[NEWS] Schuck Cup #2 application can be accepted from now, the new generation is waiting for you!

Original Author: War3station
Translator: GLH

The Schuck Cup is a Warcraft III tournament which sponsored by the a streaming channel, Schuck's Brother and hosted by Warstation. The game will be officially started in April, and it will be held for 2 sessions. The prize for a single session will be as high as 5,000 yuan.

In the first season, the orc rookie HuG was having a incredible performance, he defeated several top players and won the championship. The second Schuck Cup will also be officially launched on Wednesday. Due to the short registration time, please seize the time if you are interested, maybe you are the next HuG!

Registration time:
15th April - 16th April

Registration Link

Remark: If you don't have a Chinese phone number, please contact GLH on discord, then provide your Player ID, NetEase ID, race, QQ Number and Nationality to the Admin, Aragorn Wong, we will help you to contact War3station, they will help you to register the game.
Discord of GLH: https://discordapp.com/invite/PdaBwSJ

Schedule (For first session):
17th April: Ro64 to Ro8
18th April: Ro8 to Ro4
19th April: Semi Finals & Grand Finals

Bo3(Best of 3), Single Elimination, Final will be Bo5.

Map Pool

Prize Pool
Championship: 2,500 yuan
Runner-up: 1,500 yuan
Third Place: 800 yuan
Fourth Place: 200 yuan

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