1. WGL: Happy and Cash won the WGL European Qualifier.
  2. H&W: Moon broke through the surround of Team Newbee and win H&W Masters.
  3. WCG: The chat of TeD and BO in the second round.
  4. WGL: The last  monthly qualifier will start today!

WGL: Happy and Cash won the WGL European Qualifier.

On May 26, WGL summer 2019 European Qualifiers continued the fight! Since he said yes to WGL, Happy won the European qualifying quota without losing a single map, easy and simple!

On the other hand, Foggy's performance made everyone so stunned. After he lost to the Russian random player JohnnyCage in the winner bracket Quarter Final, he was still fighting and reached the Lower Bracket Final. However, he lost to Cash's Human at last. Foggy fell in Europe!

Foggy may not be qualified this time.

In the European qualifier, he was defeated by mTw.Cash, meanwhile, his points were not high enough to ensure he can qualify. Although he still has the chance to make a final stroke in the qualifier in this month, but it's very hard for him. Let's see if he can make a great performance and go to Shanghai!

H&W: Moon broke through the surround of Team Newbee and win H&W Masters.

(Original Author: War3station, Translator: GLH, Click here to Source)

26th May is the last day of the H&W China vs Korea Masters. In the end, Moon easily defeated Lawliet in the Grand Final. After winning the WGL Winter in 2018, he won an offline event again after half of a year. Along this event, Chinese players played poorly in this tournament, and the top three were taken over by three South Korean players.

Match for Third: eer0 struggled in the game and lost to Lyn.

In the last six battle of eer0 vs Lyn, eer0 won only once. The gap between the two players in this patch has been showed slightly. 

In the first set on EI, eer0 lost 3 Crypt Fiends and a TP for cancelling Lyn' expansion. After that, Lyn went to creep jack and killed 2 Statues. eer0's troops had died more than half before the last fight.

In the second round of TR, eer0's hiding from the Blade Master and grew up his Death Knight to level 3 in the early game. In the mid game, he snatched the three creep camps in the middle of the map when he was having the strong timing. Although it's hard to guess who will win the direct fight, but eer0 expanded secretly and this gave him a strategic advantage. Lyn made a desperate all in to the expansion, but the Undead could easily defend their opponent at their base. eer0 regained a map.

When we went to the the deciding game on CH, Lyn made the Ogre Lord following him to base. At the strong timing, Lyn expanded at the Gold Mine that nearer to eer0 base, the two Reinforced Defense Towers were hard and rock-solid, eer0 had no choice but to type out GG.

Lawliet's strategies has a great effect, but Moon was just too strong.

Before the start of the finals, everyone said that Moon would definitely win the championship. Even Lyn, who's always being calm also said, Moon has the 80% of probability to win. Of course, Lawliet won't surrender easily. On the first map on TS, Lawliet started with Panda first, he's forcing Moon to upgrade to Tier 3 to use Bears, and avoiding the battle of mass Archers. Moon is so good in mass Archers mirror, so Lawliet chose a different strategy.

If there is the pure and mass Bear mirror, KOG's three-level Aura is so good, but how about the situation if there are some Chimaeras? That's why Lawliet is the best Night player when straining on different situation. He could do anything before you realized it!

In the second set of LR, Lawliet started with DH first and he wanted to make a surprise. Moon certainly won't give the opponent another chance. In the mid game, Moon summoned Naga as second hero, killed the Alchemist and took the initiative. After that, Moon choice to play with Dryads, and let Lawliet could only stay at base. Under the desperation, Lawliet planted Ancients of Protector at home, and pushed to Moon's expansion step by step. When he reached there, he realized that Moon had already been waiting for him with his Bears. How should Lawliet fight? GG.

Moon is the king in patch 1.30.

The next two sets had completely been controlling by Moon, and we had mass Archers mirror again in these two games. From these two games, we knew that Lawliet really has no chance when he plays regularly against Moon. Whether it's heroes position in the fight, focus fire, or overall view in the game, Lawliet is not as good as Moon, his failure is also reasonable.

After all, Moon still took the chance of the ending of patch 1.30. In this patch, he is the king. Can the Night Elf continue their glory in next patch?

WCG: The chat of TeD and BO in the second round.

On the second map on TR, before BO typed out GG, this the chat between them.

BO: Hey TeD, when you are standing on the stage, and holding the champion trophy
BO: Please remember me and my contribution.
TeD: ............
TeD: gg

So...TeD is the champion of WCG 2019?

WGL: The last  monthly qualifier will start today!

Compared with the pro division, we believe the open division games will be more interesting. Colorful,HuG, Linguagua and WFZ, all of them hope that they can win the championship in this month, so they can get more points and advance to the WGL offline. And there left only very few quotas, who will get it? Let's watch the games today!