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(In the original article, author wrote an introduction about the designer Pete Stilwell, and the lead designer, Matt Morris, I skipped the designer introduction in this translation)

Do you remember the epic war on Azeroth? Do you remember the scene that Archimonde climbed the World Tree, and Malfurion blew the Horn of Cenarius, and the Wisps flew though the forest? Do you remember how did you feel when Sky get the WCG Champion? Warcraft III has already given us so much touching memories, in the Blizzcon recently, Blizzard published the remastered edition, Warcraft III Reforged.

How much we have already known about the Reforged?

Human, Orc and Night Elves have to stand together and fight against the Burning Legion and the Undead. Warcraft III showed us the epic story and, and the most attractive character, Arthas.

The designer make a big chance in Reforged edition, including 62 missions, Kalimdor, Lordaeron, Northrend and the further worlds; About 40 hours games, the animation more that 4 hours, at least 20 heroes and heroines.

At the same time, designer remake the models, maps completely, and make it 4k resolution, with Newly designed UI interface. Approximately, this edition will be available in 2019, and the players in Blizzcon were able to play it too!

And here is the interview in the following parts.

In this interview, we are very honored to have invited Warcraft III designer, Pete Stilwell, and the lead designer, Matt Morris.

Q: Will this edition be able to be played on BN?
A: This edition will be able to be played on BN and official platform.

Q: When will the Reforged edition be available in China?
A: We keep working with NetEase, we are trying to make it same time with the world.

Q: Why that MK has been changed a lot of times in patch 1.29 and 1.30?
A: We are hardworking on keeping game balance, before that, we did research for China situation, a lot of professional players in China said this hero was too weak, but the others said this hero is acceptable, so we did a lot of changes for this hero.

Q: In the patch right now, seems like NE are too powerful, will NE be changed again in this following patches?
A: In fact, we did this in previous patches.

Q: Before the Reforged edition is available, can the RPG maps be used in this version directly? Or they can be used with some special methods?
A: We can't make sure yet, but we will try to let the RPG players can play the RPG in the Reforged version.

Q: The picture quality of Reforged edition is very good, do you use any technology from Starcraft II?
A: Actually, this is an "evolution", although we make the picture quality better, but we try to revert the engine and map editor, and we will provide some new models to the game creator, and they can use the new models in their works.

Q: In Warcraft III, the story stopped at the combine between Arthas and the Lich King, however, the story has been continued so long in WOW, we would love to ask that, is that possible that the story continue in War3?
A: We haven't this plan yet, but we will make some story richer, like Jaina, Sylvanas, and the others.

Q: Will we get the new heroes? Human and Undead are lack of Agility heroes, and Night Elves are lack of Strength hero, or will you add the new hero in the Tavern?
A: Not for now, we had been discussing this. However, we will focus on the upgrade of engine and the maps editor first, to make players have a better experience in game. Meanwhile, we will focus on the game balance, after that, we may add something else.

Q: Custom Game is a very attractive part in War3, do you have any plan about this part, like official maps or give support to the game creator?
A: We had a communication with the game creator and we have a long list now, currently we updated a lot of old maps, and we are adding maps in the maps pool.

Q: Do you have any words for Chinese players and gamers?
A: We are very welcome to join the new players, and the enthusiasm from the Chinese players give us the momentum to update the maps editor, patches, and game balance. Our team came to China so many times, and we had communication with the China players and gamers, we will keep updating this game with the feedback from China.

Q: Did you consider to update the game watching and replay system?
A: On Nov 5th, we will have a Global summit in Bllizard HQ, and we will discuss with the players, see if they need any tools in the game.

Q: Comparing with Starcraft remastered edition, does War3 reforged have any advantage?
A: Previously, we had been talking with the Korean players and gamers, because Starcraft are very popular there, they don't want us change the game too much, but we can improve the picture quality. For War3, Chinese players have bigger right to speak, they hope we can improve the content in the game, including maps editor, game balance, even the new models, these are the advantage for War3, and these are the product after we got the feedback from China.



Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Thank you our friend on CNwar3, comeer, he provided this information to us.

In this year, Blizzard published Reforged edition on Blizzcon, foreign medias had an interview with the War3 screenwriter, ChristieGolden. In the past 20 years, Golden was cooperating with Blizzard and he has created many novels and those related to WOW.

Orc and Human are always the main character in WOW

Blizzard said they will remake the animation in campaigns, and change some plots too, and make the stories become more suitable to WOW. Golden is working so hard to the stories between War3 and WOW, if he wants to make the stories suitable and reasonable, he has to change some plots, and Blizzard will focus on some main character.

Author: In my opinion, the battle between Orc and Human, relationship between Jaina and Arthas may become richer. After all, we feel Arthas was so helpless in Stratholme, and this prince got the power, killed his father, and became the Lich King. All of these are the big story in WOW.

These pictures are the famous Dōjinshi works.
Jaina is stroking the fallen Arthas and crying.

War3 has been with us for 16 years, and these main characters are really important to War3, and they may be in movies too, can you accept when they said they want to change these?

Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

After Blizzard published Warcraft III Reforged, the players and fans are so excited. New edition is meaning more games, more tournaments and different feeling. Now, we have TH000 here to talk about Reforged edition.

