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Since 2016 January, we had 8 tours of WGL(including GCG and the Super GCS), how many stories do you remember? We will use 10 crucial words to review these stories.


8 tours of WGL, 8 championships, and all of them are the Chinese players, 120 got three of them, TH000 and Fly got two, and Infi got one.

The big four of China are really IMBA, this is my field, this is my home!


In the famous Chinese novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a great and strong genaral, Guan Yu [1], he poured a cup of wine before he went to the front line to have a PK with a genaral from the opponent site, Hua Xiong. After Guan Yu killed and cut down Hua Xiong's head, then came back to the military camp, the wine was still warm and steaming.

And we have a similar story in WGL, 120 got a cup of instant noodles before he went to the game vs Rudan, after he won the game and came back, the noodles was still warm.

In fact, 120 wasn't showing off, he just wanted to have some foods to heat up himself, and kept himself in a good state, however the night was Christmas Eve, all the restaurants were full of customers, so he chose the instant noodles.

**Remark [1]: Guan Yu


It's hard to have a draw in War3. On War3 history, the draws between TeD vs WFZ and Infi vs Moon are the classical games, on WGL history, we have only one draw, and this game was created by Moon and Yumiko.

First round of Round 8 to 4, first game

On EI, both of them had a level 6 hero, but they didn't dare to fight directly, and played with base run only. At last, Moon chose to AG and won the game.


As a human, the most important thing is to be happy.

The second strong player in Europe, Foggy, he had been in the top three several times, and gave a deep impression to the audiences, and Happy as well, but he didn't made it on the stage.

After he won in the qualifier, Happy had disagreement with the organizing committee because of various factors, so he chose to quit the tournament. After that, we had a several dramas about he and offline tournaments, he even got the money to the offline tournament from his fans, but he didn't come at last.


We have no only the funny moment in WGL, but also the unhappy case. The most serious case may belong to the Romantic case, Romantic was banned by WGL official for one year because he had a passive play in the games.

Player ID    |   Irregularities   |   Punishment
Romantic   | Passive Play   |   Banned until 2019 May 31st and cancel his prizes


At the beginning, we had Zhou Ning(周宁), Xixi, Yaya(牙牙), fordream. After that, we had BBC and Xiao Cang(小苍). Recently, the commentators are always be TeD, Qiaolin(桥林), Snowkiss(雪妍), Xun, Yaya(牙牙), and all of them are UD players, seems UD players became the main force of commentators.

however, the most interesting moment belongs to 120 and Infi, they were so embarrassing on the stage.


As a sport, War3 are always having some enthusiastic moments. In most situations, the western are more enthusiastic than Eastern, our Ukraine boy, Foggy, he were having a interesting moment after he won the game.

In 2016 Spring, Foggy came to the offline tournament for the first time, and he would have a boxing show after he won the game, this action made the audiences and fans called him as "The king of Boxing".

After you became famous, there would be some people started to imitate you. Our senior player, Check imitated Foggy in the 2017 Winter. However, Check was worse than Foggy in boxing, after that, he lost the game to Foggy and didn't get the ticket to the Grand Finals.


Comparing with 1v1, 2v2 games are not popular as 1v1, however 2v2 games are still interesting. On WGL history,  we have three championships of 2v2, TeD got twice, he got it with Check and Hainiu separately, another one was belonged to Fly and Zhouxixi.

However, 2v2 games has been canceled since 2017.


Same as the players, the Cups were improving themselves too, take a look for their evolution.


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