In the previous month race(2018 Sep), Infi used Human, Orc and Night Elf to play and get the championship, and he chose to use Undead this time. Before the games, we thought Infi would be bullied by the NE in the same group, however, Infi was being Infi, the king of Random Race, defeated Foggy with his micro. Was Lucifer crying in the toilet? He was defeated by Foggy in GG Cup (ShenKui Cup) recently......

Let's see how was Infi fronting himself after the games.


TKOM is sponsored by Mr.Sun, and hosted by War3station, we hope we can find a best players on each map. This tournament will start at Oct 16th, the great players on the platform and the profession players will fight for the prizes and the title, The King of Map.

In the first week, we had played on LT, a map we very familiar, at last, TeD + Hainiu defeated all the opponents and get the first place. And now we are having TR the second week, TR is a very classical 2v2 map, we believe we had a lot of interesting games and stories on this map, and we will play and revisit this classical map.


Registration time: 2018, Oct 21st to Oct 22nd (GMT +8)
Time for tournament: 2018 Oct 23rd, 1900 (GMT +8)
Format: 2v2, BO1 and single elimination, the first eight players will move to Elimination part, and the first two player will get the prizes.

**Details for participant: 
Participant have to join the group chat on QQ (807423172) after your registration, and keep online on QQ.


First place: RMB 800
Second place: RMB 500