Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

With the growing activation of Warcraft fans and players, and the official announcement of Warcraft 3 Reforged Edition, this fossil game has finally ushered its own dawn in 2019.

Before the end of this year[1], we have a new tournament,Thunder Fire Cup, this tournament is hosted by Douyu, sponsored by Thunder Fire e-sports, and organized by War3station, OB gaming. The total prizes in this tournament is over 100,000 CNY!

Meanwhile, this tournaments will invite 16 players from Europe, China and Korea, and it will have official commentator as well. The aim is to continue activating the atmosphere of Warcraft 3, they also aim to provide opportunities to the amateur players, and a wonderful event, a successful ending of the Lunar New Year to the Warcraft fans, in addition to welcome for the upcoming Warcraft Year!

Remark [1] by GLH: In Chinese calendar (or Lunar calendar), this year isn't ended yet.


Official will invite 12 players, they are qualified to the playoff directly, and they will open 4 slots for the players from Open Audition.

Invited Players:
China: RW.Infi, RW.Fly100%, GK.TH000, RW.Life, Newbee.eer0, WFZ
Europe: Foggy
Korea: Moon, Newbee.Lyn, Newbee.LawLiet, FoCuS, Lucifer


Open Audition: 
BO3(Best of 3) and single elimination, the first four players will advance to the playoff.

Group Stage: BO3 and double elimination, the first two players will be qualified to Ro8.
From Ro8 to Semi Final: BO5 and single elimination.
Grand Final: BO7.


Prize Pool:

Link of application (Open Audition):

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Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The people in Himalaya Center is currently busy and they are preparing for the upcoming event, Gold Annul Awards. The Warcraft Annual Awards will be announced in the afternoon.

This event is very grand for Warcraft III players. In terms of nominations for awards, the Chinese TH000, Infi, Fly, 120, Xun, TeD, Qiao Lin and SnowKiss have all been nominated for Professional and Popular Awards, which is also the best award for their Warcraft career. Last year, popular Awards was not that interesting, in this year they even nominated Infi and 120, meanwhile, our popular caster Yaya is nominated again, and the new commentary Yumiko joins to see if he is a dark horse.

In addition to the nominations, what are the highlights of this year's Gold Awards Annual? Let's take a look. (This kind of gossip topic, I like it, I really like it.)

Fly will walk on the red carpet with Yaya, 
and Liege looked so angry?!

The red carpet ceremony to be held at 16:00 pm, and the guest will walk with a partner. Because SnowKiss is the host in the ceremony, and she is also included in the nomination of Hearthstone. Warcraft's only beauty commentary Yaya became the only female of competing men, and finally Fly100% got the opportunity to walk with Yaya on the red carpet.

In the stream last night, Fly can't restrain himself's excitement, "I will meet Yaya and Jiaojiao tomorrow!" And Liege typed out on chat "???"

This talk was heard by Liege, and Fly turned and said that he is missing Liege, he wants to call Liege immediately.

Let' see the video of this progress.

Remark by GLH: Liege is Fly's Girlfriend.

Who will be the Popular Commentator? 
TeD and Yumiko may lose to her too!

In the event last year, we were surprised to find that the SnowKiss got more votes the TeD, and even in the final result, the number of Yaya was much higher than TeD too.

"Warcraft III has been staying with me for the best ten years of my life, I will be the best commentator Whether it was ten years ago or ten years later, Warcraft III is the best game."
-SnowKiss, Warcraft III best commentator nomination.

The reason is Yaya and Snowkiss are the commentator of Warcraft III and HearthStone at the same time. Especially Snowkiss, she is the most popular female commentator of these years in China. So, when the fans were voting on the HearthStone, they would vote for Snowkiss too. That's why Snowkiss got much more votes than other nominated commentator. In this year, can TeD and Yumiko win Snowkiss?

Which player should get the best player of the year? 
NetEase may be in trouble.

In this year(2018), the performances of Chinese players are not looking so great, in the first half of 2018, Lyn was dominating mostly all tournaments, and got 10 titles in the online tournaments, in the second half of the year, it is the time of Moon, he was playing much better than others. In this situation, the Chinese players is looked like the background of a poster. 120 got most prizes in 2018, Fly turned over the games many times and became the most popular player, Infi just got the title of the year, TH000 was the champion of WGL Summer, seems their results are so close, NetEase may be in trouble right now.

What a big Mistake?

In this morning, the Chinese fans was being Crazy!

【NetEase】"Warcraft III: Reforged edition" is open for pre-order, if you pre-purchase the "Warcraft III: Reforged Spoils of War Edition" and you’ll receive these in-game goodies for your favorite Blizzard games.
World of Warcraft: Meat Wagon Mount
Hearthstone: The Third War Card Back
Blizzard Wide Perks
Please come to war3.163.com to buy.

And all of us go to the website, it's still pre-purchase, but it's not pre-order, 

After that, War3station asked NetEase and got the answer, it's just a mistake.
So, is it a surprise before the event?

Who will get the "Mystery award"?

Last year, Tolkien won the Outstanding Contribution Award. At that time, his award-winning photos were made into a lot of various versions, which was the joke of our company after a meal.

Who will this year’s mysterious awards be, and who will walk with this man on the red carpet? At 16:00 let's watch the Blizzard game channel to see who will get the Awards.

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