Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

OES is hosted by the OES(On ElectronicSport Series) Organizing Committee, aims to create an open and pure electric competition.

This event features highly entertaining projects, and it also provides a complete range of player ratings and passionate events. It is held once a season and it create a ceremony for players.

OES has a lot of collaborative medias and data platforms to provide a comprehensive exposure to the event.

Format and Match up:

Ro8 to Semi Final: BO1
Grand Final: BO3

We will complete the Winner Bracket Round 1(Semi Final) and Loser Bracket Round 1 today, and we will finish the whole tournament tomorrow.


What did we see in the match up? The man named Macsed? SeD, who has transformed StarCraft 2, he feels very lonely, and he may feel that the Human is too poor nowadays, that's why he wants to come to educate the amateurs.

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