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Dec 5th is the first day of WGL's round 8 to 4 (Quarter Final), and we will have Fly vs Moon, and Lyn vs FoCuS.

Before the game, most of the audiences predict Lyn and Moon will win in this round, of course this is reasonable. In the last three days, Fly asked TH000 to practice with him, and the result is very terrible. Fly was defeated by TH with 5-29.

Unbeatable strategy
Fly was going crazy

Is there any secret of TH played against Orc...?

Nope, TH was using the same strategy, summon KOG first and expand in Tier 1, and go for double BR for mass Huntresses, Archers or Mountain Giants and Dryads.

However, this strategy let Fly went crazy, he couldn't find a solution for this. At the beginning, TH lost two rounds on CH, after that, TH started playing seriously with the unbeatable strategy. Sometimes there were MGs, sometimes there were mass Huntresses, and even the KOG killed Fly's hero in the early game. Fly only got some wins when TH used Talons.

When TH was laughing so hard, Fly was going crazy, and said, this may be the "most balanced" patch ever.

Orc needs a completely new strategy

As our experiences, all the players would kept the strategy in secret, sometimes there were some "smoke bombs".

In the games that Fly vs TH000's NE, Fly tried Blade Master, Shadow Hunter, Far Seer first, and tried different strategies, like Raiders, Walkers, Headhunters, or TC second with Shamans. We could see that Fly was trying so hard to find a new strategy for ORC vs NE.

Seems Shamans are not the solution

Currently, NE has four advantages: they have powerful control, large vision, and they can expand very easily, recover in short time.

Powerful Control: Entangle by KOG is a nightmare of Orc, we always see that KOG win the fight on a whole army.

Large Vision: The Owl (Sentinel) and Ultravision let NE has a very great vision in the game, Lawliet used this advantage to kill Focus' hero in the recent games.
If BM went to scout, he might be killed probably; if BM didn't go to scout, Orc would lose all the information on the map.

Expand Easily: In the previous patch, NE is hard to expand when they played against Orc, because BM's scout is just too good. But now, KOG is too strong, BM has to hide from KOG.

Recover Soon: The Moon Wells effect the situation so much. After a fight, the Orcs need to recover for long time, and NE can recover very soon, and they even can finish a big camp during Orcs are recovering.

Never give up
HUM'S TR may be harder than this

Although Fly lost so much time, he is still finding the solution. On War3 history, the Orc had gone though a lot of hard games, whether Tower Rush by HUM, or NE's Talons.

When Fly was streaming, he said this is harder than HUM's TR(tower rush) during that time. By the time, he practiced with Sky so much times, and he didn't get a win. Beast Master with Tier2 TR, Firelord TR, AM and MK with Tier 2 TR, and Fly has gone though these situation.

VS Moon
Fly may need miracle to win

It's sure that Moon's NE is stronger than TH's NE, it look impossible for Fly to win tonight.

After WCG 2006, Sky said he went crazy when he was practicing with TeD, resulting 1-8 or 2-10, he had no solution to play against the Crypt Fiends. However, when he played against Gostop, Sky went for Double Barrack and mass Footmen, and miracle happened.

Fly may need a counter strategy and hope that Moon made some mistakes.

So, let's see if there is a miracle.


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Short interview after the games in WGL.
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Short interview after the games in WGL.
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Short interview after the games in WGL.
Please turn on the subtitles

Short interview after the games in WGL.
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