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I am writing at the airport, I am going back to Shanghai.

I didn’t close my eyes for nearly 20 hours, after I supervised my children's report about WCG Korean qualifier, I walked 2.7 kilometers to go back to the hotel from the mTw team studio at 4 am.

When I reached my room, I took a shower and collect my things. I was ready to sleep for 4 hours and get up again for the mTw Legendary Cup. However, I got the message suddenly: LawLiet was disqualified.

I opened my WeChat, and I saw Huahua, Korean players, Newbee Club came to me, so I started my work again without any rest. After I checked it, I found that this was caused by a small mistake.

It’s true that the terms for players said the players must play on BN.
In the Korean competition, everyone will be in a channel of Discord (Like China's YY), but this chat room is very open and others can come in.

Lucifer's ping is high because it's play on Asian server and he is in Germany. So, he asked in the channel: Can I play on the NetEase platform?
And there was a person answered him: Yes!
Lucifer thought he was a referee, at the same time, Soin and Sok also saw it.

So the dramatic thing started. Except Moon, because his games was being live broadcast which arranged by the referee, the other players felt that it didn't matter where they play, and NetEase platform is their most used platform nowadays.

So most of the games were played on NetEase platform, until the last game of LawLiet vs Lucifer, the referee found out.

Then, the players got the punishment within two hours after the incident, and the referee tagged everyone in the Discord channel and he directly cancel the quota, and he even didn't mention the re-game.

Lucifer felt very, very stressed and guilty, because he felt that he had harmed the other players. And he had been smoking for half day after the incident. We comforted him to let him slept for a while before the mTw Legendary Cup. If there is no mTw Legendary Cup, I believe he would rather drink and paralyze himself.

I personally think that they still have the chance for discussion about this case. LawLiet and Lucifer violated the rules, they can accept the penalty, but disqualified a quota is way too serious. Although changing the platform is violated the rules, but it did not affect the fairness of the game. The players did this for success of the games as well.

I hope that the WCG Organizing Committee can cancel the disqualification and change the punishment to warning LawLiet and the other players.

From: Kekelove in Berlin

From Keke's Weibo
Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

On 8th April , NetEase officially announced that the 2019 NeXT spring online game is officially opened.

In this new season, NetEase will bring together Onmyoji, Identity V, Inhuman Academy, Westward Journey online 2 classic version, Westward Journey online 2 free version, Fantasy Westward Journey PC version, Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Games, Chu Liuxiang Mobile Games, Justice Online Treacherous Waters, Minecraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Warcraft III, StarCraft II, , The King of Fighters XIV, Dota Auto Chess, there are totally 16 games, they are combining with professional e-sports and entertainment carnival.

At the same time, this event is dedicated to creating more interesting e-sports content, experience and services for game enthusiasts. The event will be play with online qualifier and offline tournament, and this whole event will be playing for more than a month!

NeXT, is the shortform of Netease E-sports X Tournament, it is the first comprehensive e-sports event of Netease to collect a variety of popular games. Previously, it has successfully held two events in the summer and winter in last year, meanwhile, the total number of audiences in these two events has exceeded 32,000, the total PV exposure of the events are over 700 million, and  there were also 18 live broadcast and video platforms were recommending throughout the whole process. Additionally, the hast tag on Weibo, #网易电赛NeXT has also exceeded 230 million.

More game categories, more possibilities for love

Compared with the previous events, NeXT Spring has included the popular games in this spring, like Dota Auto Chess, Westward Journey online 2 classic version, Westward Journey online 2 free version, and even the popular global game Minecraft has also joined NeXT spring, this event enriched the content and provided the audiences with more exciting event and viewing options.

Nearly 40 popular and professional players announced that they will help the event to add more powerful support.

Including the Special Contribution Award of Overwatch, 赤小兔, the Old Boy of Starcraft II, 黄旭东, Onmyoji, 大触冰冷之海, Popular caster of Hearthstone, 娇娇, Minecraft, 小橙子姐姐, Warcraft III, Qiaolin and TeD, etc. They are calling all the audiences and players to come and join!

Longer events, creative interactions in online and offline, more exclusive memories for your game

The online event is longer than a month, from 8th to 17th May, they believe the longer event provides the audiences with more chances to watch the game, and it also gives players to have more time to show their competitive strength. At the same time, in order to increase the interactions of the event, the event is fully upgraded in online and offline experience. For Online, it includes prize quiz, collecting card, quiz in the game, etc. For Offline, the interactions include professional e-sports and entertainment carnivals, bringing a dual upgrade experience for game lovers.

Online---Warcraft III : Star players invitation tournament: 16th May - 19th May

Offline---Warcraft III: 6th June and 8th June, 05:00pm to 09:30pm (GMT +8)

More prizes, more bonuses

The NeXT spring has provided big prizes for each games. The total prize of the whole event is more than 2 million yuan.

Among them, the total prize for the clan war of Onmyoji is more than 300,000 yuan, and the champion team can receive the glory reward of the new skin. On the other hand, Identity V Master Challenge will invite famous teams to participate in the competition, and the total prize money will exceed 300,000 yuan as well.

In addition to the fixed prize of 200,000 yuan, a part of NeXT Dracula limited fashion sales will also be included to the prizes for the Inhuman Academy QwQ Cup S3. For the Fantasy Westward Journey PC version will have the total prize of 300,000 yuan. Players and audiences of the tournament will also receive numerous in-game rewards.

China UnionPay - Quick Pass becomes the official chief payment partner and the official chief partner Happy Valley.

NeXT 2019 spring has commercial cooperation with well-known manufacturers and brands. China UnionPay-Quick Pass becomes the official chief payment partner and the official chief partner of Happy Valley, Li Ning served as the official chief apparel partner, and there are also official designated partner 来电科技(imlaidian), 攀升 and so on. NeXT constantly seeks to upgrade and break through, with the great progress and cooperation, we can see the recognition from major manufacturers to this event.

NetEase esports X tournament 2019 upgraded the event category, they also optimized the schedule and the interactions in online and offline, and there are more exploration in business cooperation as well. We believe that NeXT will bring more surprises to all parties during the two-month event.

For more details, please visit the official website: next.163.com

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