Sep 16th, Yule Cup race war was completed, the Horde won the champion in this war with the higher win rate and scores. The race war is a game for players to fight for the glory of their own race, and fight for himself at the same time. We believe the fight will be more exciting and interesting in the future.

8-1, Orc got a big win against Night Elves

Yule Cup become more interesting since second day, Soin and Xiaokk win with 2-0 each when they were playing against Moon and Colorful in the first part, let the Orc were full of confidence in this series. In the KOF part, Orc was unbeatable, the NE players lost their momentum in that night, only Colorful got the only point in this part. 8-1, Orc got the big win.

It was a massacre, every one didn't know that before the game. At the same time, we can see the tactics of Talons are completely solve by the Orc, Night Elves have to create the new way to play against Orc.

Three strong, the champion decided at the end.

The biggest question of this tournament was which race will be the champion. Human become the first eliminated race, because some great players of Human absent for this tournament, although TH000 was playing well, he knocked down Lyn, Moon in the games, but the teammate were not strong enough to carry in the series, and stay at the last place with 3 series loss.

Meanwhile, Night Elves was coming back with the bad starting, the big loss had excited their momentum, won over Undead and Human in a row, let them got the hope for the first place, at the same time, Orc and Undead have the chance to fight for the champion too, before the last series,  we didn't know which race would be the champion. At the last series, Fly and Lyn had a well play in the first part, and leaded the Orc to the first place with higher win rate and score, became the strongest race in this tournament.

Yule Cup race war Score Board
Race       |       Win/Loss (Series)       |       Win/Lose (Games)       |       Net Score     |       Score 

Big night! 120 & Lawliet completed AK(All Kill)

KOF is the system that make miracle always, at the last two days. The first player who made the miracle is Lawliet, when he was playing against Lucifer, the player who played so well recently, Lawliet was playing rush against rush, and defeated Lucifer, after that, Lawliet was unbeatable, even 120 also lost to him, and Lawliet completed the AK

The second player who did the AK was 120, in the history of race war, there was no one UD player could did the AK when play against Orc, 120 is the first player to did it. After this AK, Undead had the higher score than Night Elves in the last night, got the second place in this race war.

Yule Cup race war, the win rate of players
Players       |       Race       |      Games played       |       Win       |       Loss       |       Win rate

The only race war of 1.29.

This is the only race war in patch 1.29, patch 1.30 will be updated very soon. 1.29 is the patch for Orc, Human and Undead, Far Seer have been buffed very much, let their weakness, OvH become more easier too them, it is worth mentioning that, Orc players didn't lose a game in this tournament when they summoned Far Seer as their first hero. For Undead, the buffed of Dread Lord let the Raider Runs was not that terrible. For Night Elf, although Lawliet did a AK in this tournament, but we can see Night Elves are weakening.

However, all we talk about became history, patch 1.30 will be coming very soon.

Thanks for the players, they were giving a a lot of exciting and interesting game for us, let fight again in patch 1.30.