In 2018, we have a lot of tournament, W league, Master's Coliseum, Clan War in NeXT Warcraft III, WGL, but, Shen Kui said next year will be the big year of Warcraft III in Weibo, Why?

Zhang Hao Han (Shen Kui's name)
You guys don't blame on Infi, I didn't blame on him too, I hope Infi can play nicely next time, he is just being himself. After the game, Infi made a apologize to me, but it' ok, I said that I know your f**king personality. This is similar to me too, see you Master Coliseum next year, next year will be a Warcraft Year, I hope everyone continue supporting Infi.

Then we were thinking so hard for the Warcraft year, and we think this may be the answer, Warcraft III: Remastered.

So formidable

In the beginning of the year, Blizzard published version 1.29 with no indication, they added the update that we awaited for long time, widescreen support, and they had been working on the balance of the this game. These action let a lot of audiences and fans felt confusing, because the last balances change before verison 1.29 was happened in 2011.

After that, Blizzard published version 1.30 in half of year, the changing this time is very large, and they modify the tech three of every races. However, a lot of fans and audiences said that is impossible for Warcraft IV, so these situation are directing to the Warcraft III: Remastered, is the remastered edition coming?

Seems like our supposition are not unreasonable, recently, there are foreign media said Warcraft III: Remastered may be publish in BlizzCon 2018!
BlizzCon 2018 will be host at Nov 2nd (Nov 3rd for Beijing) at Anaheim Convention Center & Arena, USA, and the ticket for two days are 199 US dollar.

Currently, we still don't know about the truth of these, but we believe that Blizzard will surprise us, because Warcraft III is too active in this year.


【NeXT】Warcraft III offline tournament will start in the end of September in Guang Zhou, both teams are preparing for this fight with very hard. Recently, they chose their leaders too.

Leader is the soul of a team, they can influence to their team in the tournament. First, there are no any dispute for Team Korea, because Moon is having great standing in Korea. Recall the history of WCG, Moon was playing well even he was playing against with great players in Starcraft and LOL, became the Team Korea and got the Nation Cup, it's easy to see how great is Moon for Korea.

For Team China, the responsibility of Leader goes to the host[1], TH000. TH000 won a lot of titles recently, and he has a lot of experience of big tournament, we believe that he can carry for this team in this tournament.

It is worth mentioning that, in the last clan war between China and Korea in Warcraft III, Infi was accused in China, so he doesn't want to become the leader with resolute in this time, and turn the responsibility to TH000.

On the other hand, Colorful would be the captain of "cheerleader," provided Momentum Aura to his team.

Information of NeXT Warcraft III offline Tournament

Sep 27th to Sep 28th

China: TH000(Leader), Infi, 120, Fly, Colorful
Korea: Moon (Leader), Lyn, Lawliet, FoCuS, Soin

Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center

[1] TH is living in Guang Zhou