WGL official has published TON of information yesterday, it seems to be full of three pages, but don't be scared, let me(Anthor) to help you to have a summary.

Q: When is the WGL Winter offline tournament?
A:  There will be two parts,
  For group stage: Nov 28th to Dec 1st
  For playoffs: Dec 5th to Dec 8th
  (Wednesday to Saturday)

Q: Does this tournament open for the audiences? If yes, how much is the ticket?
A: Yes, it does, and it's free! At Nov 20th, NetEase will open the application, and you are able to enter the hall with the SMS, so please notice War3station on Weibo and Wechat official account, we will post it LINK for you at the first second!

Address for the tournament:
D1-104 / D1-105 VSPN Studio, No. 221 Huangxing Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Q: How much are the prizes?
Champion: 40,000 RMB
Runner-up: 20,000 RMB
Third place: 10,000 RMB
Fourth place: 8,000 RMB
5-8th place: 5,000 RMB
9-24th: 1000RMB

So the player will get at least 1000RMB even though they lose in the first round, and you can use them for your travel in Shanghai.

Q: What is the format for the 6 player group stage? What is the format for the whole tournament?
A: For group stage, we will have round robin games with BO3, and the top two players will advance to the playoffs. If some players are having the same scores, this is the order for decide who will be the winner.
[1]   Total wins.
[2]   If [1] is same, compare the games between them.
[3]   If some players are having cyclical win-loss relationship, compare their net win (Win-Loss).
[4]   If [3] is same, play a tie-breaker games with BO3.

In the Playoffs, there are single elimination and BO5, and Finals will be BO7.

Q: So you are having 15 BO3 in a day? You have to start playing from the morning until the night?
A: We are having official stage and streamer, official stage will play for the important games, the others will be played by other streamer and caster, and they are chosen by the official. So the games will be played at the same time, we may not watch until the midnight.
My life is for War3!

Q: Is the patch is same as Oct race?
A: Yes, the games will play in patch 1.30, and there are no AI and TR, but we are having NI and CH.

Q: Can the players change their race in the tournament?
A: Well, this is a sensitive question.
The answer is YES! The players are allowed to change their races, but they have to choose the race before the map banning stage, and they are allowed to use only one race in each BO3.

Q: I am not able to be in WGL, where should I watch the games?
A: Here are the room number for WGL winter
Douyu: 525207;
Huya: 1584989003;
Bilibili: 3683436;
Panda: 1616331;
Zhanqi: 16301;
CC: 163001;

Q: Will War3station organize for the audiences?
A: Of course, we will give the audiences that souvenirs, cute avatar!

Q: How about the man we are really concerned, will he show up?
A: Yes! He is a hero, and he will come as a Superman, you may get the beginning, but you may not know what will happen afterwards.

Q: Player will get reimbursement for the flight and accommodation?
A: Sure, including the players from Peru, and not only the players, we also provide these to the caster from Europe, staffs from Americas, NetEase will provide flight, transportation fee in the city, accommodation, and foods at the days of tournaments.

Q: Will they provide for the audiences?

Very well, let's play something big, @War3station (@魔坛情报局) on Weibo, at Nov 1st, we will draw a lucky man, and we will provide him the transportation fee from other cities, whether Flight or Railway, but this bonus is for the audiences in China without Shanghai and for the tournament days only.

Is Keke very sad for her money? But it's cool right?


Schedule of November

(Thu) 1st---W league First division
(Fri) 2nd---W league First division
(Sat) 3rd---W league Super league 
(Sun) 4th---W league Super league

(Tue)6th---The King of Map
(Wed)7th---The King of Map
(Thu) 8th---XiaoY cup
(Fri) 9th---XiaoY cup
(Sat) 10th---W league First division
(Sun) 11th---W league Super league

(Mon) 12th
(Tue) 13th---The King of Map
(Wed) 14th---The King of Map
(Thu) 15th---W league First Division
(Fri) 16th---W league First Division
(Sat) 17th ---W league Super league
(Sun) 18th---W league Super league

(Mon) 19th
(Tue) 20th---The King of Map
(Wed) 21st---The King of Map
(Thu) 22nd---XiaoY cup
(Fri) 23rd ---XiaoY cup
(Sat) 24th---W league First Division
(Sun) 25th---W league Super league

(Mon) 26th
(Tue) 27th
(Wed) 28th---WGL offline
(Thu) 29th---WGL offline
(Fri) 30th---WGL offline

W league Scoreboard currently

W league Super league
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W league First division
Ranking  |  Player  |  Win/Lose  |  Score  |  Net Win  |  Prizes