[INTERVIEW] The Great Undead Players: Talk about the PTR of patch 1.31.

Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

Since Blizzard announced a new PTR of patch 1.31, the debate about game balance has not stopped on all forum. Among them, the voice of Undead is IMBA is particularly loud. Is this really the case? Let's listen to the opinion of several Undead players.

120: All the changes are meaningless.

Q: What is your opinion about the coming back of Ancient Isles?
120: Will the map Ancient Isles be added to tournament? Or the ladder only? If they add it to the ladder only, it's meaningless! The current map pool makes the Undead in disadvantaged side, Ancient Isles can make the map pool a little more balanced.

Q: Which change in PTR of patch 1.31 makes you most concerned?
120: In my opinion, all the changes are meaningless. It is better to give the Ghouls +100 Hit Points, instead of adding this new item.

Q: What do you want to say about this new patch?
120: In fact, the patch is not that important, the map pool is more important.

Happy: These changes don't address current issues, still, it's better than nothing.

Q: Hi Happy, here is War3Station. Today 1.31 announced by Blizzard, how do you feel?
Happy: Hello! It's always nice to have a new patch with balance changes, although, these changes don't address current issues (like KOTG in every match up, etc). Still, it's better than nothing.

Q: Do you think Undead would change a lot in the future? I mean strategies.
Happy: Maybe, it's a test patch, new changes can be made, or current might be changed or removed altogether. If the patch won't change from PTR - I guess Undead might try adding Necromancers in certain match ups (especially vs orc).

Ritual blade looks promising too. New faster and cheaper Gargoyles might be good for harass.

Orb of fire change for Human looks potentially super strong vs Undead. No idea how Wind Walk change will affect Blade Master …

Q: Will you attend WGL Summer in Shanghai if you are qualified from WGL EU?

Happy: That's how its gonna work:
If I play and win qualifiers - certain people around my stream promised me certain sum of money, that they will give me once I am qualified.

If they won't fulfill their promise - then no, I won't be going.
Same applies to WGL organizers - if they wont provide me certain "essential" needs for my travel, like a normal flight, and a normal accommodation.

Apart from that, yeah, I will go (thought, can't say I am anyhow excited). I always keep my word.

Lucifer: Winter is coming!

Q: Lucifer Hello, Blizzard officially announced 1.31 today. What do you think of this?
Lucifer: The Winter for the Undead players is coming, Winter is coming!

Q: The Gargoyles look very strong now, what do you think?
Lucifer: Lucifer will rise again!

Q: Many people think that Undead is IMBA, what do you think?
Lucifer: The Undead is still not dead.

WFZ: The Undead players have more strategies when we are playing against the Orcs and the Night Elves.

Q: Hi, WFZ, what do you think about buff of the Ring of Protection?
WFZ: Currently, everyone understands the Ring more deeply, and players sell the ring less. After the buff of the Ring in the new patch, there are more situations that players will keep the Ring in Inventory.

Q: What do you think of this new patch?
WFZ: In the new patch, the Undead players have more strategies when we are playing against the Orcs and the Night Elves. Moreover, the Necromancers can be used now, and it seems to be more difficult for the Undead to fight against the Human.

Q: In 2018, you played worse than your peak moment. Fortunately, in 2019, your shape has rebounded, and you have a team, and we are even going to have patch 1.31. Do you have any wish for your future?
WFZ: Keep practicing, keep streaming, keep playing in tournaments.

Tbc_bm: I don't think the Undead is IMBA in new patch.

Q: Let me give you a message, Mass Skeleton has been buffed, what do you want to say?
Tbc_bm: This patch let the Undead have the ability to play against the Orcs with base running, before this patch, the Undead with Banshee is very passive, and now we have the initiative. For playing against Night Elf, the new Cripple may not be better than the current Unholy Frenzy. In short, I like this change very much, making up for the huge disadvantage in patch 1.30 when the Undead play against the Orcs with base running and Reinforced Defense Towers.

