Author: RN.Laofen (War3station.Laofen)
Translator: GLH

In start with, I would love to ask you a question: Is War3 media important to us?

1. Of course, it's very important. Media is the source of information for all players and gamers, you can get information from the media, and arrange your schedule.
2. I don't think so, I don't follow the news, but I am watching player streams like TH's, Infi's, TeD's, Fly's, I will not miss any interesting tournament.

Yes, media may be unimportant to players,  but it is to our entire scene, hwhat should we do to let others know that War3 is still alive? Big Streams? Forums? Or media coverage? In my personal opinion, all of them are important. However, we still need a place to collect, create and propagate.

How many lively cities have become silence, how many shiny stars are darkened? Thanks to you and me, War3 can be still alive in this era.

If we want to talk about War3 media, we have to recall a really important name--RN. This website reached it's peak between 2006 and 2007, and got the eSports Award in 2008. This is a great website to War3 players, however, for some reasons, this website fell down rapidly. For a lot of players, RN should be a great place, but RN.War3 didn't get paid for long time, and RN stopped giving resources to itsWar3 department.

In the past, RN was the paradise for the players, because of the forum and the replay system. However, these were wishes limited to the War3 community. Since RN was bought out, RN became the commercial website. Is RN down? Actually, no.

All the media are judged by three standards, the first one is IP, second, contents, and the third one are the promotion channels. IP can be a media, a name, a man, or an ID. Without any change, RN's forum fell into disuse, and the replay system as well. However, the formal staffs of RN and the audience are still here, the spirit is still alive. Until now, we are still having volunteers that still keep updating War3 news. In 2013 years, I left my job, do you know how I pulled through during the past five years? I just stayed home and played......

Let's come back to the topic. During five years, Tolkien and I kept updating War3 news, especially the past few years, Tolkien carried the whole website alone. Two years ago, our programmer, the formal replay system maker, Flynn, and I created a website called CNwar3, he was focusing on development and I was focusing on updating the contents. CNwar3 is an app, but we only have an iOS version. We tried making a version for Android, but we failed. It's because of me, right here, I have to say sorry to Flynn.

One's ability is limited. Updating the news, collecting information, even creation, composing and PS, sometimes I have to record videos too. Those are very time-consuming. Before War3 is able to become a commercial game, you need bravery and perseverance. Luckily, I am not alone.

After a year, CNwar3 has survived. You may not know about CNwar3, but I believe that you know War3station, I have to borrow a slogan: my game, my turf, my rules. War3station, is a media with attitude. Since Dec 8th last year, War3station has provided more than 1,000 news.

With original creation, updated news, organizing tournaments, our audience has slowly been growing. War3 get more resources day by day, and you may look at the schedule, the tournaments are much better than last year, in both quality and quantity. And these, all of these, rely on you and me. If possible, I want to create a website to record everything we have done, and carry all the things we need, tournaments, players, and the Reforged edition coming soon.

So, we have CNwar3.

This name was registered by Flynn when he registered the APP, when he knew that I was going to create a website, he gave me this name. CNwar3 includes all the contents you love, whether you are old fans, or new ones, you can find a hub to express your passion and feelings here.

The line above is for Keke.
(Means the following part is written by Keke)

CNwar3 is a passion by Laofen.
From the planning to production, I put a lot of efforts into it, Laofen has to go another department to get paid for War3, and the technical department didn't spent their time on this website, for a company, this is not a commercial project, because we have only three of us are working full-time on War3 content.

So, I consider it is a present to War3, from the staff in War3station, so we use all our efforts into it. We are so thankful that we will have the Reforged edition, I think we will get great results.

This is the part dedicated to news, this part will be updated sooner than War3station, and it will have more interesting content.

We have references from the other website,s so we will update the match tonight and the score in time.

This is the area for videos and popular posts in forum.

Interviews hub, you may see their opinion here.

Everyone's requested this, so we created a part for players' profile.

We carry on with the spirit of RN, here is the forum. And we are designing about the names, this will  come soon.

The first 88 registered users will get the manga avatar by the War3station painter (Please give us your screenshot, manuscript of manga avatar, and this event will start on Nov 7th )

Meanwhile, the contents are still being updated, our staff is very limited, sorry about that.

This is a website for War3 players and fans, and hopefully also for new comers to the world of War3, to let them know about it. 
Please, take a look at it.

(Online events are not open, please pay attention to @War3station on Weibo (@魔坛情报局), you know it, right?)


Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

At Nov 4th 7pm (GMT+8), W League First Division will be continued, and Colorful's master-- Zhouxixi, Xiaokk and Sok will be playing in the games tonight. Currently, Zhouxixi is resulting 1-1 and he is the fifth player on the scoreboard, so he still has a big chance to fight for the playoffs.

Match up tonight
Nov 4th



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