Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

As reported earlier, NeXT Winter will begin this Saturday. In the Team Leader voting system, Moon, Lyn, Fly and 120 have gotten a lot more votes than others, and they will most likely be the Team Leaders. Thus, Infi and TH000, besides others, will have to play in the Qualifier in order to participate in the offline finals.

There is still a bit of time, so if you want to vote for your favorite player, please do it on the link below!
(In order to vote you will need to log in with your QQ, Weibo, or Wechat account)

Online Qualifier: 15-16 December 2018
Offline Finals: 20-21 January 2019

Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo


Online Qualifier:
The remaining 6 players that don't get voted in as Team Leaders will play a qualifier together with 10 players that will be invited by NeXT. These 16 players will be separated into 4 groups of 4 players randomly, and they will play in a round robin system, each match being in best-of-3 format. The best two players of each group will qualify for the offline tournament.

Offline Finals:
There will be 4 teams with 3 players in each team. The tournament will be played in double elimination format, and conquest mode.

Conquest Mode:
Both teams send one player on the stage for a BO1(Best of 1) game. The winner must leave the stage (i.e. gets eliminated). The loser could choose to stay on the stage, or he could get substituted by a teammate.
When all the members in a team get a win, the team wins the series.


Original Author: Team Newbee
Translator: GLH

"It's like my faith. I have always wanted to use Undead, I want to challenge the limits of micro"
"If there was no Undead race, you might have not seen 120 in Warcraft III at all."

During the WGL Winter Finals, we followed 120 for 7 days. He always looks haughty and arrogant in games, but he is very shy in real life.

We hope you change your views about Warcraft III and about 120 after you watch this video.

Although the road is hard for him, he will always stick to using Undead. He lost this time, but he will come back in the next season, with his Undead Scourge!



TH vs gamer on NetEase Ladder
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