At Sep 20th in Beijing (GMT +8), patch has been updated on NetEase, we have summarized some information for you, hope you enjoy with your game.

However, there are some bad news too, we hope you can stick to us.

----------Good news----------

Double client

After you update the platform, players have to download client 1.30, all the games will play on this client, but, for RPG games, we are still playing on client 1.27, this change will satisfy players from both mode.

New maps

Warcraft III add a few new maps, you can play on them on Match Play and Season Mode, the new maps will let the players create the new tactics and methods, Warcraft III need the new elements.

1v1 new maps

Northern Isles
Concealed Hills
Swamped Temple

We still can watch the replay in 1.29

Problems of Replays are always annoying to players, but we can watch 1.28 and 1.29 games in client 1.30.

----------Bad news----------

Patch 1.30 only supported in Win 7 and above

Patch 1.30 only supported in Win 7 and above, Win XP users have to pay attention here.


Bugs always be there when the game just updated, a lot of data in some maps are the data in earlier version, and these make a lot of joke for us. The official staff are fixing them with OT, we believe we can play the complete version 1.30 as soon as possible.

Undead have Clarity Potion in their shop!

Death Knight's armor become 4 in the initial state.

Only fives heroes in Tavern.

Ghouls have different Hit Points in different maps.

Human can't build Gryphon Aviary in some maps.

Team China is in danger!

Team China have only a week to practice for the clan war, and Team Korea have practice on BN more than a month, and they played on some tournament with version 1.30, Team Korea will play the games with more suitable.

Some players are retired or going out from Warcraft III

We have the new version again, but some players are away from us now, Remind, Check, Yumiko, Life are going out from here gradually, Romantic has been banned, and WFZ said he will stop playing recently.