Q: Seems the Undead is very IMBA in the new patch. Are you confident to be the real "third Undead" with the Undead Mirror?
Tbc_bm: I don't think the Undead is IMBA in new patch, because most of the changes is for the Tier 2 units, the timing in the early game has not changed.

Moreover, when Undead are playing against the Orcs, this patch can offset the current disadvantage on map pool. However, with the current timing in the games, and it is still hard to see the Necromancers when Undead are playing against the Night Elf and Human.I think that the new item are a late game item under the current timing, so grasping the early game is the key to winning.

Actually I am very weak in Undead Mirror. The most important thing in Undead Mirror is timing, and I am weaker than the best Undead and the fourth Undead. My understanding is weaker than the best Undead, the second Undead and the fourth Undead. The reason is that the fifth Undead is too weak, so the people thought me can be very good in this patch.

Remark by GLH:
The best Undead: 120, second: Happy, fourth: WFZ, fifth: Lucifer, Tbc_bm considers himself as the third Undead.

Q: What do you think of the patch? Is there any new strategies?
Tbc_bm: The new patch weakens the effect of the luck on winning and losing, and they add some new elements, I think this is very good. However, some problems left over from the previous patch have not been solved: for example, the buff of Moon well let the Night Elf are too strong in the mid game, and Human can be upgraded the Flak Cannons in Tier 2, this makes the Undead so difficult to play against the Human with many units.

As for the new tactics, I think in the future, Necromancers+Crypt Fiends and Necromancers+Frost Wyrms may replace the Banshee+Crypt Fiends and the Banshee+Frost Wyrms, as the new strategies to play against the Orcs.

TeD: I feel that Blizzard is very creative.

Q: Hi, TeD, I think you already have won the championship of WCG2019, right?
TeD: Oh, I guess you got so many benefits from my opponent in my group. Tell me, how many MCD or KFC you need? I will give them to you and please stop DUNAI me ok? For WCG2019, there is no championship for me, I am just coming for fun, and try to not be taken away in the second round!

Remark by GLH: DUNAI: There is a situation when someone is confident and proclaim someone definitely win the game, but after his announcement, the situation reversed, the situation is considered as DUNAI(毒奶) in China.

Q: Do you have idea about the non-regular and funny strategies in patch 1.31 for Undead?
TeD: I feel that there are a lot of strategies can be play in Tier 2, such as Unholy Frenzy push, or double Ritual Dagger all in suppression. In the future, the game on Ladder will only begin when the Ghoul Frenzy is upgraded.

Q: What do you want to say about this new patch?
TeD: I feel that Blizzard is very creative, at least not like a patch that "fixes some known bugs, some animations cause bugs in the game". Now, when the designers are changing the balance, they will also write some reasons for the change, I think it is very professional and good. Moreover, there will be more discussion by new and old players with the release of a new patch.

According to the TeDTV convention, which race wins, which race is IMBA! As a non-professional player, the release of a new patch means we will have more non-regular and funny strategies. Compared to the unchanging game play, the new game plays will make this game more energetic. And I believe Blizzard will continue to make adjustment in the future, as far as possible to make Warcraft III tend to balance, or let the different race take turns to be the king.

Q: Finally, would you like to say that which player can show up themselves in patch 1.31?
TeD: I will not talk about the old players, they will keep themselves very powerful. For new players, I am looking forward to 15sui, HuG, Linguagua. The other young players are actually quite a lot as well, keep going, you guys will be stronger than PCG!

Xun: If you can't win us, join us!

Q: Hi, Xun, I heard that you are going to give up the commentary?
Xun: I didn't plan to do this, commentator is my main business.

Q: What do you think of this new patch?
Xun: Undead changes obviously, especially the buff of the Ghouls+Gargoyles system and the expansion system. Of course, I am a Ctypt Fiends super lover, I need sometimes to adapt it.

Q: Is there anything to say to other races?
Xun: If you can't win us, join us! Keep training your Undead Mirror, for the next championship!

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