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What is the feeling when you are watching the champion of the tournament which hold in your country falling in hands of players from other country? How about if this situation happen twice a year? Maybe the Chinese Warcraft III players could tell because they just experienced it last year.

Netease e-sports X Tournament, which is also called as NeXT. It is the first comprehensive e-sports event of NetEase which collect a variety of popular games. In 2018, NeXT has been launched officially. For Warcraft III, the China vs Korea clan war was once again become the main theme of the whole event.

In the NeXT Summer in September 2018, Team China and Team Korea performed a shocking battle for us. Although the sudden rise of Colorful had end the winning streak of Lyn in the end, but still no one could rival Moon in the patch 1.30. In the decision game, Moon defeated 120 and successfully leaded his team to the final victory.

After that, in the NeXT Winter in January 2019, Lawliet, Lyn, Lucifer's team won the championship and resulting 9-0. Under the situation that Soin defeated TH000 in the qualifiers, the Koreans undoubtedly gained the upper hand in the confrontation between China and Korean.

In May 2019, the NeXT Spring will be kicked off again. The NeXT Spring will moved from Guangzhou to Shanghai, and the competition system will also be innovated. Before that, 8 Chinese players including Infi, 120 and TH000 will be playing with 8 Korean players including Moon and Lyn, for deciding the order. There are only the top 6 players in the online selection will be able to go to the offline tournament. The final champion and the 100,000 Yuan will decide through bubble system (Ascension).

After leaving Guangzhou the sad place, the Chinese players will be ready to fight again. Just like the "King of the hill", the bubble system is considered as a Legand-making format. In the past, Sase, Sky, and TH000 performed the miracles that slamming all the way from the bottom to the top. So who can copy such the miracles in this time? Can the Chinese players keep the champion in China? Let the game tell us the answer!

Invited Players

China: Infi, TH000, Fly, eer0, WFZ, Colorful, Linguagua, Life
Korea: Moon, Lyn, Lawliet, FoCuS, Michael, Sok, Soin, Chaemiko


Schedule Online selection: 16th May - 19th May
Offline event: 13th June - 14th June

Location (Offline)Shanghai Happy Valley


Online selection: 16 players were divided into 4 groups for Bo3(Best of 3) and double elimination, and the top 2 players in each group advances to the Ro8. In the Ro8, the players will play with double elimination to decide the top 6.

Offline Event: The top 6 players will play with Bo5 and Bubble System (Ascension).

Maps PoolNI, CH, LR, EI, TM, TS, AZ

Prize PoolTotal prize money: 100,000 Yuan

Champion: 50,000 Yuan
Runner-up: 24,000 Yuan
Third place: 10,000 Yuan
Fourth place: 8,000 Yuan
Fifth place: 5,000 Yuan
Sixth place: 3,000 Yuan

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