Master's Coliseum Korean Qualifier had finished last night. Before we go forward to the game, it is worth mentioning about the narrator, ScBoy (Xiaose and F91), one of the best narrator team in Chinese Starcraft, featuring our sponsor and Zhou Ning, a narrator of warcraft's WCG.

First, there is no surprise that Lyn defeated FoCuS while Lawliet defeated Chaemiko. But in the winner bracket, Lawliet cracked down Lyn by losing the 1st round and had a comeback, resulting 2-1 and stopping the winning streak that Lyn had against him in this year.

In the lower bracket, FoCuS seems out of state today, unluckily he meets Chaemiko, the Human player who is famous in countering Orc players. As a result, FoCuS became the first player who quit last night, he failed to defeat God[1].

In the first half of this year, Chaemiko knocked down Lyn many times by using TR(tower rush) with Firelord, and he was using the same tactic last night, but we know that Xiaose is famous DUNAI[2], he just showed us how powerful he is. After a great TR, Lyn's base almost collapse, and Xiaose said "Come on! Human already won!" after a moment, Chaemiko's Firelord went back to the battlefield with low HP and got killed by Lyn. Well...congratulations Lyn!!!

After that, Lyn went through to the grand final with Lawliet, with Lawliet starting 1-0, because of the winner bracket. In this game,we could see Lawliet was well prepared, ending the game in last round with the map LR, double killing Lyn in one night.

The audiences were discussing after the game, was Lyn out of state? Or was Lawliet playing too well? They have a conclusion that it was actually Xiaose's DUNAI!

[1] In China, the players and audiences like to call Lyn as "LynÁ•ě" , means the God, Lyn.
[2] There is a situation when someone is confident and proclaim someone definitely win the game, but after his announcement, the situation reversed, the situation is considered as DUNAI in china.