Yule Cup Diamond League Race War is a tournament of Warcraft III that hosted by Douyu TV, organized by OBGAME and War3station, the host and organizer hope they are able to give all the gamers a great platform of E-sport with playing this classical game in this tournament.

Douyu TV is working on community of Warcraft III always, and the castes of Warcraft III under Douyu TV have became a great place for gamers, because of them, Warcraft III become popular again.

Yule Cup Race War will be playing at Sep 11th to Sep 16th, sixteen players will represent their each race, fight for the honor and the strongest race.


Team Human: TH000, Chaemiko, Sok, Blade
Team Orc: Soin, Xiaokk, Fly, Lyn
Team Night Elf: Lawliet, Moon, Zhouxixi, Colorful
Team Undead: 120, Lucifer, WFZ, Tbc_bm

* Infi and FoCuS will not attend this tournament with personal reason, but Infi will be the official commentary.




Round-robin tournament, every team have to play a series with other races for once, the team win the most series win the champion.

For a series, we will separate to 2 parts

First part: 
Two 1v1 BO3, the players much be different players
1 point for each round
for example: if A win B with 2-1, A get 2 points, B get 1 point, but if A win B with 2-0, A get 2 points, B get 0 point.

Second part:
Play with KOF, BO1 for each game, and the loser team have to change the players, a team get one point for a win of BO1, and this part will end when all the players from a same team have lost a game.

**If the points are same for both team, we will have one more BO1


Prizes: (For Team)
First place: RMB 20000
Second place: RMB 10000
Third place: RMB 6000
Fouth place: RMB 4000