WGL July will occur on July 26th 19:00(GMT+8).  After going through the GCS summer, the players have adapted to version 1.29,  developing more tactics and ideas, thus delivering lots of exciting matches.

Group A:
Can 120 take the revenge on Fly100%?
Lawliet is having a big challenge

In GSC, Fly100% is the most formidable opponent to 120. In 2016 spring, Fly100% stopped 120 become the champion; In the last summer, Fly100% prevented 120 to go to semi-final, the formal champion. On the other hand, Fly100% used his great micro to crack down the 120 that with using Crypt, Banshee and Dread Lord as 3rd hero. Furthermore, Fly100% also played with changeable tactics, this made 120 become passive in the game. However, Undead is having a new tactics that with Frost Wyrm, we believe that 120 won't give up the change for having the revenge on Fly100%.

For Lawliet, it may be the one of the hardest group stage for him. It seem like we have to search about the game two years ago, for we find out that Lawliet defeated Fly100% and 120 in the game last time. But Lawliet is a miracle player, for example, he defeated Moon with start as 0-2 behind in the last summer,what a game. We hope Lawliet can show us the miracle again.

Group B:
Lucifer surrounded by Orcs
Infi's Orc is facing a great opponent.

Lucifer is facing a lot of Orcs, again. Although Lucifer defeated a many Orcs from the last group stage with his great macro and micro, Infi, Xiaokk, FoCuS are the player that really strong and big different style, the fans of Lucifer may have a worried night.

Maybe Infi is practicing for version 1.30, so he is using Orc to join the game again. We saw that Infi's Orc is improving with he defeated Moon in the last group stage. But in the version 1.29, the orc mirror didn't changing too much in the game. So Infi's Orc is having a test that prove he is a great Orc player. As we remember, 120 was using Orc to defeat FoCuS in April race, can Infi do it again? Let's us figure out in the game.

Group C:
Lyn vs WFZ, a fight between the leader
Colourful may become the x-factor

Lyn, one of the best Orc player duel with Undead; WFZ, a man who didn't lose any game when duel with Orc in 2014. Absolutely, Lyn and WFZ are the leader to their own race in Orc vs Undead. The fight between them is game we shouldn't miss. Let's wait and see.

Colourful should be the x-factor in this group. After a month of the GCS summer, Colourful improve himself significant, defeated Sok, Life, Chaemiko, and almost win WFZ recently, on the other hand, the tatics developed by Colourful, KOG with Hippogryphs Rider is really useful. In this group stage, he will have the change to challenge Lyn and WFZ. By the way, he played really well last night, but his IQ going low again.

Group D:
TH000 vs Moon again!!!
The fight between master of tatics

The games that TH000 vs Moon are uncountable, they have been giving us a lot of great game: in GCS April race, the last WCG final, the game between them always make us so exciting.In the version 1.29, Alchemist has been summon by the Alliance a lot of times and this make the human become greater, so let's expect how Moon figure out.

By the way, seem Moon hasn't figure out his weakness recently, he become weaker when facing to Orc, this make Soin have a change to qualified from this group, as we know, Far Seer become stronger in this version and make the Horde become active when facing to Night Elf, Moon have to play harder for his qualified.

In the Master's Coliseum qualified, 120 had a great performance, he was showing his great micro and reverse the situation. As the tradition, we had gone to watch 120's streaming after game,to see him fronting himself.

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