Author: War3station
Translator: Gornlan Harbor

In Master's Colisuem Finals, Infi lost the BO5 series to 120 in 20 minutes, and this unbelievable series became the shortest finals in War3 history.

Do you remember the first game between them? 120 was a new man, and Infi defeated him so easy; and now, both of them are standing on the top of Warcraft III, and fight for the world champion.

They will continue their story tonight, their battle was like the battle between Moon, Grubby and Sky.

Infi was the biggest enemy of 120

In patch 1.28, Undead players were so suffering in UD vs HU. At that time, 120 has become a leader of Undead, in GCS, he defeated Moon, Remind, and moved into the Grand Finals, but Infi was a mountain in front of him, and it's too hard for 120 to walk through it.

In that series, Infi used the skills that make him famous, Towers and Tanks, and this made 120 so suffering. In the last round, LR, Infi had four Gold Mine to fight against 120 with only a single Gold Mine. After the series, a lot of audiences said 120 that he didn't know how to play against Tanks and Towers, and 120 also didn't get a win on Infi for long time.

Revenge in Finals, 120 turn over the situation

And this situation kept happening until the GCS Summer' 2017, in the group stage, Infi won the game with the incredible Footmen surrounding, force 120 stayed in the base for minutes.

In the round 8 to 4, Infi won again. However, the situation was turned over in the next series, the Grand Finals. Seems like 120 found out the methods to fight against Infi, he found out the timing before Infi had a team of Tier 3 units, he got the timing in time and held the chance, got two wins in a row.

But Infi was being Infi, he is a skillful and very experienced player, he adjusted himself and got back 2 wins in a row. However, in the last round, Infi's Goblin Shredder cut down the trees beside the main base, and cut down the barrier in front of 120 at the same time, 120 held the chance, and got the title. After this series, the situation between them was turned over.

Infi adopted a strategy of overcoming the strong by applying soft methods in NSL,
and Infi called himself the top Human player in HU vs UD.

This case proofed that the Grand Finals has effected Infi, because Infi changed his strategies first. UD is a very strong race in direct fight, so Infi chose to avoid direct fight, he summoned Panda as second hero and went for the base run. If we compare Panda with MK, MK is a better hero in direct fight, but Panda is the better hero in base run, so if we want to play with Tanks, Panda might be the better choice.

Finally, Infi defeated 120 in NSL and moved to the offline tournaments, after the games, Infi called himself that the top player in HU vs UD.

Unbelievable GG, one of the biggest controversial for Infi

However, the changes of patches and the Lighting Shield made Infi so suffering, and his action became the big controversial.

In the Master's Coliseum Finals, Infi lost 2 rounds in a row, in the third round, Infi creep the 5-3-3 (Creeps' level) creeps camp at the opening, and the Lighting Shield made Infi so annoying and GG immediately,  this action made the commentators, the audiences and his opponent so stunned. After that, a lot of cursing and blaming came to Infi. Infi played Warcraft III more than ten years, and this is the first time that Infi so helpless.

In fact, this happened in NSL'2017 group stage, Infi did a same thing when he played against 120, he typed out GG immediately after 120 stole his level 5 creep.

We may not see HU vs UD in patch 1.30

It's sad to say that, Master's Coliseum Grand Final may be the last HU vs UD nowadays.

Human are so hard to expand, and Human with single Gold Mine was an ATM of UD. In this situation, Infi is so helpless and he choose Orc to play against Undead. In the WGL Oct qualifier, Infi proofed that he is good Orc player even though the opponent is 120.

The situation is changing so fast between them, and Infi may be use Orc to play against 120 tonight, let's watch the game and see what will happen.