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In the Yule Cup final, 120 defeated Infi 4-3 to win the championship. In the last round, 120's acolyte scouting made a great achievements, but because of this, some people questioned about this scouting after the game. So what was in 120's mind at the time of the game?

Let's take a look at what 120 is saying.

Q: Hello, 120, first of all, thank you for accepting the interview of War3station, would you like to say hello to your fans first?

120: Hello.

Q: After a half-year low tide, you won the championship of Yule cup and returned to the throne like a formal king. What is your mood at this time?

120: Of course I am very happy for this, because I practiced a lot before the games, but still I had no confidence to win. After the game, I feel relieved.

Q: For this tournament, you said you had been practicing for 500 sets before the game. How did you do such a large amount of training for 1 week? Do you feel boring during the practice?

120: Originally, I had nothing to do at home recently, and I agreed to participate in an event which invited by NetEase, but I didn't go at last because of this tournament, and I wanted to study seriously the details in the game again, to see if I have the strength to win.

So recently I played against Night Elf on the ladder every day, if the ladder became very few players, I researched the details with Life. I didn't feel boring in the process, because if there is a detail that can be developed, I will try it in the next set. If it succeeds, I will be very happy.

Q: In the previous interview, you said there is only one advantaged map for Undead in the current maps pool. What is your understanding of map balance for current maps pool? What is the balance map in your opinion?

120: After a lot of tournaments, I found that the two new maps, NI and CH are simply Undead nightmares. It is really impossible to win against Night Elves and Orcs, especially their Air Force.

In patch 1.29, the most advantaged maps for Undead are AI and TR when play against Night Elf, but those two maps has been taken away, so the current maps pool is really bad for Undead.

95% of Night Elves will start with KotG first, so, Undead can hold in the game to the late game on TM, compared with other maps, TM is easier to play for Undead.

Q: In the Grand Final, you had a hard series, but you won the RW.Infi with Night Elf with 4:3 at last. What do you think of Infi's Night Elf? How is he different from several professional Night Elves in NE vs UD? In your opinion, Infi and other professional Night Elves, who is more difficult for you?

120: In current patch, this race is really suitable for Infi, including Moon, TH000. In this patch, Night Elf have to focus on their operation of economy and resources, so I think Infi = Moon> TH000 = Lawliet.

Q: In fact, in the last match, your acolyte scouting is very quintessential. Can you talk about the scouting? Why did you scout with that route?

120: After the patches change, UD vs NE has completely changed. Undead used to suppress against the Night Elves. But now, we are forced to expand and play the late game, so sometimes, it is more free when you are scouting.

If I say it is a process, I don’t know if I will be misunderstood, because there are 80% chances that the Acolyte will go back and expand.

When I started the game, I was thinking the game that when I was playing LawLiet, he chose to expand very early, and he had gained an advantage, so I think that Infi is also likely to play this way, and nowadays, the Night Elves basically are not creeping the 5-3-3 or Mercenary camp first. When I didn't scout him at the first two location I scouted, I was still a little panicked, so I had to make a choice, if I still didn't scout him, I would go expanding at the direction 4 o'clock.

Q: What do you think about Sok? You said that Sok has 50% chances to win you in the game, is that true?

120: I am looking forward about Sok, because I always practiced with him a year ago. He is a very powerful player when he was practicing, although his result is not very good in tournaments, but usually this kind of players will stand out sooner or later.

Q: Let's talk about some topics beside this tournament. What is your opinion on the Gargoyles? How do you think about the strategy of mTw.Lucifer, Dread Lord first, fast expand and mass Gargoyles?

120: Recently, I didn't see that Lucifer was playing against Night Elves with mass Gargoyles, at least I didn't see it. There are too many defects in this strategy. It is not a question of how he chose in the late game, but this strategy make Undead doesn't have too much space of micro[1].

Remark[1] by GLH: Space of Micro: It's a word I heard from Chinese players, when you have a good enough micro, the units with bigger space of micro will beat the units with smaller space of micro, for example: Mass Dryads could beat Mass Footmen, because Dryads have Slow and range attack, Mass Raiders could beat Mass Grunts, because Raiders has Ensnare.

Q: In the coming April, Happy will participate in an European offline tournament. There are Lucifer, Check, Chaemiko and Foggy as well, so are you optimistic about Happy?

120: Yes. I think Happy is a very stable player. Basically, he will not lose to the players who are weaker than him.

Q: Let us talk something relax: What is your favorite food? What is your favorite beverage? What is your favorite animal? What is your favorite plant? Which player do you want to meet and beat him in the game?

Food: Potatoes
Beverage: Cola
Animal: cat
Plant: Prickly Pear
Player: I heard that TH000 is very eager to meet me. Hey Tolkien, you know how to do right?

Q: Ok, thanks again to Newbee.eer0 for an interview with War3station. What else do you want to say to your fans?

120: I am very happy that my audiences always support me when I am in the game. No matter how difficult Undead is, I will stick to this race. I will let you like Undead because of me, but not because Undead likes me.

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