Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

BREC (One Belt One Road international eSports competition feat Xinhua eSports Grand Finals) is held by Xinhua new media center and Jiaozhou city government, this tournament will be started on 2018 Dec 21st, and the games will be played until Dec 3rd, and War3 is the selected game in this tournament.

(Poster of conference)

For War3, this tournament invite 8 players, including 4 Chinese, 2 Korean and 2 European. Although the Korean and European are having great team, but some great Chinese players, TH000, 120 and Fly will not attend because of personal reason.

Team China lost in the previous clan wars, are Chinese players be able to beat the foreigner in this time?

List of Players (temporary)

Infi (China)
WFZ (China)
Zhouxixi (China)
Colorful (China)
Moon (Korea)
Lyn (Korea)
Foggy (Ukraine)
Orcworker (Belarus)


Schedule of War3

Shandong Jiaozhou Fangyuan Sports Center

Single elimination tournament

(RMB) Tens of thousands


Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

From Dec 21st to Dec 23rd, "One Belt One Road"(OBOR)[1] international eSports competition feat Xinhua eSports Grand Finals will be started at Fangyuan sport center in Jiaozhou city, this tournament includes Fortnite, FIFAOL4 and Warcraft III. By the time, the players and squads from the countries along OBOR will play in the Jiaozhou city.

On the morning of Nov 18th, Xinhua new media center and Jiaozhou city government published this tournaments in a conference which held in JZWenhuaguan(Jiaozhou Citizen Cultural Center).

This tournament will be held from Dec 21st to Dec 23rd at Fangyuan sport center in Jiaozhou city, this tournament includes Fortnite, FIFAOL4 and Warcraft III, and the players and squads from the countries along OBOR are invited. This is an elimination tournament, and the games will be adhered to the principles of objectivity and fairness, based on the latest and most standardized rules of the event for each game, they provide a great tournaments to the players and squads.

The fans in Jiaozhou city can register with the official website and come into the hall, this is chance to see the professional players and squads from Russia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Lithuania, and the games will be play on streams with live, let the fans who are not able to be here can watch the game too.

In the conference, President of China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association Mr. Liu Jin Hua said, this tournament is for the players who are having eSports dreams, and the world is having diverse cultures, so they invited the players from the countries along OBOR, to comply the needs of the world, they believe this is an important and meaningful action.

Jiaozhou city is located at the edge of the land beside The Yellow Sea (West Sea), and this is one of the origin of Chinese Culture, meanwhile, it is one of the first coastal open cities in Shandong Province, so it is called "Golden Jiaozhou". It is an open and creative city,currently, OECD Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Qingdao Jiaodong Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, National Jiaozhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay International Logistics Park and Qingdao Daxie River Provincial Ecotourism Resort are developing in this city, these will be a big property for the high quality economy. With this tournaments, this city may become the eSports city in the North of China.

Jiaozhou is a stop of OBOR with double direction, and a city is always full of creativity. Since 2018, Jiaozhou held The 2nd WESG World E-sports Games Asia Pacific Finals, Tencent 2018 TGA Grand Prix Summer Finals, these two tournaments are having very high quality and levels, based on these experiences, we believe OBOR international eSports competition feat Xinhua eSports Grand Finals will be held successfully. In the future, Jiaozhou city will develop eSports and become a great city of eSports.

[1]One Belt One Road, known as Belt and Road Initiative too, you may check in Wikipedia.