It was Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday, but there was not peace and happiness in circle of Warcraft III. At 2pm, Lion post a story on Douyu forum with title "The worst happen in this half of year, I won't play 2v2 bet party again"

And this story became one of the hottest story in 30 minutes.

(The translation will be in the following part)


"The worst happen in this half of year, I won't play 2v2 bet party again"

 In this few years, my health is bad, cough variant asthma+rhinitis, so pity, and play games for whole day in home, as fat as a ball right now.

Let me talk about worst happen in this half of year, I won't play 2v2 bet party again.

I am living in SongJiang, and Infi too, we had been having dinner or meeting sometimes.
For Warcraft III, I may say myself a fans of Infi and TH000, and I didn't say anything that disrespect to them, the world champions.

However, When I was playing 2v2 bet party with them, I had been iced out.

1. In the beginning, Infi and Fly ask me on QQ to play 2v2 bet party with them first, and Infi had a bad experience when we were a team (Due to this, we didn't become a team anymore.)
In the game, he was talking so bad, like non-Human player shouldn't go expansion. I know he talks like this always, all of us have some friends who like to front themselves.
So, I always gave a big donate after the games, I hoped this action could let us keep relax for the games. However, it didn't work.

2. Infi didn't want to join me as a team, that's ok, we can't force people to do anything, but why can't I play as your opponent? (I know TH, Fly since long time ago, you can't stop me to play with them)
At the same time, Douyu system just updated, we can see our popularity at current time, and some times my popularity were higher than them when 2v2 bet party.
First, he said I was coming for getting popular, and said other players didn't want me to join too. After that, I was cheeky that I went to ask TH and Fly, do they care about that I suck up to them, and they said it's ok.
I explained that my popularity didn't change, I was still few of donation, maybe the new formula of popularity let me got higher (the popularity is including replays)

3. And he said the sponsor didn't want me to join (If we have sponsors, the winner team get prizes, and the loser needn't to give anything), the sponsor didn't want to play with me. (the other bets, players give the winner) Then I go to ask Sponsor Yi, I said I am here for having fun only, I needn't money even if I win.
Yi is a great guy, he just want to see all of us get along in harmony, and he let me to play too.

4. One time, they had just 3 people only so they asked me to play, Xiaokk+me vs Infi+TeD, I believe most of people knew that we will lose the game, but I think it's cool to play game with world champion, just went having fun. Of course, we lost a lot of money in that night, and we got a lot of ridicule. Don't say that you didn't talk about these, Infi, I have to get ridicule after I lose the game.
Furthermore, Infi said that I will bring lots of haters if they play with me, but most of the hate speech was started from him.

5. At first, play 2v2 bet party started from the members in a group chat on YY, sometimes there will be too many players, so I will just cast for the game.
One day, Infi ask all the players to come to another group chat, and iced me out from 2v2 bet party, they didn't let me join them, even an observer for casting. Ok fine, I went to play myself.

6. In the beginning of this year, we had a tournament name "new year cup"(贺岁杯), and the sponsor called me and asked me that why am I always going to 2v2 bet party recently, and coming to tournament now?
(In earlier time, I always played 2v2 bet party with those sponsors and didn't cast the game, I went to cast the game afterwards, am I the competitor of casting?)
So I explained to him that I had ask for an observer slot, so I can't cast the game nowadays?
Even worse, my explanation didn't work, and he block me on QQ.

Maybe he has though I am a really bad guy. I love to play 2v2 bet party, I played for a period of time with cheeky, and I quit after that, I doesn't feel happy from this anymore.

I just treat this party as playing Mahjong, but I feel eating shit, and I didn't receive any apology, maybe it's because I am not Shen Kui (肾亏)。



1. Infi had bad experience when he was playing 2v2 bet party with being teammate with Lion, and Lion couldn't let Infi keep relax even he gave a big donate.

2. Infi said Lion was there for having popularity, and said the sponsor didn't want Lion to play here.

3. Infi asked the players moved to another group chat on YY, iced Lion out from the party and observer.

4. In new year cup, Infi didn't let Lion to be the observer, and block Lion on QQ.

This is the first cursing since long time ago, the audiences and fans were having different opinion too.

The says for Infi:

1. While you played basketball when you were studying in senior high school, and you were too noob so that other people didn't want to play with you, what you sad for?

2. This happened half year ago, why don't you say this at the time but before the clan war?

3. Lion always played and commanded wrong way, Fly and TH are kind so they played with you, but Infi didn't want to be like that, is he wrong?

The says for Lion:

1. Infi always talk without thinking for others, Lion post this story because he is too sad.

2. If this is true, about the case that Infi didn't let Lion get observer slot, this is too bad, I understand that you don't want to share if you have a cake, but don't let others no way to go.

3. Infi's EQ is too low, as a star player in Warcraft III, you have to control yourself.