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Let’s discuss a serious problem. Every time after an offline game, there will always be fans who are watching or had watched Warcraft III say, "This game has been launched for more than ten years, why still are these old players winning the championship, is there no newcomer in Warcraft III? "

This is how I am thinking. If an old player has played for more than 10 years, and he still keeps practicing, training with the strength of professional players, continues to play in the tournaments. His strength will rise steadily, at least there will be no obvious regression.

Then, as a newcomer, if you can catch up or even surpass the old players within one year, two years, three years, four years, five years of training. Is this a sorrow of the game or the player?

We all know that RTS games are won in a complicated way. They must be driven by a series of factors such as strategies, operations, micro, etc. It takes many years for a newcomer to absorb so many things to fully understand the game.

In my opinion, if the old players don't retire or they aren't lazy, it is very difficult for the newcomers to surpass the old players in the singles tournament. This is the same as the running competition. When you only start to run after your opponent has ran 1000 meters. The only reason that you can surpass your opponent, is the man stops running, or even coming back.

So, I think that the audience’s standard for the newcomers is actually a bit too high…

Original Version(Chinese)

Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

NeXT 2019 Spring Warcraft III which hosted by NetEase will officially start on 16th May. Recently, the grouping of the online qualifier have been released, and many old adversaries including TH000 and Moon have once again gathered.

The grouping is really coincident, and many players have met the same opponent in multiple tournaments in the group stage. In Group A, we have Lyn and FoCuS; in Group B, we have Fly and Life, Colorful and Infi; in Group C, we have 120 and Linguagua; and in Group D, we have TH000 and Moon, WFZ and Soin. From the WGL to Yule Cup, H&W China vs Korea Masters and NeXT, their battles are still going on, and the story between them is far from over.

In addition, the tickets for the NeXT 2019 spring have already been sold. This event will be held in Shanghai Happy Valley. You may also go to the park to play while watching the game. If you want to meet your friends in this event, You must not miss it.



Online qualifier: 16th May - 19th May
Offline event: 13th June - 14th June

Shanghai Happy Valley Overseas Chinese Town Grand Theatre
*The tickets is only available for the Overseas Chinese Town Grand Theatre, if you want to go to Happy Valley, you need to purchase the corresponding ticket.


Online selection: 16 players were divided into 4 groups for Bo3(Best of 3) and double elimination, and the top 2 players in each group advances to the Ro8. In the Ro8, the players will play with double elimination to decide the top 6.

Offline Event: The top 6 players will play with Bo5 and Bubble System (Ascension).


Prize Pool

Total prize money: 100,000 RMB
Champion: 50,000 RMB
Runner-up: 24,000 RMB
Third place: 10,000 RMB
4th place: 8,000 RMB
5th place: 5,000 RMB
6th place: 3,000 RMB

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