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[Author's note] NeXT was held at the Poly World Trade Expo Center in Guangzhou in these two days. The "living fossil" of games, Warcraft III, it is still full of audiences, and the cheers come constantly in the hall, like it was showing us that he was ready for his second peak. For the first time, we were using the conquest system, the whole process was very exciting, and the audiences were so interested on this tournament too. Let's take a look at the behind-the-scenes scenes that touched us.

The weather in Guangzhou is surprisingly good, like a gentle sing of the wind, soft and clear. This is the first time that Yan Xiaoyu (a pseudonym) came to Guangzhou. For this reason, she took 2 days off and spent half a month's salary on this trip. Just now, she was in the Poly World Expo Exhibition Hall,and watching NeXT Winter Warcraft III, when most people were holding "Moon" and "Fly", she held "Lucifer" high and her eyes were firm and persistent. And the player she supports, Lucifer, has gone through a full 18-year career.

Surprisingly, this time Lucifer's performance is definitely worthy of the long-distance running of this fan: First, when he was in the face of the pressure given by Fly100%, he chose to play with mass Ghouls and went to Fly's base in a really good timing, after that, he got the double hero-kill with a beautiful Nova & Death Coil Combo, forced Fly typed out GG in the game. In the Winner Bracket Final, Lucifer stood out and fought for his team as the first player, he found the chance that when Colorful's army hadn't been forming, Lucifer got the hero-kill with his double level 5 hero, got the first point for his team, and did good job for the result afterwards, 3-0.

18 years is enough to make a person change a lot. The prestige boy in the past has also become an fatty uncle. But from the moment his left hand flew on the keyboard, and his eyes fixed on the screen, he were like a teenager with the young concentration and enthusiasm.

From that moment on, I know that War3 is my lifelong goal.

Today's Warcraft III, Lucifer is definitely not at the top level, and Moon, who debuted with him, and Lyn, who is later than him, both of them still maintain a super competitive level. Especially as UD, the light of 120 in recent years has almost concealed other fellow players. He sometimes can enter into top 8 in online tournaments, and he occasionally can get into offline, this is the current impression to the audiences.

2006 was the pinnacle of Lucifer, he won the ESWC championship that year.

When Lucifer was sitting across from me, he squinted and said: "That was the happiest moment of my life. I remember that I won Zeus with 2:0. But before that, I didn't have any big championship. I always felt in the game. I warned myself to calm down until the moment that the spotlights and flowers surrounded me, and I felt that everything was worthwhile. At that time, I began to be determined and I would use Warcraft III as my lifelong goal."

At that time, he was closely connected with the names of Susiria, Grubby and Moon, which were engraved in the history of Warcraft III, and he was the superstar of the legendary team MYM.

When he tried to come back to Warcraft III, the road is full of resistances and long.

It’s not easy to stick to a game that is not popular nowadays, and Lucifer is harder than other players.

In 2015, Lucifer wrote a long blog to talk about his feelings. In the middle, he said "Life is always full of disappointment, and the trajectory of life will not develop as we expected. We always stand in the same place, waiting for opportunities, waiting for fate, but they will always be again and again, give us frustration and pain.

Lucifer suffered from a serious psychological mania when he was in military service. Sometimes his heart was so violent and this made him had to leave the TYLOO team and went back to his hometown to heal. And for his treatment of drugs, he also made his body more and more fat, and the King of UD, which is famous with his out-looking, has completely changed. In time and again self-doubt and self-salvation, Lucifer's sentiment has a new sublimation: "In those years, I realized a truth. The outcome of the game may not be as important to me as before; the most important thing is to do your best and stick to it without giving up. "

If you want me to add a deadline, then I choose to fight until the last day.

The four Korean Kings of Undead once shined the entire Warcraft III: Susiria, gostop, Lucifer, sweet. However, the other three have now turned and left. In this regard, Lucifer said with a smile: "Yes, I also miss the days of fighting with them. Sweet went to other game as a coach, and the other two have not played games. Now Korea has only one skillful Undead. As a matter of fact, I don't have anyone to discuss tactics. I only rely on myself and watch replays. But before the big tournaments, Korean players of other races will accompany me to carry out targeted exercises. I am very grateful to them here."

In the just-concluded 2018 WGL Winter, Lucifer made his debut in the offline game after two years. However, he didn't play well, and the audiences was concerned that he would sweat when he finished a Bo3 games.
"I cried at the time, he is too difficult." Yan Xiaoyu remembered that moment.

"In WGL, because I haven't been in offline for a long time, I want to express my desires very much, so I have to put more pressure on myself. In NeXT, I will perform better." Lucifer smiled heartily.

"Like Moon and me, it’s great to be able to maintain such a competitive state at an old age. I think I have been very successful." He commented on himself.

When he heard me said that some other people's speculations and rumors, Lucifer laughed again: "I am not a rich second generation, I am not making a lot of money in stocks, those are all things that are nothing, I was growing in an ordinary family. But for me, prizes and stream are enough to support my life. I don't have any material needs, I have enough to eat enough, and I don't need to support my family like other married players."

"You asked me about my plans for the future? I think... I will keep going." Lucifer's eyes began to shine again. "Yes, I see the teammates around me leave, I was lonely and doubtful about life, but I never thought about leaving Warcraft III. Now that the Reforged Edition is out, the big environment may be greatly improved. But who knows? Anyway, as long as Warcraft 3 is still there, I will play this game and stream it to my audience."

"That is, you will fight to the last moment of Warcraft III, right?" I asked softly.

"Yes!" Lucifer nodded.

At that moment, he was like an angel.

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