mistakes made Life paid and he lost the game finally.

Keep attacking, death of the heroes, late transformation of army, and forgot to upgrade the Nature Blessing, those mistakes led to the loss of Life.

Although Life have faced such a terrible defeat, he needn't to be discouraged. There are so much ups and downs in our life. The demise of a flower couldn't withered the spring, and a setback will not ruin the whole life. It is just a way of growing up.

Remember the insistence of Lawliet.

Many people were puzzled by Lawliet's insistence in the first, but they all realized after seeing the two big comebacks.

Lawliet is not a player who often completes the comeback. The comeback game of the 37-80 supply game is one of his few turnovers. In the games yesterday, the thing that really impressive was not just Lawliet's insistence, but he was still calmly thinking and still actively adjusting although the game was hopeless to win.

For example, in the second set, when he lost his expansion, he continued to go for base running. At the same time, he went for expansion secretly. Finally, he took the right timing at the right place, he seized the opponent’s only mistake and completed the reversal. On the other hand, under the inferior situation in the third set, he also calmly analyzed the situation and transformed his army at the right timingthe tree to get the victory.

Of course, Life's mistakes are a necessary condition for Lawliet to win, but without his own efforts and persistence, he wouldn't have completed the reversal even with the opponent's mistakes. Lawliet may not win the championship, but he showed braveness in the game. Please remember Lawliet's insistence!

H&W: The schedule of this Saturday!

Remember the time is written with UTC+8!

Chinese WCG qualifier: The Top 32 player will play in the coming Weekend.

(This news reported by War3station and translated by GLH. Click here to Source)

(Group A and B)

(Group C and D)

(Group E and F)

(Group G and H)

Let's take a look at the situation of each group. For Group A, TH000 has basically gotten a quota after defeating tbc_bm and Fly100%. Group B, although there are amateur but good players such as 无道 and 鬼木青, but if 120 plays it safely, he will get the quota probably. In Group C is relatively confusing, Fast, 14sui, SuperBT, and ice_orc all have the opportunity to break through, but the situation is relatively better for 14sui. And Group D, Xiaokai and Mango are close to each other, I believe the winner between them will advance to the offline.

Group E, Xiaokk is slightly stronger, but he also was defeated by other weaker players often, and he might get knocked down again in this time. And Group F is a most exciting group, especially the game between TeD vs CooLXian. So far, TeD has not been able to compete with a powerful player, but this time, he has to play against CooLXian who just defeated Colorful. Can he adapt to this high-intensity confrontation? On the other hand, the game that BO vs Rumei, BO is the video author of us, and Rumei is a staff of us. The civil war of War3station is also very interesting.

In Group G, I guess Xun and Linguagua will fight for a ticket of Top8 and offline stage. For Group H, basically it were a practice room of Infi, and other people were just here to practice with Infi.

The drums of the War have already sounded, who can stand until the end? Stay tuned!

Colorful showed his pre-wedding photo on his stream.

Was Blizzard patching?

(This news reported by and translated by GLH& the admin of Click here to Source)

As most of you, who logged in to Warcraft III yesterday, you might see the was scheduled to restart for maintenance work. Usually, this means Blizzard want to publish new patch.

Recently, we heard that Blizzard was about to update new patch on However, changes on PTR are quite controversial and for some of the players are bad and should not take place. As we could see, the patch did not appear on the servers yet and the game still works officially in version 1.30.4. Unofficially, found what was the reason of it. the biggest impact of this was the WGL European qualifier, as we know, will take place this weekend. Of course, it's a good news for those eight players who are taking part in the fight for a travel to China for the offline finals. Such large changes will certainly change the present meta game. Players certainly would not have time to adopt right strategies, and this turn could distort the results themselves. It is possible, however, the regional WCG finals will already be played on a newer patch.