Game 2 between Lucifer and TH000 in WGL'18 Sep Qualifier
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Game 1:

Game 1 between Lucifer and TH000 in WGL'18 Sep Qualifier
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ShenKui Cup is hosted by one of the best Chinese Human player, Infi, Infi name this minor tournaments with Zhang Hao Han's nickname, ShenKui. At Aug 26th, Infi typed out GG in very short time on the Master's Coliseum, and this tournament is sponsored by Shenkui, and what Infi did had bad effect to the host, sponsor, organizer and the audience. Therefore, Infi decide to use the prizes he got from Master's Coliseum (RMB 34000 after duty give), and host a tournament with ShenKui's name, for apologize and compensate for regret.

ShenKui Cup have invited the great players from China, Korea, Europe, including Moon, 120, Fly, the great players are coming to the tournament and giving us interesting games.

At the same time, Infi will cast the game for the whole tournaments, you're welcome to come and watch on Infi stream.

Invited players:

China: 120, Colorful, Fly100%, XiaoKK, Zhouxixi, Tbc_bm, Sini

Korea: FoCuS, Sok, Chaemiko,, Lawliet, Lucifer, Moon, Lyn (to be determined)

Europe: Foggy


Oct 9th to Oct 10th, Oct 13th to Oct 14th, start at 1900 for everyday (GMT +8)

**AWL have change their schedule, change to every Thursday and Friday

GG cup schedule
Oct 9th              |         Oct 10th         |         Oct 13th         |         Oct 14th
16 to 8 upper half    |    16 to 8 bottom half    |              8 to 4              | Semi final & Final

BO3 for 16 to 8, BO5 for 8 to 4 and Semi final, BO7 for the Final
With single elimination


Infi :






Champion: RMB 15,000

Runner-up: RMB 8,000

Third place: RMB 5000

Fourth Army: RMB 2000

5-8th Place: RMB 1000

Total: RMB 34,000