Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The registration of WGL Minor League, April race, Open Division, which held by NetEase and Blizzard was opened at 1200 on 17th May (GMT+8). The deadline for registration is at 1200 on 21st May (GMT+8). This tournament is holding only the 1v1 games. Meanwhile, the players who score more points before 15th May will have priority to be selected to participate in the Open Division.

Remark: If you don't have a Chinese Blizzard account, please contact GLH on discord, then provide your Player ID, NetEase ID, race, QQ Number, Nationality, Passport Number to the Admin, Aragorn Wong, we will help you to contact NetEase, they will help you to register the game.
Discord of GLH: https://discordapp.com/invite/PdaBwSJ


Group stage: 
32 players will be divided into 4 groups for the Bo3(Best of 3) and double elimination format, the top 2 players of each group will advance to the Ro8(Round of 8).

Ro8(Round of 8): 
These 8 players will be divided into 2 groups for Bo3 and double elimination format, the top 2 players in each group will advance to the Semi Final.

Semi Final and Grand Final: 
The top 4 players will play Bo5 and single elimination format to decide the winner.


(Mon) 27th May   Open Division-Group A & B-The first three rounds
(Tue) 28th May   Open Division-Group C & D-The first three rounds
(Wed) 29th May   Open Division-Group A, B, C, D-The last two rounds
(Thu) 30th May   Pro Division-Group Stage
(Fri) 31st May   Open & Pro Division-Ro8
(Sat) 1st Jun   Open Division-Semi Final & Grand Final
(Sun) 2nd Jun   Pro Division-Semi Final & Grand Final


Players are requested to verify the registration information when registering to avoid any registration failure. After the players submit the registration information, please keep the mobile phone on. Our customer service will call the players to confirm in the order of the points until the 32 slots are confirmed. The organizing committee will review the accounts of all players, if any violations are found, they will be disqualified and the empty slot will be replenished from the registered players in the order of the points.

After all the information have been confirmed, we will announce the match up and schedule on 22nd March. By the time, all the players participating in this online qualifier will be in the official QQ group chat. The referee will be responsible for check-in and tournaments according to the published match up and schedule.

Note: The match up are arranged by the official. The players are required to check-in on time, and the player who have not checked-in on time will be deemed to have abstained.

* The top 4 players in Open Division will advance to the professional division in next month.

About WGL Minor League

The WGL Minor League is designed to select players for WGL, it's a new online tournament. The tournament set up an open division to provide young player with access to the professional league. From February to May 2019, and July to October 2019, there will be 8 competition. Each competition will have two groups of open and professional groups.

The professional division has a total of 16 players. In the first competition, 16 players will be selected according to the points in 2018 successively. The last 4 players will be eliminated in each competition and the top 4 players in the open group will be promoted.

The Open division has a total of 32 players, and selects the top players (according to the points) in the form of self-registration.

For more information about the Warcraft III Gold League, please continue to pay attention to the War3station, NetEase, Gornlan Harbor.