For the Team SiLence(SiL) eleven anniversary, SiL(host) and war3station(organizer) are hosting SiL Entertainment Cup,and the tournament started last night, Foggy, Colorful, Lawliet and BO, these four Night Elf Players defeated all of the other player and moved to Semi Final, what a game by the NE players.

WhO has been defeated in second round, Foggy stopped Fast winning streak

After a year, WhO play in the tournament again, seems like he wasn't satisfaction with be an anchor. However,  WhO was out of tournament for long time, defeated by Fast in the second round. Fast was on fire last night, defeated the best HU player in Europe, Blade after he knocked WhO, unfortunately, he met Foggy, and playing against NE is his weakness, so he defeated by Foggy with big lost and Foggy moved to the Semi-Final.

King Of UD in Tieba played with intelligent, Colorful get the risk win

After the representative from the "most clever group" Tieba[1], 9deathless defeated atheistPAsiaGirl, 9deathless almost knocked down Colorful with non-mainstream tactics. He used Meat Wagon with Zeppelin to attack the Entangle Gold Mine, max Necromancer, fast tech and Gargoyles without hero, these tactics only theory on the Tieba, but he showed us that how we can play with this tactics. Colorful used his micro to get the game control back, these tactics are unfathomable but the audience just worrying Colorful's IQ.

Little NE surprised the audience and he become happier

A little NE player with ID "gnaycigam" Defeated Chaemiko, Romantic and moved to the Semi Final, the audience thought this is are great players with another ID, Is he Elegant? CoolXian? Life? Una? The answer is NO, he is BO, we couldn't believe that BO make it, he wasn't at good at playing formidable battle, but he make it, Congratulations BO.

Tonight(Aug 5th), 7pm(GMT+8), the tournament will be continue. Stay with us and watch together.


As the title, this is just a short chat between them when they was watching the games. So, there is not too much details here, take it easy and enjoy.

Please turn on the subtitles.