Host: MTR City Plaza
Co-organizer: SCBOY
Sponsors: Douyu, Wanjiale(万家乐), Do you hungry(饿了么), Aliens(外星人)

Master's Coliseum main tournament was started at 8/24
Four 2-0 for the games
Lyn, Infi,120, Foggy move to the Semi-Final

Result in day 1

Summary for yesterday

In the first game, Fly's BM completed the "daily life"[1], and lost the first round, in second round, Lyn was very lucky to get a lot of great items, Fly was struggling so hard, and got a chance for him, however, Lyn's BM was as strong as a bug, and Fly defeated by Lyn.

Next, we moved to the game we really excited, the civil war between this "Couple"[2], Infi always has disadvantage in the game, but he broke the curse this time, using tactics to rush on TH000 in these tho rounds, and broke the winning streak of TH000, moved to the Semi Final.

Game 3, the most popular players Moon, versus the player has the biggest chance to win the champion, 120, the special tactics from Moon lost the effect, 120 found out a method to against KOG with Faerie Dragon, in the second round, Warden didn't have the chance to creep to level 3, and 120 was suppressing NE at the expansion, and Moon leave this tournament under the consolation and acclamation from audiences.

Last game, are the King of boxing[3] from Ukrainian vs Captain Korea, both of them were playing a very close game, before the game, Zhouxixi suggested Foggy plays Bears and Dryads against Lawliet, and Foggy was showing his adaptability, whatever tactics Lawliet used, Foggy found out method to counter it, although he was playing under the pressure from Lawliet, he still win over Lawliet with 2-0 and moved to the Semi Final.

Schedule of Final day
Final Day
1st: Warcraft III Semi Final
2nd: Warcraft III Semi Final
3rd: Starcraft II Semi Final
4th: Starcraft II Semi Final
5th: Warcraft III Grand Final
6th: Starcraft II Grand Final

And the prediction from War3station yesterday

[1] Blade Master always die in the games, so the Chinese audiences tease that this is the daily life of Blade Master.
[2] Infi and TH000 are very good friend, so the Chinese audiences tease them are husband and wife, couple.
[3] Foggy will celebrating himself and the action seems like boxing, so the Chinese audiences tease he is the Boxing King.


A lot of star in the Master's Coliseum

Trophy for the champion