1. Happy's fans donated USD 3,000 to Happy to participate in WGL.
  2. Colorful gets the last Chinese spot for WGL offline stage!
  3. XiaoY Cup #15 registration has started.
  4. War3station buff?

Happy's fans donated USD 3,000 to Happy to participate in WGL.

According to this table(click here to the LINK), Happy's Russian fans have gathered 201,800 Russian Ruble (above USD 3,000) to Happy to participate in WGL.

This donating organisation is organized by a Happy's big fans, Cacxa. According to Cacxa's post on VK, he would donate more, if there's no enough donates.

Сразу отвечу сомневающимся, что сумма не соберётся. Соберётся! Папочка (cacxa26) догонит до 200к.
"If someone say that donaters can't make it, It's gathering! Daddy (cacxa26) will make it to 200k."

From the post, we can image how hard that Cacxa is tyring to get Happy to WGL. Like this.

This Memes is originally made by ShaDai (a Russian UD), click here to the original post.

Before it happens, we still don't know what will be going on, stay with us and we will give you the latest news in the future!

Colorful gets the last Chinese spot for WGL offline stage!

After the WGL May qualifier Open Division Semi Finals on yesterday, Colorful wins the last spot in WGL offline stage!

Before this Semi Finals, Colorful and Linguagua were having 30 points, and there was only a remaining chance to get points, the WGL May Qualifier. However, in the Semi Finals yesterday, Colorful was on Fire, playing with Moon-style and defeated Check and HawK without a single losing map, he wins the May qualifier and gets 4 more points. At the same time, Linguagua was defeated by HawK, and gets "only" the third place and 2 points.

The complete participants list.

Since Colorful got the last spot, we have the complete participants list! Thanks to Liquipedia for sending us the table, and here is the table.

The offline event of WGL will start from 22nd June, and the last day will be on 30th June, and that's on Sunday! Are you ready for the Finals? Remember to stay with your favourite casters!

XiaoY Cup #15 registration has started.

The XiaoY Cup #15 has opened for registration, and here are the information for you.

Registration Time: 2nd-4th June

Games Schedule: 5th-6th June (0700 pm, UTC+8)

Format: Single Elimination and Bo3, Grand Final will be BO5.

Map pool: EI, CH, TM, LR, AZ, TS, NI

The Prizes Pool has been doubled!

Originally, XiaoY Cup would want to sponsor 20 tours, but there are too many tournaments in the coming days. So the organizers merge the last six sessions into three sessions, and the prizes pool of these three sessions have been doubled.

Champion: 2000 yuan
Runner-up: 1,000 yuan
Third place: 600 yuan
Fourth place: 400 yuan

Total: 4,000 yuan

War3station buff?

(Original Author: War3station, Translator: GLH, click here to the source.)

On 1st June 1st (Beijing time), War3station and CNwar3 officially became the sponsor of the Team LP. They are sponsoring Team LP's Hearthstone, StarCraft 2 and Warcraft Department. War3station has always been big media in Chinese Warcraft III field, and they are also the a professional and authoritative media. They believe the teamwork with Team LP will get them the great benefits for both parties.

On the day of the official announcement, Team LP is also won all the games in Hearthstone, StarCraft II and Warcraft III.

The first is the game in Warcraft III, LP.Colorful to withstand the pressure, with two 3-0 victories over Check and Hawk won the WGL May qualifier, and got the last Chinese spot!

And then, there was the Hearthstone's game. Team LP swept team SN with 3-0 and locked the seat of the playoffs. Even the players themselves have acknowledged the sponsor's buff.

In the Starcraft II, team LP won their strong opponent, team OG with 4-3 and won a valuable victory. Team LP is currently ranked 5th in the regular season.

After the official announcement, team LP won these three hard battles! What a BUFF!

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  1. 15sui and Romantic will play for LP in the future!
  2. HuG's out from the offline! Colorful and Linguagua for the last spot.

15sui and Romantic will play for LP in the future!

After the announcement on Weibo today, 15sui and Romantic officially started to play for Team LP. 15sui, also known as 14sui and 生者 on Liquipedia and in China, he is a very young player from China. Since he is always called as  "生者", so let us explain for you the meaning of these words.

生 means living, pronouns as "sheng". And 者 is a suffix right here, like '-er', '-ist', pronouns as "zhe". However, according to the Official Announcement by Team LP, they set his ID as 15sui. I guess we may change our habit and call him as 15sui in the future. 

Official Announcement by Team LP

Here is the official announcement from Team LP that they published on Weibo.
(Translator: GLH, Click here to Source.)

On 1st June (Beijing time), 北京老炮儿电子竞技俱乐部 (LaoPao e-sport club) is here to announce that the two 浪漫 (ID: Romantic) and 生者 (ID: 15sui) officially joined the Team LP Warcraft Division.

The Human player, Romantic has gotten the end of his punishment and officially joined team LP Warcraft III division today. Romantic has always been one of the top Human players in China, therefore, his participation is also an important addition to the strength of our Warcraft III division.

On the other hand, our another player, the 17-year-old genius player "15sui" also officially joined team LP Warcraft III division. In the following time, 15sui will be studying and representing to play Warcraft III for team LP simultaneously.

At this point, we wish our new players can achieve good results. Keep moving, Team LP!

HuG's out from the offline! Colorful and Linguagua for the last spot.

After the games yesterday, we have the top 4 for the Pro division and Open division in the WGL May qualifier. And today, we are going to have the Finals of the Open division

Since HuG was defeated and dropped from the May qualifier, he became completely no chance for the offline stage. At the same time, Colorful and Linguagua are both qualified as the second place from their group.

According to WGL the points system, Colorful and Linguagua are tied with same points. Both of them are having 30 points (including May Ladder). Which means the games today will decide that who will get the last Chinese spot of WGL offline stage. According to the points system, the first place will get 4 points, and the second place will get 3 points, but the third and fourth place will get 2 points (there are no match for third in monthly qualifier).

Yesterday, while TH000 was streaming, he predicted that both of them will lose to their opponent in Semi Finals, and we will have an additional game for the last spot. 

Was TH000 DUNAI-ing? Or it is a good prediction? Let's stay with your favourite casters and watch the game later!