Original Author and Translator: War3station, Emoji, Huahua
Translator: GLH

Sok's improving so much recently, and he has become one of the strongest Human player in the world after winning Fly100%, Moon and FoCuS and got the third place in Yule Cup. For Sok, I am afraid that we don't know him very well, so let us talking with him and try to know him.

Q: Hello Sok, thank you very much for accepting our interview. First of all, let's say hello to everyone!

Sok: Hello everyone, I am a Human player, Sok.

Q: Let's talk about your daily life. Because of your excellent dance performance, you have accumulated a lot of Chinese fans, so are you still teaching dance, or playing Warcraft III as full-time job?

Sok: Everyone seems to have misunderstood me. I am not a street dance teacher. I only taught primary school students how to stand upside down a long time ago... Nowadays I spend a lot of time for practicing Warcraft III.

Q: Recently, you won the third place in the Yule Cup, and this is your first time with excellent performance. How do you feel about this?

Sok: I am very happy to get into top three for the first time! I also did a lot of preparation and practice before the game, my effort gets paid!

Q: In fact, you were still struggling in the group stage a few months ago, and this time you reached into top three, how did you make such great progress?

Sok: As I mentioned above, the amount of practice and preparation for the game are more than usual, and I was lucky as well, the items were better than usual.

Q: You had used a few of special and interesting strategies to knocked down many famous players in this tournament. Are these tactics you think about yourself? Or is there a learning object?

Sok: In fact, LawLiet has helped me a lot, and I tried a lot of strategies when I was practicing with other race players, so I played better in this time. In addition, I also referred to the strategies and details of many other Human players, such as Infi, TH000, HawK, Chaemiko.

Q: Do you have any unique understanding of Blood Mage?

Sok: For Blood Mage, I saw Infi was using it, so I also tried to practice this hero, seems the effect is really good.

Q: Let's talk about the games. In this time, you won Moon with 3:1 in the BO5 series, but you lost to Foggy in the group stage with 0:2. There are many fans said that they were surprised about it. How do you think about them in Night vs Human? Are they having any difference? Or were you not perfect yet in the group stage?

Sok: I made some misjudgment when I was playing with Foggy, and the Foggy's offensive timing was particularly good, meanwhile, I think Foggy had the idea of ending the game in the early game, so I thought that the situation would be better after I held the attack, but in the end, I could not stop the attack. I will pay more attention to this when I play with him again in the future.

Q: Current, with the advent of the Reforged Edition, the professional e-sports system of Warcraft III has finally been established. How do you think of this? Are you considering to join a professional team?

Sok: I have been playing Warcraft III for ten years, and the news of releasing the remastered version is undoubtedly a great news, it also gave me the opportunity to play harder. For joining a team, definitely I want to join, but I just don't know if there is a chance for me.

Q: What do you think about the current balance? Do you think Human is weak? Which race do you think is the most IMBA?

Sok: I think Human is not weak, but their movement speed is slow, Human is weak in terms of operations. In addition to playing against the Orcs or Human, there are some restrictions on the strategies of fast tech and not expanding.

Q: With the outstanding performance in this time, many Chinese players and fans praise you as the future King of Human, may you talk to us about your future goals?

Sok: A King like Infi or TH000? I don't dare to be... I hope I can do my best to reach the highest standing I can be in the future.

Q: Finally, do you have anything to say to your fans?

Sok:  My shape has a lot of ups and downs. When I am in good shape, I feel that I am playing well. But when my shape is bad, I will lose very easy. But I will work hard., I hope that everyone will not be too disappointed with me. Thank you.

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