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This man took 22 years to change himself from Li Xiaofeng to Sky. Now, he wants to change himself from Sky to Li Xiaofeng. How long does it take to turn around this time?

On 6th April, the second season of the commercial talk show "跨界见真章" had a guest we are familiar with. In this episode, the host and producer Zhang Yan invited the former e-sports world champion, Youtaidu founder Li Xiaofeng, to talk about his cross-border experience, and analyzed the current status of the domestic e-sports industry.

Remark by GLH: Youtaidu is 钛度科技, it is a company which was founded by Sky and it is selling peripheral e-sports equipment.

Video: Li "Sky" XiaoFeng returned to his home, a place where dreams began.

In July 2017, Tencent was caught in the whirlpool of public opinion because of its mobile game. The stock price fell 4.13% and the market value evaporated by 15.1 billion US dollars. Compared with the traditional sports industry, e-sports has never completely bid farewell to the controversy. However, this does not prevent it from gradually forming a market scale of 100 billion in China. Along with the controversy, more and more professional e-sports practitioners are beginning to appear in public, and Li Xiaofeng is one of them.

In e-sports, he also has a more reputable name - Sky. As a professional player, he had scored two consecutive WCG titles and he is called as the greatest player in China's e-sports. Although the overall recognition of e-sports in the society is constantly improving, but we still can't conceal that the general public's perception of this field is still being bad. In the conversation with the host Zhang Yan, Li Xiaofeng tried his best for the e-sports industry.

"E-sports is a project officially recognized by the Administration of Sport of China in 2003. Through this sport, we can train our thinking ability, response capability and coordination of mind and body." Li Xiaofeng explained to Zhang Yan, "In this era, e-sports is an entertainment with the most cost-effective, and it's a era that all people have their own electronic equipment, this is the reason that e-sports have been able to develop so well so far."

In the WCG 2005, Li Xiaofeng won the Warcraft III title with the rushing strategy, which there was no player used before, and in the following year, he once again defended the WCG Warcraft III champion. However, Li Xiaofeng, has not completed the dream, three consecutive championships, until the last year of WCG, WCG 2013

"In 2013, after WCG announced that it would be closed, I really lost my direction of my life for a while, I don't know what should I to do in the future. I tried to make a transformation, I had tried to be a caster, a team leader of other games, and I even tried to be a professional Texas Hold'em player, but the results were not satisfactory."

The stubborn, unresolved dreams need to continue in a different way. In 2015, there were several friends in the circle invited him and founded a technology hardware company in Shanghai for esports peripheral products. All products and services were extended to the field of e-sports. In 2016, the company successfully got the A round of financing. At the time, it had been ten years after Li Xiaofeng won his first WCG title, and Li Xiaofeng also ushered his turning point his life.

"In 2011 and 2012, I started to transform and did a lot of things, but I was not satisfied about that. Until my partner found me, I realized that there is still a way for me, I can start a business." Recalling the early stage of the journey, Li Xiaofeng faced many problems that he saw for first time, and everything starts from the beginning, like a baby is learning how to walk.

Li Xiaofeng laughed and said that he was clumsy, like Guo Jing, but he finally realized his heroic dream through hard work and luck. The slogan he set for his company was "we are born for e-sports." Today, he is no longer the teenager who is chasing the dream and eager to win the championship. He has turned his eyes and expectations to the development of products, companies and the entire e-sports industry.

"I want to go through entrepreneurship, helping people to make others recognize and understand me. I want to let everyone knows that Sky is not only a good player, but also a man who can help everyone in the field of entrepreneurship, this may be a more ideal goal for me." Li Xiaofeng said to Zhang Yan.

At 10:46pm of 6th April, please pay your attention on CCTV financial channel, CCTV-2, let's walk into the cross-field life of Li Xiaofeng.

Zhang Yan: In 2005, you won the WCG Championship, how did you feel by the time?

Li Xiaofeng: Before that, I only watched the players put our flag on Olympic, I never knew that we could do that on an e-sports stage. After the years, I feel like I am not playing for myself only, I also play for China, and the players who love e-sports.

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On 28th March, before the group stage of WGL March qualifier Pro Division, the Orc player Linguagua sent a message:

"The three Night Elves in Group C have been surrounded by me alone, please pray for them."

"Please ask someone to wake up Linguagua." An audiences replied the message.

There were almost no one was optimistic about him.

Take a look at Linguagua's opponents: Colorful, Moon, LawLiet, one of them is a good player of the new generation, and the other two have been famous for long time, and think about Orc vs Night Elf in this patch... Seems like Linguagua was just kidding and having fun.

However, just a few hours later, Linguagua defeated LawLiet with the Blade Master with Lighting Shield, and he also defeated Colorful with the same strategy. At last, Linguagua won and became the first place of the group, he became the biggest black horse of March Qualifier.

