Original Author: War3station, 表情
Translator: GLH, 表情(interview)

Q: Hi, Foggy, thank you for having you. Would you like to greet your fans?

F: Thanks for your support, <3

Q: You got so much help from other players (in preparing for this tournament). Would you like to say anything to them?

F: After Master's Coliseum, I defeated Lawliet with Zhou_Xixi's help once again. The Bears and Glaive Throwers combo designed by Neytpoh is really cool, and Cash's Night Elf is really good too, so they helped me a lot in Night Elf mirror. Additionally, HawK helped me to prepare against TH000 and Infi. Even HunteR practiced with me although he was hurt. I want to say thank you, this is our victory!

Q: Can you summarize the Finals between you and Moon? What is your opinion about Moon's play? How are you different from Moon? Do you think you are the second best Night Elf now?

F: Moon has a lot more experiences than me. I started playing Warcraft III much later than him, but I feel I am improving fast, and I believe I will be able to beat Moon in the future. I want to provide more interesting games to the fans, and I want to get the title.

I am still learning Moon's style, I think he has the strongest strategies nowadays, he is a great player. In my mind, Moon is a legend, a lot of people said I am the second Moon, but I know I won't become the second Moon, because as a legend, Moon is unique and the only one, but I promise to the people who are looking forward to seeing more of my play, I will become the strongest and unique Foggy, and the strongest Night Elf in the future. Of course, I want to be as successful as Moon. In my mind, being as successful as him is always my target.

Q: You won against Infi in offline tournament, how do you feel about this? Do you think that all the Human players are not able to beat you now?

F: I feel very happy for this, but I also believe Infi spent too little time practicing Human. If he didn't practice with other races and kept his focus on Human, he would have been a lot harder for me to beat. Same goes for TH000. I don't agree that I am unbeatable in Night Elf vs Human match-ups. I think both of them didn't understand me well enough. Unlike HawK, he understands me so well, so he defeated me many times. If Infi had added some Knights to his army, I might have been GG.

TH000 and Infi just spent too much time playing Random. Thus, I think I am not unbeatable, and Humans had a chance to win against Night Elf. If they understood me well like HawK, and prepared their strategies carefully, they would have been much stronger. I don't know why Infi decided to not change his race when he played against me in the Semi Final. He used Random to play against me befpre, and he is really good at it. If he really thought Human was so hard to play against me, why didn't he use Undead to play...?

Q: Let's come back to Night Elf mirror. Lawliet wanted to get revenge before the game. However, you previously beat him 2:1 in Master's Coliseum, and you beat him again - 3:1 this time. What is your opinion about his play in Night Elf mirror?

F: Lawliet is really good in Night Elf mirror. I have always had a lot of difficulties playing against him. I will have to practice harder my Night Elf mirror, because he said he wanted to get his revenge. I will have to knock him down again!

Q: Actually, Lawliet beat Moon almost every time they met this year, and you always beat Lawliet, but you have no solution against Moon. What do you about this curious fact?

F: Lawliet's play-style is very different from Moon's. His style is actually countering Moon's really well. Thus, I will try to learn Lawliet's style for next time I play against Moon. However, normally I would stick to my own style. The main method to become stronger, is to try to learn all of the strategies, and to prepare the counter-strategies before the game.

Q: Let's talk about this patch. What is your comment on  this patch?

F: Patch 1.30...hmm...what can I say? This patch has surprised me. First, this patch is good for Night Elf, and it completely changed the meta. This patch is completely different from patch 1.28 and it give me so much joys. I feel like I just started playing this game. It also gave me a lot of momentum to create some new strategies.

I want to thank Blizzard - thank you for coming back after many years. I hope there will be more updates, it's so cool!

Q: The two biggest recent news were the Reforged upcoming release, and the huge prize pools for next year's professional leagues and tournaments. Your fans are wondering if you have a contract with someone. Can you tell us about this?

F: I haven't decided yet which club to sign a contract with, but I got many invitations. I will have to think about this when I get home. By the way, some European squads want to sign with me, too. If I sign with a Chinese Club as is my wish, I will come to China and train very hard, and my goal will be to become a champion. And sure enough, I will stream for the Chinese fans too.

Q: Last question, what is your target for 2019?

F: To be the champion, this is my usual target. I got the runner-up position this time, and this certainly gave me a lot of motivation, and it made me want to become champion even harder. I hope I could achieve more good result in my career.

Q: Thank you Foggy for accepting our invitation and coming to our interview. Do you have any last words for your fans?

F: Thank you <3 I hope 2019 will be a big year for Warcraft III! And I want to say, there is no Warcraft III without you guys, thank you for supporting me!


Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The King of Maps (TKOM) is a new tournament series sponsored by Mr.Sun, and hosted by War3station. The tournament's goal is to find out who the best players on a certain map is. This tournament was first introduced on 16 October. The top players on NetEase as well as other profession players fight for the prizes and the title "The King of Maps".

Because of WGL, TKOM for Echo Isles November Challenge is postponed to December. In October, Lucifer was the winner, so he will wait for the challenger on the arena.

Information about This Month's Challenge:

Registration time: 2018, Dec 10th to Dec 12th
Registration link: http://www.dianjingquan.cn/join.html?id=5461
Schedule: 2018 Dec 13th, 19:00 (GMT +8)
Format: 1v1, BO1 (always same map per edition) and single elimination, the first four players will advance to Elimination part, and the first two players will get prizes.

**Details for Participant:

Participant have to join the group chat on QQ (807423172) after your registration, and keep online on QQ.

Map (for this particular tournament):
Echo Isles

First place: 800 Yuan
Second place: 500 Yuan