Q: Hi, TH, thank you for coming here, in this year, Reforged edition is the biggest news for War3, how do you feel about this?
TH: Finally!

Q: We can see a lot of pictures, video and drafts on the internet now, how do you feel with these?
TH: Nowadays, we have a lot of remastered edition, whether games or movies, these are the great news for the old fans. Before Blizzcon, my fans said:"it's would be nice if they draw it better, even if they did this only."After Blizzcon, I saw some people are doubting to the view. However, I think they will say very good when they get it.
By the way, BM looks so similar to Samuro, and the Dread Lord is so similar to Mal'Ganis(He is just making joke).

Q: Did you play the War3 Campaigns? Which character or story do you like the most?
TH: Of course I did, and I really like Hellscream, he killed two half-gods!

Q: Blizzard said they will make this game easier, and make the new player easier to play, what would you do that you can make more new players play Warcraft?
TH: In my opinion, the campaigns are really easy to the new players, and you can choose the level, conquering a game with difficulty will have a sense of accomplishment right? And, if you want to make more new players, this is not enough if Blizzard just update the game, they have to host more big tournaments, with prizes.

Q: In you career, which moment is most impressive to you?
TH: PGL'08, I defeated Moon and won my first world championship.

Q: WGL offline tournament is coming soon, you are in the group of death, with Lyn, WFZ, Foggy, and other great players, do you have any idea to win?
TH: Don't think about the champion first, just play it step by step, be patient.

Q: May you analyze the situation about the other groups for us?
In group A, 120 will be qualified for sure, for others, I think Lawliet has the biggest chance.
For Group B, we have two Chinese players only, but I think they will be qualified too.
And Group C, Moon and Infi will be qualified, there is a big gap between others and them.
This prediction is absolutely accurate, I am not DUNAI!

Q: How do you feel with the new maps, CH and NI, do you think they are the more suitable than TR, AI for tournaments?
TH: This two maps are more balanced than TR and AI, but they are so similar to TS. I think we should make a big maps pool, and keep changing the maps, don't use the same maps always.

Q: In patch 1.30, Human are so hard in game, Infi and you always change the race to play against UD and Orc, will you do it in offline?
TH: I am going to choose NE to play against UD, but I will use Human to play against other races.

Q: In addition to the WGL, usually we host other tournaments too, and our schedule is full in this month. As a player, what kind of tournament do you like the most? Do you have any suggestion for tournaments nowadays?
TH: As a player, a professional event organization, a reasonable schedule, a popular tournament, and a highly prized competition, these are the most attractive points for me. However, War3 is hard to do thess nowadays, we play if we have any interest in playing.
Luckily we have some sponsors, it's better for players if we have more tournaments, if they can bring together and make a great tournament, it may be better.

Q: you are the streamer and player, so you have to take care of streams and games at the same time, how do you arrange your time between streaming and training? What is the biggest effect from streaming to a player?
TH: When I am streaming, ladder is enough for me to keep my hand in state. When the big tournament is coming soon, I will practice some special strategies, and keep thinking, sometimes I continue training after I turn off streaming.
If you started streaming, your details and ideas will be researched, this is the disadvantage for all streamer.

Q: According to the announcement, Reforged edition will be available next year, what do you want to say to the fans about Reforged edition?
TH: 2019 Jan 1st to 2019 Dec 31st are called "next year", wait patiently everyone!

Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Foggy, FoCuS, Lucifer always win in the minor tournaments, including XiaoY Cup, we may call they as "the big three". In this time, the big three are coming again, can someone stop them?

After Phoenix Cup and G Cup stopped hosting games, a lot of players are so sad because they don't have stable tournaments to play. But now, the chance is coming, XiaoY cup, a tournament sponsored by the famous commentator XiaoY in China Warcraft III and hosted by War3station, we hope for this tournament to provide a platform for players to play and practice. You can play in this tournament whoever you are, a professional player or a newbie.

XiaoY Cup promise that they will host 20 tours!

The stable minor tournaments are the good chance for new players to grow up. 120, Life, Romantic, they trained themselves with this kind of tournaments and grew to become great player. The tournament is starting soon, the players are coming to show their skills in the games.


Schedule: 2018 Nov 8th to Nov 9th, starts at 1900 (GMT +8), the games will pause after Quarter final on Nov 8th, and we will continue with the Semi final and Grand Final on Nov 9th
Format: BO3 single elimination ,and BO5 for Grand Final
Referee tonight: Tolkien

Some details for players:

Players have to join the group chat(807423172) in QQ, and keep online.

Maps: EI, CH, TM, LR, AZ, TS, NI

Champion: RMB 1000
Runner-up: RMB 500
Third place: RMB 300
Fourth place: RMB 200

Total: RMB 2000

Famous Players:

Match up:

About the commentary XiaoY
XiaoY is a famous commentary, his videos are humorous , a lot of Warcraft III fans love his video, "娱乐至上,XiaoY 解说"(get your amusement here, XiaoY is casting) has been with us for 10 years. Furthermore, his total views on Youku are over 450 million, hence making him a milestone for Warcraft III commentary.

About Sport Group(电竞圈)
It is an application software of e-sports professional players and e-sports enthusiasts to host and participate in e-sports competitions. The main function are: hosting competitions, managing competitions, online registration, etc. It also provides professional services such as tournament search, event information push, and referee arbitration review.