The joke became "super prediction", and Linguagua was praised by the other players as "a man did what he promised."

This is a story about him.

"The three Night Elves in Group C have been surrounded by me alone, please pray for them."
"Please ask someone to wake up Linguagua."

A young man in Warcraft III's circle

Warcraft III is a long life circle.

Which means, this game has been on sale more than ten years, and it’s still being updated and hosted. Moreover, the top players are about 30 years old, but they are still active in major events and tournaments, which is hard to see in other e-sports project.

Although he has been playing Warcraft III for almost ten years, Linguagua, a man was born in 1993, he is still one of the players of young generation.

Like many of us, Linguagua also got into Warcraft III because he is an active gamer, and Warcraft III is the start of his gamer life, this makes Linguagua has a special feeling for this game. Althought he left Warcraft III, he finally chose to return.

The young boy of that year was very simple, he chose to play Orc because he felt that Blade Master was very cool, so he began to play against the Insane Computer.

If there is no friend's influence, Linguagua might play against the Insane Computer only, but fortunately, he was born in the era when Warcraft III was famous in almost every Internet cafes, there are so many friends who love to play games.

His friends leaded him to join the first "team", and all members were his classmates.

"At the time, our class often competed against the next class. I was a pure mouse player, and the team leader of next class was a 'goat' with APM around 300, but he was defeated by me, a pure mouse player." This is Linguagua's first victory of Player vs Player, he is very proud for this result.

He was always watching Fly's VOD, learning Grubby's base running strategy, and play against the next class... The time passed day by day, and gradually, he had a higher goals. In order to get more chances for the game, Linguagua joined Go team when he was studying in high school. (The ID by the time: Aotuman).

"Do you remember the first experience of participating in the offline tournament?" the reporter asked.

"Probably in the third year of junior high school, I started playing with others on the battle platform, but the first time I participated in the offline tournament when I was a high school student." Linguagua recalled that "it should be playing WCG Nanjing qualifier! It is hard to advance to the Ro64. Then I was defeated by 7K easily, I lost in the first round..."

"It a deep memory!" he said.

"It’s the turn for the Orc to get back the game."

After that, Linguagua participated in many tournaments, and there were some well-known players such as Infi in the match, and he also made some achievements. Also, he always showed himself on Tieba(a forum of Baidu), so there were players who rank him as a great player of Tieba.

For some personal reasons, Linguagua stopped playing in tournament for a while, and his game time became intermittent as well. Fortunately, he finally returned to Warcraft III.

Linguagua continued to participate in the tournaments, and became active on Tieba again, meanwhile, Linguagua was discussed from time to time by others as well. Although he was a background board in the game, he and was being played by the top players, he was still being with a good attitude. He admitted that there is a big gap between him and the top players, but he will never give up, even if he was still being played by the top players, but he made a comeback in the games when the top players didn't pay enough attention.

He always interacts with others, and he has the ability to play against the top players, this made him got some fans and they also rank him as the King of Orc on Tieba.

However, what really attracted more players and audiences to pay attention to him was the stunning performance in March. As mentioned above, before the game, Linguagua released a "message", which made us wonder, because this was completely different from his previous attitude. Was Linguagua just making joke, or he was really confident for playing against Night Elves?

"At the time, I was serious. Although it was also a joke with friends, but I still wanted to repeat it. I was serious. You have to know that I have never done this before."

He also said "patch 1.30.1 had been playing for nearly half a year in China, I was getting bullied by Night Elf and I almost gave up Warcraft III. As a stubborn Orc player, I am not a "masochist", I hate that I was always bullied by Night Elves. When the platform updated to patch 1.30.4, I thought that it is the time to get back to the spot!"

A man did what he promised, Linguagua.

"If you say that my story is inspirational when I entered to the top 8 of the monthly qualifier, I think that is a contempt for me." Linguagua responded.

"What is your goal?" asked the reporter.

"The players in Pro division are very strong, champion might be too far, but it is an online tournament. For online tournament, my goal for myself has always been the top three. Of course, I also have a deep understanding of the gap between myself and other players, but this is not the case which could prevent me from setting this goal for myself."

Linguagua has his own ambitions, but he also understands that he has to walk the road step by step. His current goal is get into WGL summer and reach quarterfinals, the top 8."

Since there are only 6 slots for Chinese in WGL'2019 summer, and Linguagua has to get a place from Infi, 120, TH000, Life, Fly, WFZ, Xiaokk, Colorful and many other strong players, the difficulty is self-evident.

However, Linguagua said that the biggest opponent is himself. If he wants to win the quota, he must goes beyond his current strength.

After the interview, he immediately got into the game to train his own skills, he wants to make his "words become the "super prediction" once again.

After all, he is the man did what he promised, he is Linguagua.